Weekend Fundraiser

As an update on Romney Democrats, our new member sign ups have significantly fallen off. That’s because we ran out of money for ads right as the DNC was ending. Since then we’ve gone from adding 8-10 new members a day to about 5 a week. So the ads really are effective and do work. Good lesson in that for the future. And thank you so much if you contributed. I know money is tight for a lot of people, so please don’t feel guilted into giving. But if you have the means and the desire, we could use a refill of our coffers.

In addition to raising funds for Romney Democrats ads, I am now trying to get some funding to expand This American Election, the new radio program I launched on BlogTalkRadio. Archives are at the link, if you haven’t heard it yet. The membership for that for a year is $399 (yikes! that’s a huge amount to me). Because I’m just using the free service, my show is limited to half an hour once a week. With the premium membership I can expand to an hour or even 90 minutes, and give more than one show a week, as well as get access to all sorts of bells and whistles. Right now I don’t think I want to do more than one show, but I do think a longer format is helpful, if not necessary.

So, if you can and if you want, click that Paypal button in the right sidebar of this blog. Any and all help is appreciated. There is even a place to leave comments when you give, so if you prefer your funds to go to one campaign or another, let me know there. I always send thank you e-mails if you include your e-mail address. Thanks in advance if you are able to help.

♥ ♥ ♥

As a reminder, This American Election is a show for political junkies addicted to the horserace. It airs every Sunday at 1:30 EDT. Please join us this week for our discussion of the week’s events and their impact on the campaigns. Click this link to access the show.

I’ll be leaving this post up through the weekend for maximum exposure. Have a GREAT weekend!


One comment on “Weekend Fundraiser

  1. votermom says:

    Good luck! I wish I could pony up but the piggy bank is broke to pieces. 😦

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