The Anger Stage

My epic rant from the final episode of This American Election, revised for the blogosphere:

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Source: OECD Employment Outlook 2006. Statistical Annex, p. 248

The party continues for some. The reckless abandon in some quarters is astounding. The country is on  a trajectory of debt that can’t be sustained to support priorities that amount to a giant list of bad ideas. We’ve got imperial wars that continue in stealth mode because the media won’t let information through, discretionary budgets that are just black holes that suck up money with no accounting for it, money-printing on demand and loaned at zero rates, an entitlement state that surpluses nearly half the population out of the workforce.

How did we find ourselves here? I never would have thought four and a half years ago as I was working for the election of Hillary Clinton that I would be here. And where is here?

I’m not yet a Republican, but I have come to realize that I am somewhat of a conservative. I have to be. I work for a living. I’m married and I have a family to protect. I am a family-oriented fiscal conservative. But I’m also socially liberal to an extent. I’m for civil rights and women’s rights, and fair pay, and social justice. Gay marriage? I’m for it, but the institution of marriage might be dead before we get it, rendering it a mute point.

I’d like to see the institution of marriage resurrected, because men and women, left to their own devices, tend to devolve into selfish, heartless monsters, and now we have a whole party of them. A good marriage breeds a compromising mindset of necessity, and it goes a long way toward helping understand the nature of personal accountability. That doesn’t mean I’m for forced marriages, but how did we get from where we were 30 years ago to where we are now?

I have to say, I feel left behind. I fought my way to a bachelors degree, which I finally earned in 2007 after chipping away at it for years on a part-time basis while I worked to raise my daughter. As soon as I earned it, the bottom fell out. Now the market is so glutted with people with master degrees that I can’t get an interview if the positions says “bachelor degree required; masters preferred.” Hell, I can’t even get an interview for a secretarial position and I have over a decade of experience there. Now I’m “too qualified.” Is there is even a place in the job market for a bachelor degree anymore? Is it the new high school diploma?

I also got married in 2007. In 2011, for the first time ever, unmarried women outnumbered married women, and these women helped carry Obama over the finish line. Now they’re the constituency everybody wants. Being a single woman was a wasteland experience until I got married. Now it’s the new normal and my group is disempowered. Sometimes I wonder: Is it me? Is it whatever I do that I can count on failing? I don’t want to believe that, but on a day like today, it’s hard to hold my head up.

When I really think about it, I love who I am, who I made myself into through sheer grit and determination, and I love the choices I made to get here. But I gotta tell you, having every rug yanked out from beneath me as I steadfastly make the right and healthy choices, because the culture is on a disease-embracing binge and loving it, is wearing thin. It’s discouraging as hell. And it’s not going to get any better anytime soon.

Somewhere along the way, our ideas of what social issues are have transformed themselves from doing the right thing to getting some of mine, and hurting people in the process is now considered sport. Where is the moral America? Where is the America that informs itself, looks the facts squarely in the face, and say, “Oh yeah? Well I’ve got news for you. We’re better than that!”

Let me tell you a story: I spent an hour this afternoon talking to a neighbor who is a wonderful lady, raising her daughter on her own, and who breezed into my house declaring, “Y’all know I’m poor, right?” She then proceeded to tell me about the misery of trying to get an appointment to get heating assistance this winter. In the very next breath she told me how her boss quit and her employer asked her if she wanted the job and she said no, because then she wouldn’t qualify for heating assistance. Which she is not going to get anyway because the people in charge of helping her with assistance lost the information for her appointment and are no longer taking new ones.

Five minutes later she was telling me that in 18 months she’s going to try to use her 10-year-old degree in early childhood education to get a job with Head Start. When I asked her why she didn’t do it now, she explained that if she did, her 15 year old wouldn’t qualify for HoosierHealth anymore and she’d have to buy insurance. But since that gets cut off the day the child turns 18 and what with Obamacare allowing children to stay on their parents insurance until they are 26, she’d just put it off until right before her daughter turned 18. To save money.

I feel for the woman, I really do, but this is what America has come to: People afraid of making too much money because it will hurt their chances of gaming the system.

When the fuck did this happen? I haven’t caught up. I’m still of the mindset of fuck the system; I can do better on my own. All I want is meaningful work at a decent wage and I’ve met every single litmus test that society has thrown at me, done everything they told me I needed to do.

