End of Semester Crunch

what to do with thisI do wish I could find the time to write something, but the end of the semester is nigh and the last three weeks are always a crunch. That’s where I’ve been, and why I’m not here. Last day of class is December 15th. Grades are due the following Tuesday. I expect I’ll be back around that time. Just so you know…

Why Posting is Light

…or nonexistent. Sorry folks, I’m teaching 5 classes this term and the final two weeks class and grading are kicking my butt. I don’t expect I’ll post much, if anything, ahead of May 8, when grades are due.

That said, there is a lot of good work happening at various blog on our rolls, so please help yourself to the partaking. See y’all soon!

Apologies to Readers

Update: Everything looks to be running smoothly as of right now. Please report any issues to peacocksandlilies@gmail.com. Thanks for you patience!

I am in the process of trying to take this site to the next level and have hired a hosting company. Transfers of the domain name is causing problems accessing content right now, and I have been unable to address this issue with my limited knowledge. I’ll be out for the day, but will continue to seek solutions when I return. Please hang in there. I hope to have everything restored and functioning by this evening. Thank you for your patience.

Dream Game Loss Leads to First Ever Human-Made Natural Disaster

April 1, Louisville, KY

The waters flowing through the McAlpine Locks turned temporarily brackish as the endless tears of a million heartbroken Louisville fans flooded the area before draining off into the Ohio River last night. Thousands of fresh water fish went belly up as saline levels in the river rose. Biologists from the University of Louisville were at a loss to explain what happened, but the Dean of the psychology department at the university shed this light on the phenomenon:

Dead fish at The Great Lawn

“Louisville basketball is as important to the citizens of our fair city as Hollywood is to Californians. Some thought it was just as shallow, but apparently the pain of such a monumental loss triggered the first human-made natural disaster on record. We are deeply in love with our team in the same way the ‘Leave Britney Alone’ gentleman was with Britney Spears. Now magnify his tears times a million Greater Louisville citizens and those of surrounding counties. This was bound to happen. A watershed moment if ever I saw one.”

The Cards lost to the Wildcats 69-61 last night in a rare Final Four match up for the longtime rivals.

Employees from the Falls of the Ohio and the Kentucky Fish & Wildlife Department are coordinating with the University of Louisville biology department to determine how to go about repopulating the fish in the river. A spokesman, struggling through his own tears, suggested it could be a decade before the issue is fully resolved. It was unclear if his tears were a result of the game loss or the intensifying smell of rotting, putrid fish in the downtown area.

Asked about the situation in New Orleans, Coach Calipari said, “Well, I expect that’s about how long we’ll have bragging rights. Coincidence? I think not.”

31 Days to Reset

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been stuck in a rut. The reasons are varied and myriad, and I won’t go into them in this post as I already have a habit of over-sharing. That said, I have been looking for ways to drag myself out of it. Getting the new job in my field after a long-term unemployed stint will definitely help, but I want to do more than just get over all the pain & heartache that I’ve endured the last few years. I’m 40 and facing down an empty nest very shortly. I’m happy to have dedicated the time I did to my daughter and certain family obligations, but I’m ready now to break out and become the professional, economic, and social success I know I can be. My goal this year it to break into print media, which I hope to do here in my new town of Indianapolis. Beyond that I hope to work, work, work to build that financial success, and to let go of some long-held negativity in my life and perspective.

Recently I stumbled upon an interesting blog called Happy Black Woman, run by Rosetta Thurman. She has a (free!) program called 31 Days to Reset. Her goal is to help unsatisfied women realize the happiness they say they want. I’m hoping it will help me develop some much-needed discipline, and some emotional relief. Also, if I find it successful, it will be another tool in the box to offer to my female students who may need help with direction as well as with their language skills. The program calls for spending a little bit of time each day for 31 days doing reflective assignments that she e-mails to you. The steps are also on her blog.

Day 1 the assignment is to choose a notebook, mantra, and a song to start each day. My notebook is a little floral thing that will fit in my purse. I was going to use it to track jobs I’d applied for, but now I have a job and won’t need it for that. I think it’s the perfect re-purposing! My mantra is my favorite Susan B. Anthony quote:

Failure is impossible.

The song I chose is P!nk’s Fucking Perfect.

I’ll be tracking some of these assignments here at P&L, per Ms. Thurman’s recommendation. I’m not doing this in isolation because I want it to have a better impact, and maybe, just maybe being reflective of and honest with myself will inspire someone else. One can hope.

Fallback Weekend and #FollowFriday!

Well. We made it through another week and we still have food to eat and a roof over our heads. Plus, we didn’t go to war with Iran. Bonus! Too bad so much else sucks on la planeta político. Oh well, at least we get an extra hour of sleep this weekend! So don’t forget, Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 in the A.M. on Saturday.

If you’re in the market for some free laughs this weekend, I have set up a new humor page on Facebook, called On the Fly. We’re also on Twitter. Join us! I’m sharing all sorts of stuff I find on the InterTubes as I surf each day, and also some of my own creations (I’m getting pretty good at PowerPoint art). Here’s the one I made today:

Bored, aware, and pissed off. Sounds about right.

Also, I’ve been on Twitter for sometime, so since it’s #FollowFriday, why not find me and follow. I follow back!

Where I’ve Been

Mostly I’ve been right here, at home, planning a major move and looking for work in a new city, which we’ll be leaving for in six short weeks.

But I haven’t been writing for the blog because I have been working on a serious set of notes that I think is just about ready to take to the next level; the book level. I’ve been told friends, family, and regular readers for a long time that I should write a book, and believe me, I have given some thought to it. The problem has always been what to write. I started out as a writer in my childhood writing poems, which was an activity I dedicated myself to well into my 20s. I’ve written fiction that has won some small prizes, but I’m really not that creative for imagining storylines or characters. What I’m good at is probably the hardest market: non-fiction. Critical thinking, analysis, novel perspectives I’ve got in spades.

But even with that, what I do also has an element of memoir. My political activism revolves around my worldview, born of my life experience, which is admittedly odd. And with everyone still talking about banksters and wtf rich people are up to and clamoring for books about that, I’m not sure what I’ve got to say will sell, but I’ve got to try. Because I don’t think what I have to say is being said anywhere else.

To that end, the working title of my book right now is Motherfucked: How Feminism is Failing Poor & Working Class Women. In it, I plan to discuss the shortcomings of modern feminism from the poor and working class perspective, relying on my experience (personal narrative) mixed with heavy analysis and support data. My thesis is that feminism is incomplete without the participation of poor and working class women. I’d love to know what you think about my little project, which I hope to complete by the end of summer.