End of Semester Crunch

what to do with thisI do wish I could find the time to write something, but the end of the semester is nigh and the last three weeks are always a crunch. That’s where I’ve been, and why I’m not here. Last day of class is December 15th. Grades are due the following Tuesday. I expect I’ll be back around that time. Just so you know…

Cultural Bible-Thumpin’

The cast of 666 Park Avenue

Television is so much crap these days, and that’s by design. In the last few years I haven’t watched much TV aside from a few programs on premium cable and AMC. I tuned out during the years that reality TV was in vogue; it was just not even remotely entertaining to me. Mostly, if I watched anything at all outside of Showtime shows or Mad Men and the Walking Dead, I’ve done it on Netflix in recent years. My intolerance of stupidity and time-wasting has grown as I’ve aged, and Netflix allows for the elimination of both. There are no commercials and you can streamline your viewing to your particular tastes. For me, that’s been a lot of documentaries, foreign flicks, and old-school shows.

The problem with that is that I’ve lost touch with cultural trends that reveal themselves through the medium of TV. When my daughter brought a Smart TV into our home earlier this month, I got to see what I’d been missing. In addition to streaming Netflix directly through the TV’s wi-fi, we decided to try the free trial of Hulu. I wouldn’t recommend it because the service is very commercial heavy and the content is hugely progressively oriented. But reviewing the drawbacks of Hulu is not the point of this post.

The point of this post is to begin to dissect what the masses are being exposed to, the culture that’s being stitched into their lives via what’s popular on television. Somewhere along the way while I was tuned out, a sort of cultural Bible-thumpin’ has developed on TV and is being beamed directly into the living rooms, dens, and bedrooms of America. I have no idea when or where it started (though I suspect it may have begun with the popular show X Files), but supernatural and conspiratorial narratives have dominated dramas in recent years. Medium, Lost, Heroes, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and the new 666 Park Avenue are some examples. Continue reading


Hey all. Long time, no read, and I’m sorry about that. My recovery was complicated by the fact of a very bad cold and the need for much sleep last week.

For those keeping tabs, I did not get a second interview, nor did I get any notice whatsoever that I did or did not get a second interview. I have to assume I didn’t because I’ve had no contact at all, not even a return phone call for the message I left on Monday. Professionalism really sucks these days.

Tomorrow I intend to bite the bullet and finally offer you something to read. I’ve been thinking that our problems aren’t political so much as cultural, so look for something along those lines tomorrow afternoon. Until then, take care.


I spent the weekend getting used to the idea that, for the fourth election in a row, Americans have chosen the most manipulative, unworthy man for the job. This election there was a person offered who truly was not the lesser of two evils and may have been just what the country needed, but through much trickery and deceit, and an unhealthy dose of obstinate, blind partisanship, that fact was well-kept from the general public. I truly believed that the American people could not and would not be fooled all of the time. I now own that error in thinking, and perhaps I am cured of my naiveté. Time will tell.

After spending a few days taking it all in, and then another few tuning it all out, I am as resolved as ever. The election didn’t change the facts on the ground, which are that W. Bush and Obama are cut from the same cloth, and to the same ends: the fabrication of a wholly different America than we have previously known. The main difference between W. Bush and Obama is that W. Bush was held accountable for everything, and Obama is held accountable for nothing. What the election did change was the will of the opposition to persevere. Thus I do believe we are in for much worse. Continue reading

Polls, Polls, and Polls

Let’s take the temperature.

On the effects:

What did you think? Continue reading