And now, when I get to the front of line, it’s all, sorry, that door’s 10 miles down a road littered with deadbeats who don’t even try. And nearly every one of them voted for Obama. Because free shit. Free shit I’ll have to pay for unless I decide to give up and join the party on Broadway. All I’m looking for is a rental on Main Street, but Broadway is looking pretty tempting right now, even if it is lined with flop houses and stinks of stale beer and fruity blunts.

So that’s where I am today. Yes, I resent both Wall Street and Broadway, because these two classes of people are living it up on my dime. Maybe it’s a paltry sum of a few thousand dollars a year in taxes, but as long as they’re living it up and sucking up all the tax money, I’ll never get ahead and my priorities will never get addressed. Because the Democratic party has paid them off to assemble a coalition of the countable, a mix of demographics and clever little number-crunching market hipsters pitted against the people paying for all this shit.

We, we are the coalition of the accountable, people trying to do the right thing for the right reasons. We’re smart and educated, and we take the time to inform ourselves and it is for these reasons we could not join the party. So we tried on Republicans for a while because we could see they were in the process of reforming themselves and maybe we expected miracles in too short a time with too little effort. That’s the danger of naiveté, which earnest people are always susceptible too.

We have got to fight smarter than Democrats. Their intellectual veneer hides an authoritarian rhetoric that will take this country places it doesn’t want to go. Even the people who voted for Obama, if they knew, if they bothered to inform themselves, don’t want to go the places he is likely going to take us. They glossed right over what’s actually happening in favor of more feel-good bullshit, a self-congratulatory pat on the back, because they are no better than trained dogs.

Maybe it’s time to train a new pack of dogs to battle them. The GOP currently has a lot right, but their rhetoric sucks. What’s not right can be fixed from the inside. They aren’t selling their ideas in a way that appeals to the middle. Their ideas are easily characterized as racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and whatever other -phobia Democrats can dream up.

This identify-based argument works because there is a kernel of old truth to it, and because Democrats have been barking this same message for some 40 years. But look where that has got us. Not one single social problem is solved, and the Democratic equivalent of Richard M. Nixon sits in the White House for four more years. This is unacceptable.

We’ve got choices to make. We can either join the party on Broadway, give up and hide out, or we can stop hedging on a culture war we never wanted to fight. If they want the war, we have to bring it. And because of who we are, we can win it, and win it on moral grounds with a nod to social justice. We can bring people up to level instead of dragging everyone down in the name of fairness.

The battle is on now. I was serious about realignment when I wrote about it this summer. It’s happening and it’s happening because people like me, people like my husband, are fed up with Democrats and their games and their bullshit. My husband declared to me this afternoon that maybe it was time to double down on the GOP, to bark the extreme religious right and the elites right out of it, to teach Tea Partiers that the bullshit socialist rhetoric they love so much is not going to fly because Democrats have found ways to inoculate the public against the rhetoric of honesty.

Maybe it’s time to take the party over so we can build a power base. Screw third parties–don’t even bring me that shit. If that’s your plan, you own your vote. But my family? We want change, we want something restored–opportunity–and we’re willing to fight for it. We would prefer not to be barking out in the dogyard, but if that’s what it takes, we’re ready.

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33 comments on “The Anger Stage

  1. swanspirit says:

    I listened to your rant on blogtalk radio , but it is nice to read it too .

  2. Anna Belle. What an amazing rant. I am going to print it out and hand it to E V E R Y O N E who says “yeah, but…” to me one more time about anything. I mean it.

    Other than making a few comments this morning at some of my favorite venues, I have stayed out of the politics AT ALL today vis a vie the media. NO TeeVee at all except Bonanza, The Big Valley, Mary Tyler Moore and That Girl. I have had very little discussion about “what happened” and only heard snippets of this or that talking radio head.

    I woke up this morning thinking “I’m still of the mindset of fuck the system; I can do better on my own.”

    I already DO work for myself as an artist, but I realized this morning that along with so many, in a way, I TOO was waiting on the Government to get IT’S act together ‘before’ I could get mine together again. This has been such a hard slog – a full year+ working towards Hillary’s election, where we would have a RESPONSIBLE adult in charge, and now four years trying to get others to believe Obama is NOT a responsible adult. And when one DID appear, in the form of Romney, I again thought “FINALLY! Another ADULT! Maybe NOW….”

