Calm Inside the Storm

It’s that time! Our last episode of This American Election before the actual election. This week’s episode is called Calm Inside the Storm and it airs on Sunday, November 4 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern STANDARD Time! Yes, that’s right, two long nightmare’s are coming to a close: Daylight Savings Time and Obama’s presidency. Click the link or the image above to access the show or the archived version after. This week’s topics include:

  • Anthony’s Stephanopouli Report
  • Final Thoughts on Benghazi
  • Eye on Sandy
  • Closing Arguments
  • Schizophrenic Media
  • Anna Belle Calls the EC Map

Special guest: Mr. Anna Belle

We hope you’ll join us for this special edition! The number to call in to listen or to comment is (347) 324-3592. And join us on the flip of this post to answer two very important questions about the future of the show! Continue reading

This American Election: On the Ropes

It’s almost that time again! This American Election, a radio show for politicos addicted to the horse race, starts in just an hour and a half (1:30 Eastern time). Click this link, or the image above to listen live, or to the archive version later. My co-host Anthony and I will be discussing these topics this week:

  • The Stephanopouli Report
  • Colorado 9News Interview
  • Benghazi Update
  • Polls
  • Endorsements

We’ll also discuss anything you want to talk about IF you call in to (347) 324-3592. You can also listen live by calling that number. The chat room will open 10 minutes before the start of the show. We hope to see you there!

Romney’s Paths to the Presidency

Read the tarot, watch the polls, study history, or check out inTrade; it doesn’t matter. None of that can give you any real insight into how this election will play out. That’s because polls aren’t what they used to be due to the response rate. There have never been two candidates like Obama or Romney–a black man and a Mormon one–or a campaign quite like this one. And inTrade is as easily gamed as a hooker with an IQ of 69 on a heroin high. Just check out their political & current events market forum. Obama’s Orcs decimated it long ago. I’ll give them props for thinking of almost every angle, and leaving no stone unturned. It still won’t be enough for them to deliver his second term.

If you want to know how easily Romney could win this race, you’ll have to game the map and use your reasoning skills. Here’s RCPs baseline no toss-ups map, which is itself distorted because it based on the average of polls, which are themselves all over the place and telling at least two different stories. But it is a useful baseline to start with.

Click to enlarge

As you can see, with the average of all these distorted polls, Romney is with 13 electoral votes striking distance. There are at least three plausible scenarios under which he could eek out a win if this were the actual lay of the land today, with just 12 days to go before election day. Only one of them involves Ohio. Let’s take a look at that scenario first.

In that scenario, Romney just has to win that additional state to bring his RCP number up to 275, a winning number.

Click to enlarge

But what are the scenarios under which he could win without Ohio? Continue reading

Lady Smarts & Parts

There are only three more episodes before election day, and we have an exciting line up for you tomorrow on This American Election! Jennifer Lee, an entertainment professional, a feminist, and a filmmaker, will be our special guest! Lee is currently working on a new documentary, called Feminist Stories from the Liberation Front. The clip above is a sneak peek. She’ll be on to talk about her film and offer her opinions on women’s progress, the binder brouhaha and more. From her bio:

Jennifer Lee is an entertainment professional, a feminist, and a filmmaker. She works towards developing a stronger female narrative in American culture through media and politics. With an extensive background in the feature film industry, she has held the title of producer, editor, visual effects compositor, and documentary filmmaker. Beginning her career at Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light and Magic, her many credits there include GHOST, BACK TO THE FUTURE 2, HOOK, THE RING, and FORREST GUMP.

In addition to working with such Hollywood studios as Warner Bros. Studios and Technicolor, she has an extensive background in independent filmmaking. Her first documentary film MARY JANE COLTER: THE DESERT VIEW, narrated by Ellen Burstyn, was an official selection at many film festivals including the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and won the Bronze Apple Award from the National Educational Media Network.

She created and directed her own film festival in Winslow, Arizona. The Winslow Film Festival was held in the historic Rialto Theater from 2002 through 2004. For three years the festival screened independent films and hosted a visual effects lecture series that included visual effects professionals. She continues working in feature films in Los Angeles on such films as PIRATES OF THE  CARIBBEAN, BEOWULF, ENCHANTED, and A THOUSAND WORDS.

Jennifer is currently finishing the documentary FEMINIST: STORIES FROM WOMEN’S LIBERATION, a film exploring the significance of the second wave of the women’s liberation movement on our lives. Interviewees include author Betty Friedan, Robin Morgan, Gloria Steinem,  and many others.

You won’t want to miss it! In addition, Anthony and I will discuss the following topics and take your comments on the air:

  • The Stephanopouli
  • Binder Derangement Syndrome (h/t Cynthia Ruccia)
  • Debate moderators and how they’ve performed
  • Eva Longoria & the meaning of verbal irony
  • Michelle Malkin’s new slogan “Vote with your lady smarts, not your lady parts.”

The show airs at 1:30 p.m. Eastern time. Click the link above to access the show or listen to the archive later. The number to call to listen in or talk to us is  (347) 324-3592. The chat room opens 10 minutes ahead of showtime, so see you there!