I spent the weekend getting used to the idea that, for the fourth election in a row, Americans have chosen the most manipulative, unworthy man for the job. This election there was a person offered who truly was not the lesser of two evils and may have been just what the country needed, but through much trickery and deceit, and an unhealthy dose of obstinate, blind partisanship, that fact was well-kept from the general public. I truly believed that the American people could not and would not be fooled all of the time. I now own that error in thinking, and perhaps I am cured of my naiveté. Time will tell.

After spending a few days taking it all in, and then another few tuning it all out, I am as resolved as ever. The election didn’t change the facts on the ground, which are that W. Bush and Obama are cut from the same cloth, and to the same ends: the fabrication of a wholly different America than we have previously known. The main difference between W. Bush and Obama is that W. Bush was held accountable for everything, and Obama is held accountable for nothing. What the election did change was the will of the opposition to persevere. Thus I do believe we are in for much worse.

The attack on civil liberties and imperialist foreign policies that were the staples of the Bush administration will continue unabated and will not be commented on by anyone but people who have been effectively marginalized, yours truly included. If the scandal unfolding around General Petraeus right now is any indication, it’s likely to get much, much worse. It’s becoming obvious by the day that some sort of purge is in effect. Now there’s talk of Kerry at Defense, Rice at State, and Powers at the UN. The grand shuffle of a second administration is shaping up to be a nightmare beyond expectations. We are headed in the exact opposite direction we need to be.

Much worse than that, the American people themselves have been targeted for the same kind of authoritarian policies. That, too, will continue. From Obamacare to NDAA, Americans are in for a rude awakening, some sooner than others. A sustained attack on certain constituencies is coming, in fact it’s already happening, and I do not relish having to watch as the nation uses the problems it faces to justify increasingly authoritarian rule. I don’t look forward to watching as some people have their lives cut short so that others can have access to cheap or free medical services that do not address life-threatening conditions. But that is what will happen. We have simply decided as a nation that it is okay to sacrifice some for what we are calling the common good. That is a heartbreaking shift in our values.

This is not the world I want to live in, it is not the future I want to witness coming to fruition, and it is not what I want to bequeath to my daughter. So many people are and have been sounding the alarm bells. Why aren’t people hearing it? Do they just not care? I can’t tell you for sure right now. What I know is that I have lost a lot of faith in the American people this year. And what I can tell you is that giving up or giving in is not an option, not for me anyway. I have no idea what comes next, but know that I’m looking and working and I will never give up.

I do want to thank the many people who commented on my last thread. You did much to restore some of my faith. I’m sorry I did not follow up that post sooner, but events in my life have been such that I have had to focus on what is important. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now as I finish up the final week of classes before the Fall break. Next week I will be off for the entire week, and I hope to have more time to shuffle through these thoughts and feelings, and connect with readers again.


21 comments on “Resolve

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Take care of yourself, we need you around for the long haul. 😀

    I remember the deep funky blue place Bush’s re-election took me too, but we had the comfort of the free unfriendly press pounding his ass every day. Now I miss him, but I miss that unfriendly press more.

  2. Yes, the purge is on. We are so screwed. But perhaps in a better place than those who don’t see what is coming. They are going to be completely unprepared. I refuse to feel sorry for them- they fucking own it.

  3. Beverley says:

    I could not have expressed how I feel better than you. I too worry about my daughter’s future, much more than mine. I am much older than you and next year when I qualify for Medicare, I fear what people in my generation will face under the rationing board. My daughter, a recent college grad, has placed more than 200 resumes in the last year…she is working a minimum wage job. She drove 2 hours to vote before her job at 8 am (her Romney vote, one for the hope that jobs, good jobs, might open up.) In all the elections I have voted in, I have never been so distressed, esp for my daughter and people of your generation.. Don’t give up…close to half of the US population feels like you. Keep writing…you have an amazing way of expressing what so many people feel! Bev

    • close to half of the US population feels like you

      This is what I keep coming back to. We’re at least closer than we were in 2008. A lot of people now know what a liar Obama is, but they weren’t willing to do what it took to unseat him. If good ever prevails again, there’s a heck of a mess to clean up after Bush & Obama. I hope we’re up to the challenge. I hope our daughters will be alright.

  4. 1539days says:

    I wrote on my blog that it’s all over. I think that for the next generation, the US will be dead last in all the world rankings. Some countries are starting to turn their backs on Santa Claus socialism and they will eventually pull themselves out. We will follow them, instead of lead. We get to make all the mistakes Europe did and have the added benefit of having them laugh at us while we do it.