    I am a gay woman. I am single. I am 55. I have been (and still am) a Registered Democrat all my life, but the Party I once belonged to is no longer recognizable to me. THAT really became clear to me with Obama and has only grown more uncomfortable under his reign, but perhaps I was drifting before then. There is was NEVER anything in the Republican Party that I could stand one iota. The isn’t a whole lot now, but I agree the drift is happening within them.

    Anyway, I was talking to a friend. A moderate Republican, and as I was speaking, I said to her although I was not a Republican, I was willing to tolerate some of their less modern (and sometimes horribly offensive) crap because the Progressives ate MY Party and I had no where else to go. And I was looking and hoping for an Adult Leader, and Romney was it.

    It dawned on me then that what I ‘bet’ is that the Republican Party – if they want to stay viable – will HAVE to become the Old Democratic Party. The Blue Dogs. That is the only way they will survive. Fiscally Conservative and Socially Moderate. It will be a struggle, but that IMO, is where they need to be.

    After last night I saw so many tweets calling for Sarah! and Jeb! and “Rick Santorum!” (or like minded souls) and just had to shake my head. This is NOT what Americans want, and that was proven last night. No matter how decent these folks, or folks like them may be personally, the social contract they have with the Christian Right is eerily similar to religious theocratic dictatorships we all see elsewhere. Religious Dogma ain’t a winning hand anymore. When the Republicans lump “Liberty!” and “Mandatory Trans-Vaginal Ultrasounds!” in the same platform, we get Obama. And we will continue to get worse than Obama.

    So, I decided today I will be the adult again in my own life, and I heard many realize the same thing, in small ways. “I’m still of the mindset of fuck the system; I can do better on my own.” was the undercurrent I heard in bits and pieces today in a few places.

    Perhaps Obama’s second term will have a positive effect on those of us who WILL fuck the System IN SPITE of them.

    The Republican Party would be wise to hear that rumbling.

    I know this is a bit scattered and I am not sure if it makes sense, but I am tired and exhausted from trying to save what is left of my country. So instead of giving up, and going to Hollywood, I instead have decided to “…fuck the system; I can do better on my own.”

    I am sure many of us will.

    I love your writing and I love your show. I couldn’t log on tonight for some reason, but I will listen in podcast and I HOPE you keep it up.

    You, John, Anthony, Tamerlane…everyone who calls have such great perspectives and I admire their smarts. It may just be one of the last places to go where I know there will be adults.



    • I freakin’ LOVE your rant, FF! That’s it, and there in lies the rub. When you spend your whole life thinking, “fuck the system; I can do better on my own,” and find you can, then one day, all of the sudden, it’s no longer true…well damn. That’s real change, anyway.

  3. typos…ugh. In particular “IT’S”

    crap. I hate that one!

  4. swanspirit says:

    I want to add , that I think Obama will be such a disaster in his 2nd term , that the repubs won’t have to do much of anything , but walk into the White House . and it will not take long for people to start getting upset with him .

    • I’m hoping this is true. I’m not really trusting my instincts right now, but your comment does jibe with me thinking.

    • KAT says:

      Dream on……the media will continue to spread the fairy dust, and it is possible and I’ve heard rumor that Obama will executive order another “term” for himself. Everywhere I go people are so dam depressed and are ready to give up. It is a sad day for my country and too many have or are loosing hope.

  5. From your keyboard to God’s ears, Swan…..

  6. Anthony says:

    Damn, Gurl –

    WTF are we gonna do on Sunday afternoons now?

  7. It wasn’t just the social conservative stuff either with the Republicans. Watching the Cowboys and the Black Hearts in the Bush II administration, with their lies and their destructive wars of power, and cavalier humor (think Rumsfeld) – I was sickened by what I saw.

    I often said we couldn’t survive four years of Bush, let alone eight. And we didn’t. It gave us Obama.

    Obama IS Bush’s fault.

    • It wasn’t just the social conservative stuff either with the Republicans. Watching the Cowboys and the Black Hearts in the Bush II administration, with their lies and their destructive wars of power, and cavalier humor (think Rumsfeld) – I was sickened by what I saw.

