About P&L

Contact info: peacocksandlilies@gmail.com

Independent politics, with a decidedly Midwestern slant & the hint of a Southern twang. P&L has been in existence since summer of 2008.

For new readers, there are a few things you should know about us:

  1. Depending on your own politics, you might be inclined to decide for yourself what partisan affiliation we promote at P&L. Don’t. P&L is studiously avoids affiliation with any party or its ideologies. YMMV.
  2. Standard Disclaimer for Tribal Dufuses: Just because it’s on our blogroll doesn’t mean we agree with everything they print.
  3. Lurkers are cool. We get it. We don’t post comments on everything we read, either. But if you find yourself coming back to this blog over and over again, you might think about saying something so we know you’re there.
  4. We have strong opinions. That doesn’t mean you have to agree, but expect vigorous debate if you disagree. The purpose of this whole she-bang is to talk about what’s going down or has gone down, or what may go down in the future. Or up. We don’t care. We just wanna talk.

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