  5. Anthony says:

    And what I can tell you is that giving up or giving in is not an option, not for me anyway. I have no idea what comes next, but know that I’m looking and working and I will never give up.

    And I’m standing right next to you, AnnaBelle. Let’s roll!


  6. conner43 says:

    “Never, ever, surrender.” We have taken immediate steps to divest ourselves of taxable income. We have set up trusts for the grandchildren instead. On paper, we are paupers, in reality, having worked all our lives and achieved some modest success, we refuse to share it with those who made other choices. We are tired of funding wars and the killing of innocents. We will no longer fund Obamaphones, or hair extensions paid for with food stamps. We will never again fund a bottle of top shelf booze to be drunk on one of Michelle’s many vacations.
    Hubs always felt that ‘taxes are the price we pay for civilization’.
    Since we no longer see much in the way of civil behavior, we feel no guilt about this.
    As an example, Allen West, my Congressman, is refusing to concede the election, because among other things, one of the counties he represents had a 150% voter turnout. So far, he has only been able to get a partial recount. He has asked that the voting machines be impounded, even with solid evidence, the Dem. judge for that county refused his request.
    It’s as if So. Fl. is now being run by the Mob.

    A.B., like you, I always had faith that the American people would do the right thing in the end. I clung to that belief until now. It has died, I mourn its’ loss.

    Whatever American culture we once had, is a distant memory, it is not coming back.

    • This is a very smart move. I hope you’re wrong about our culture never coming back, but I have to admit it’s entirely within the realm of probability.

    • elliesmom says:

      We’re in the process of retiring. We’ve met with the lawyers and the financial planners. Their take – It’s a good time to retire if you’re tired of being one of the “givers” because the “takers” won the election. It’s a bad time to retire if you don’t have the personal resources to do it because hating on old people is going to be acceptable. They expect the capital gains taxes to go up in January and stay up. While capital gains is touted as a “rich people’s tax”, anyone with a 401K pays capital gains when they take their money out- IOW middle class elderly folks. They expect means testing on social security payments to be on the table and stay on the table. Of course, social security payments into the system are already means tested. A person paying the maximum into the system who lives to be 90 only collects 50% of what he or she pays in. Those are the people who could do much better if they invested their money on their own, and would be likely to do so if the government didn’t force them into the system. But their money is needed to subsidize the people who can’t. We have access to insurance coverage through the company Elliesdad works for forever. It’s not cheap, but it gets us the same coverage we have now. The planners have budgeted for us to keep it even if it’s expensive because they expect elderly folks on medicare with basic supplemental insurance to find it very difficult to get good medical care. Ditto for folks on medicaid. Doctors are not going to work for free.

      The meetings with our “retirement team” have been real eye openers. Perhaps, the most salient advice was for us to move a lot of our investments to Canada. lol

  7. Anna Belle—-you are faster than I am figuring out the lessons of this election and what my response to it will be. My focus is much narrower than yours. After 40 years of carrying water for all of the causes of the constituencies of the Democratic Party, I had my rude awakening in 2008 that my cause, women getting ahead, was shunted aside and stomped on. My entire focus has been my desire to make the people who perpetrated all of the sexism to pay for it.

    This election showed me that like it showed you, Obama will be held accountable for nothing, and that the revisionists have won the day. I have not recovered from that fact and don’t have my thoughts in order yet while I am digesting all that has happened and all that is going on right now.

    Keep up the good fight!!!!

    • Cynthia, you and I must both keep fighting. We both bring so much worth to the table, even if it isn’t recognized by some. It’s recognized by the right people, and that matters.

  8. alikeh says:

    I just want to mention feminism in the context of 2012. I am a feminist. I want more women in power. I want equal pay and I want reproductive rights secured. But at this moment, feminism is not the most important issue for me.

    In this recent election women did very well. But funny enough, I just don’t care all that much. It is hard for me to get excited about New Hampshire being the first state with an all-female delegation when that all -female delegation will stand in support of Obamacare and against business growth. It is hard for me to get excited about women standing up to reptiles such as Murdock and Akin when my own family has been dealing with unemployment and the struggle to find work for the past 3 months. It is hard for me to get excited about Sandra Fluke and contraceptive coverage when I am at risk of losing my house.

  9. AB- how did the interview go?

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! May you have a blessed year!

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