      Well yeah. That’s the biggest problem in politics right now. People will say it’s money or whatever, but really it’s the cynical exploitation of office to advance the authoritarian agenda of the elite. We have to find a way to identify these mofos and neutralize them. I saw someone on John’s blog talking about Andrew fucking Cuomo for 2016, like he was the second progressive coming of Jesus Christ himself. But that guy has the stink of Obot all over him. So does Warren for that matter.

      • Although I am glad for all the women who were put into Congress last night, I am dismayed by Warren. Another fraud and PROVEN LIAR. Woman or not, we have a plethora of that type already. The “YAY! We got a woman” is, IMO, SO overshadowed by her clearly-illustrated lack of character.

  8. Sheryl says:

    Thank you SO much for this. I feel the same way!! Bless you. Let’s fight for our country!

  9. Reblogged this on Marion Gunderson Art (and the Farmer's Daughter) and commented:
    I thought this post was interesting. On my blog during the past several months I’ve posted very little about current politics because I didn’t want to be using my mom’s work, or my family’s stories, or stories about Rolfe, etc., as a disguise to try to persuade about the current election. Now that the election is over, obviously the time is past for any persuading. So, I feel ok giving a window into some of my thoughts. I think the word “grieving” is overused, but I do feel kind of like I’m grieving. I suppose because I’m concerned about what might be a loss … a loss of a value system that I believe in. Of course this is not like grieving the death of a family member. But, nevertheless, a sort of grieving. I want to get over it and move on, but in a way, I don’t want to get over it … because I’m concerned about what “moving on” might entail.

    Today a woman cheerfully told me that she doesn’t even worry about the election because she knows we will all see each other in heaven and what we do now won’t make any difference. And, she said, “It’s all in God’s hands, anyway.”

    Well, yes, I do think it is in God’s hands. But, I think God works through us. I don’t think we are supposed to think that we should dismiss ourselves from doing God’s will (even though it is so darned hard sometimes to know what God’s will actually is!).

    Anyway, I’ve never reposted someone else’s post before. So, I don’t know how this is going to show up on my blog. But … here goes.

    If you are offended by what I’ve included here, please just give me my moment to be sad and try to collect myself. I will admit, if someone wrote a liberal counterpart, I’d probably be turned off. And, I don’t think there should be a double standard.

    So, if you don’t like what I wrote or am re-posting, of course feel free to comment, if you want. Please, please, please just don’t be too attacking. I have feelings, too. : )

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Louise. I hope you don’t mind that I bolded your link. Links don’t show up so well up with this theme in WordPress unless they are bolded.

      I do want to take a moment to say that I hope you weren’t offended by my statement about the extreme religious right. I meant to post a follow up comment anyway, and this allows me the reminder and opportunity to do so.

      I am a complete secularist. I am not an atheist, but I don’t actively believe in anything I’ve heard so far. I do allow for the possibility. When I say that it’s necessary to purge the GOP of the extreme religious right, I mean exactly that. I’ve got no issue with people who believe or are even devout. What I’m talking about are people who organize their religious feelings around the politics of social issues.

      Protestant Christianity used to be centered on the notion of self-determination and free will. When it seeks to center politics around a Christian enforcement of biblical principles, it betrays that history. I think there are very many religiously-oriented social desires of conservatives, such as premarital sex issues and out-of-wedlock or teen birth rates, that can be addressed without using a religious frame. And it behooves the party to adopt these secular frames around these issues. That’s what I’m mean by that. Bring your Bibles, I’m all for it, but orient politics to the secular word that it must, of necessity, exist within.

      PS: Your blog is lovely. 🙂

  10. AB—-I wrote much of this piece with you in mind. You are one of the great minds of our movement and era. keep going!!!!

