Romney Democrats: Last Call

With 13 days to go before the election, Romney Democrats on Facebook has swelled to nearly 1,600 member, and we’re just over 3 months old. It’s been a long, hard slog feeding good source information to these good folks, but they have been carrying the message far and wide across Facebook. We’re helping the preference cascade, which is now in such a full effect that the term is being used in USA Today, of all places.

In addition to our 1,581 members (as of this writing), we’re currently reaching over 12,000 people a week, down from 118,000+ when we ran out of funding for advertisements. It’s been important, in my opinion, for people to see the words Romney and Democrats together, and to go to the page to see the kind of balanced, middle of the road content we’ve been able to provide. As always, I appreciate so much the help of my co-mod, DeniseVB, who has helped by sharing valuable content and helping me clean up troll messes.

Speaking of trolls, we’ve gotten a lot more of them lately. After the second presidential debate, we had trolls everyday, and 14 were banned directly after that debate. They’ve calmed down a little this week, but we still occasionally see the meek “Obama 2012” comment show up. For a while we often accused of not being “real Democrats,” and it was a pleasure to list my voting record and volunteer record under their antagonistic comments then watch them go crazy trying to figure it out. Never underestimate the value of messing with the mind of an Obamacrat troll.

For the data geeks, here’s out overview of out most recent monthly likes, fans, and reach;

Click to enlarge

As I said above, our reach has fallen tremendously as we’ve run out of ad funds. I won’t be able to add anymore myself since two of my classes ended and thus my pay check will be less for the remainder of the year.

If you want to help us run more ads in the final 13 days, you can donate to our campaign by clicking the PayPal button at the top-right column of this blog. In addition to running more ads, I’d like to get to Cincinnati and Columbus over the next two weekends, now that I have more time. My aim is to canvas for Romney and maybe conduct an interview or two for This American Election, the radio show I host on Sundays. But that will all depend on how the funding goes. If you’ve got it to give, I’d be grateful. If you don’t, that’s okay too. This’ll be the last time I solicit funds to help with this effort. We’ll find out in 13 days how this will all turn out, and if your investments were worth it. Thanks to all who’ve already donated, and thanks in advance if you’re able to now.


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