  11. Glad you posted this here.I am dragging in depression but will listen to the archives when I can once again drag my ass off the sofa and dry my tears.
    FUCK progressives. And FUCK the religious right too.
    There. I said it. Look, I could not listen to the show live as I was at rehearsal at church. I consider myself a believer- and attend a Catholic Church (Oh and FUCK THE BISHOPS AND ROME TOO! They supported Obamacare at first and it came back and bit them in their whore house robes!) My religious beliefs say there was a guy who taught us love one another, feed the hungry, clothe the naked etc. He did not say make paupers out of everyone to do it. He did not advocate bringing everyone down to the lowest common denominator in homage to some stupid dumb ass notion of “fairness.”
    Compassion is a good thing, Theocracies are not. Dictatorships are not.
    I dragged my ass back to school in my 30’s- and as much as it pained me- when the ex is not paying child support- well you have to take what help is available. And back in the day, being on food stamps and the dole was a humiliating thing- as it should be. I could not wait to get my life in order and get OFF the assistance programs. And I gave back- volunteering hither and yon in my community- because it was ever in my mind that nothing is free. My fellow citizens helped me and it is my responsibility to give back.
    We now have a country of takers. Bread and damn circuses.
    My hard won degree (Bachelor’s) is, like yours, causing more trouble than the effort it took. I am overqualified for minimum wage jobs, and underqualified for good paying jobs.Ugh.
    I will NOT go quietly into that darkness.
    One thing I will add. Inflation exists. You know it, I know it, all right minded people know it, Even though the govt took food, fuel and utilities out of the equation. If you have not stocked up on essentials, do so. Grains, meats, dairy etc are going to keep skyrocketing. More and more of our few paltry dollars are going to go in the gas tank. (Not all of us can afford a new more efficient vehicle and I for one will fight tooth and nail to keep from being forced to move to a high population center even though they have mass transit) Don’t forget powdered and canned milk in your supplies.

  12. Linda says:

    Dear posters on this blog: I am new here, brought to you via a link posted by a facebook friend. I spent yesterday in mourning–literally crying at the loss this country endured with the reelection of Obama. Today I need to wipe my tears and get back to life. I am encouraged by your posts. There is an honesty here that I deeply appreciate. There appear to be differences in lifestyle and backgrounds among those here–but there also seems to be shared respect for the principles that made this country great and allowed it to prevail until this present day. To those of you who went back to school later in life and got degrees: I applaud you! I am in the midst of that process myself. I do hope the “system” will reward you–and me–with the fruits of our labors. I look forward to keeping tabs on this conversation.

  13. DeniseVB says:

    Well darn, there are people angrier than us. Ran across the article on Herman Cain talking up a serious and viable third party, but the commenters were beyond that…..they want to secede from the union ! I’m not quite there yet, too messy, but Obama’s such a weak leader, could work as a bloodless coup 🙂 At least I’m comfortable knowing I’m on the side with the guns …. /sarc

  14. SHV says:

    Well, my mother always said that things seem to work out for the best. I felt that Obama was/is psychologically dangerous and needed to be replaced. The downside was that the social/economic “bad news” is yet to come and is likely unavoidable in the short term. Obama and the current Dem. leadership need to “own” the crap that is likely to happen during the next four years. If Romney had won, “things were getting better and the racists derailed Obama’s grand design, blah..blah. NowObama owns it and will likely earn his place as the worst President in US history.

    The country needs the “Anna Belles” to get people to look behind the “street theater” of our current political system and call bullshit on the “pay to play”. The next wave of economic badness that hits this country will be the wake up call for change; to what, I don’t know.

    • smile says:

      shv, I too am finding solace in the thought that by O winning, he now own’s it all, although I wouldn’t put it past him and the media’s ability to somehow blame someone/something else for his mistakes or lack of effort. That seems to be one of his well honed abilities.

      Annabelle, I too have met people who have no shame in telling you that they are on food stamps, or that they are going to apply for disability for stuff like, alcoholism, rheumatic pain in their knuckles, etc. In most of these cases, they are people at my job, earning the same as me or more, and yet their lifestyle is more extravagant, in that they are always going out to eat, wearing the latest clothes, owning 3-4 dogs, etc., etc., and yet myself, I always pack a lunch for work, or bring my own tea bag so as not to buy at starbucks, don’t buy the latest fads, and manage to live within my means and without dole.

      I think one of the changes we can do, is to bring back the shame of living on the dole, of somehow indicating to the person that their ‘dole-happiness’ is not appreciated, especially when it is obvious that the person is abusing it. I actually tried it on the person with the painful knuckles, and it worked in that she never mentioned it to me again, atleast she felt uncomfortable to talk about it to me.

  15. Lynn II says:

    Love your rant….maybe it’s time for more women to step up and demand a “change” of our own..especially those who are sick of the “pay to play” Congress.
    Anyone who gets $300 million for a vote to pass a bill like Obamacare in a backroom deal should be prosecuted ….RICO laws should be applied to Congress….bribery is illegal even if done by a Congressional group

  16. 1539days says:


    You may not be a Republican, but you could run as one. The party has a bigger tent than the Democrats. Right now, theirs is an Obama tent revival, and if you’re a non-believer, you’re going to hell.

  17. alikh says:

    I’ve been thinking the same thing. The Democratic Party has gone off the deep end. The Republican Party is proactive in terms of economics but some Republicans have embarrassed themselves and other Republicans due to their own bigotry and sometimes, myopic vision. I think the Republican Party is more flexible. I’ve decided to revoke my Independent status and become a pro-choice and pro-gay marriage Republican. Republicans will change when pressure to do so is coming from within the party. In the meantime, the Democrats are destroying our economy and engaging in cult dynamics to keep their followers following. I cannot engage in a party that has become a cult!

  18. Jay Floyd says:

    You are an excellent writer.

  19. Anna Bibler says:

    If it is any consolation – and I am sure it is not – it should not be – I have a master’s and in this economy it still does me no good.

    Richard Nixon was a very flawed unprincipled man. And just for the record I never voted for him. But he was not evil in the way that Barak Obama is evil. The people never suffered under him the way they are under Obama.

    I have voted in 11 Presidential elections. I have voted for the loser in most of them. I understand loss. But this is the first one where I cried and am still crying when I think about it. I just cannot get over this one. I know what is most likely to happen.

    I have never before felt politically impotent till now. I don’t know what to do or where to go. I feel like the Biblical Jews wandering the desert for 40 years.

    My only hope is that America and Americans tend to go through cycles. I have to still have faith that what the Founding Fathers created will help us survive this one too.

    During the next 4 years we have to be ever vigilant and ever willing to stand up and do what ever is necessary to get through these years.

    All I know for sure is I am willing to stand up for and do what ever is necessary to preserve, defend, and protect the United Stares of America. It is NOT going to die on my watch!!!!!!!

  20. Palomino says:

    Almost a week later, and I’m still feeling so disappointed . . . and angry.

    I’m not a Republican and have never voted for a Republican presidential candidate — until last week. That was in my deep-blue state, where my vote didn’t matter to the electoral count. I chose the candidate who is clearly the better man in general, and specifically the better man to lead the executive branch for at least the next four years.

    What energized me for the past weeks was not just the positive goal of sending Mitt Romney to the White House but also the urgent feeling that, finally, HERE WAS OUR CHANCE to send Bronco the Demagogue off to swan around and stew in his sulky narcissism.

    Preference cascade! This election represented just one more opportunity in our lifetimes. to see Bronco get his ass kicked, and to watch his humiliating comeuppance for every dirty campaign of his past, for his cheating in the 2008 primaries, for his character assassination of Bill Clinton, for the misogyny and racialist smears he allowed his storm troopers to unleash within the Democratic Party and against the whole country, for the stumbling clusterfuckery of his “leadership” and policies, and most of all for his sneering sense of entitlement to the presidency.

    Some think Bronco is a fraud, but not me. I think he’s the genuine article — a REAL puppet. We endured eight years of King George the Lesser, when at least a few of the Little People showed some resistance from time to time. But last week the curtain was pulled back on Operation Bronco, and we watched columns and columns of vapidly smiling Little People line up to receive microchips keyed to Operation Bronco’s electoral microtargeting. Now that the country’s owners deem it safe to recalibrate the hand of their shadowy little fascist creation, we’ll find out what else they have in mind for a citizenry considered too stupid to be trusted with a democracy.

  21. alikeh says:

    In speaking with others this week who voted for Obama, I’m finding that some did so enthusiastically. But there is a good percentage who did so reluctantly and even with fear. The reason the Democrats secured votes from those who even feared voting for Obama is because they have successfully marketed their party as a movement that is not bigoted, that actually cares for people and as a party that is inclusive. Republicans really need to work on branding!

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