Obama & The Feminist Chorus

OMG, I am hot under the collar right now. Have to get this out before I blow a blood vessel because if I stroke out, there goes P&L. We wouldn’t want THAT now would we? What am I hot about? The rising voices once again of the Obama Feminist Chorus. Internal polls for women voters must be making them sweat, because the only time we see this utter bullshit is when they get scared. I’m not even waiting for the morning to post this. I’m writing it up and going straight to press with it.

It all started when Sandra Fluke published this piece of claptrap on the HuffPoison today. Because, like the rest of us, she has very little professional opportunity even with her degrees, she’s pimping herself out to Obama’s campaign for the summer.

President Obama is in Denver today to outline the choice in this election and how it will affect every woman in America. This election decides whether years of struggle for basic health care rights that so many women fought for will be rolled back. I’ll be standing with the President in Colorado because I believe we must defend those rights — and that means reelecting a President who stands with us.

This choice is personal for all of us because it will impact each of our lives. But for me, it’s intensely personal. Earlier this year, I was publicly attacked by Rush Limbaugh and others for testifying before members of Congress. I had shared stories of my friends and other young women, stories no different from those I’ve heard from women who also worry about having the health care they need.

First of all, you don’t speak for me, you self-righteous little <censored!>. But I was content to leave my little meager comment on your article and leave it at that.

Then I got a little excited about this from the Romney campaign. “Yay!” I said. Smart move, I thought. A civilized approach to appealing to women, run by actual successful women, finally. And to put Ann herself in charge of it? “Aaaaaawesooooome,” I sang!

But then I saw this. WTF? I thought. 1950s? Really? That’s all you got? But I read it, because y’all know how much I just eat up written stuff about women. And it was a blood pressure spiker, for sure.

President Obama on Wednesday accused Republicans of wanting to take the nation “back to policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century” during a campaign stop aimed at securing support from women.

Stumping on a two-day, four-stop swing through Colorado — a state where Obama needs strong turnout from women in November — the president sought to hammer home the benefits his healthcare law includes for families, such as free mammograms and contraception and cancer screenings with no copay.

But the president also emphasized the differences between him and his opponent, Republican presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who he said would take the Affordable Care Act and “kill it dead” on his first day in office.

And I thought, really Day one, huh? Then he’s DEFINITELY getting my vote. Next up was this:

Targeting Romney specifically, Obama said, “He said he’d ‘get rid of’ Planned Parenthood,” as the crowd booed.

And I went, “Planned Parenthood? Who CARES? NOTICE TO OBAMA & FEMINISTS: I have all the reproductive freedom I need. I need a good job! And economic security! Guess who can deliver that? ROMNEY.” My poor daughter, wondering why her mom was yelling at the computer screen. So then I read more Fluke, who was quoted thusly:

In brief remarks, Fluke credited Obama, who she said “defended my right to speak without being attacked.

“Mr. Romney could only say those weren’t the words he would have chosen,” she said. “Well, Mr. Romney, you’re not going to be the candidate we choose.” Fluke also chastised Romney, adding, “we know he’ll never stand up for us and he won’t defend the rights that generations of women have fought for.”

And of course, that’s when my blood pressure spiked. Because you know what? If Sandra Fluke doesn’t have the ovaries that ALICE PAUL had, she doesn’t deserve to be speaking for any women, let alone claiming to speak for all of us. You remember Alice freaking Paul, right? The one who spoke out despite the fact that she was attacked, verbally and physically, and finally delivered voting rights to the whole damned country because she was willing to do it? Yeah. Exactly. We don’t need some precedent set where women can say whatever they want and no one can address them back unless they do it in nice, flowery language. We had that: it was called The Victorian Age, fatherfuckers. And it got us jack shit.

Pardon my language, but that one really burns my buns.

So then Team Romney’s new women leaders stepped up:

“Today, unemployment among women is higher than when President Obama took office,” Day said. “More women are out of work in the Obama economy, and the few jobs that are created go disproportionately to men. Women who manage the household budget are forced to make do with less as grocery store prices rise and wages fall. Mothers are terrified as they see their children’s future mortgaged by reckless government spending.”

Amanda Henneberg, a spokeswoman for the Romney campaign, also weighed in, saying that Obama’s “four years in office haven’t been kind to women.

And I was, like, “Damn straight. OBAMA segregated women’s healthcare with the ACA! And I am one of those women who has been set back over ten years financially. It will take me FOREVER to catch back up, and the sooner we get started, the less time it will take. It won’t happen under Obama.

But of course, the article gave Obama, crooning to the Feminist Chorus, the last word:

“Let me tell you — there’s nothing conservative about a government that prevents a woman from making her own health decisions,” he said. “Freedom is the chance to determine the care you need, when you need it.”

“The next president could tip the balance of the court in a way that turns back the clock for women and families for decades to come,” he said.

He also mocked Romney for not coming forward with a firm answer on equal-pay issues.

“When my opponent’s campaign was asked if he’d fight to guarantee equal pay for equal work, they said ‘we’ll get back to you on that,’” he said.

And you know what I said? Pfffftttt As if. Democrats will never deliver fair pay, and young women today are already demanding it. With SUCCESS. What we have is Democrat-endorsed PINK GHETTOS like teaching and nursing, run by unions who back the ghetto police up. Talk about voting against your own interests. We have  ZERO attention paid to professional opportunity for women! And that’s the stone cold truth.

So I’ve got a message for Obama & The Feminist Chorus. I don’t need help from Democrats. I spent 20 years buying their idea of “help” and it didn’t help at all. I’m done. Romney 2012. I’m voting straight GOP in 2012, in fact, just to give Dems the message in totality. Any woman who actually cares about her future, who wants power in it, will join me. Those who don’t will get the same thing they’ve gotten for decades: Just words.

Fuck this noise. A man in the flop only gets the message one way: getting kicked to the curb. This is the year I kick my drunk-ass former Democratic boyfriend to the curb. He can suck it. I’ve got a man with a paycheck now, and he wants me to go to work, too. We’re going to try to build the middle class dream together. And if he doesn’t work out, I’ll kick him to the curb too. If it does work out, we might even get married. Because–and I know this will REALLY piss off The Feminist Chorus–I fucking love marriage.


8 comments on “Obama & The Feminist Chorus

  1. lyn5 says:

    The Dems are in trouble if all they have is Sandra “I want free contraception” Fluke. I think the only women who like Obama are those who like arrogant, A-hole men, and probably half of American women are married to men like that.

  2. cj says:

    When he took office, the unemployment rate for women was 7%, it now sits at 8.1%…a net 860,000 jobs lost. Are we supposed to believe that feminists are so one-dimensional that contraception & planned parenthood are the only issues that will sway them?

    If they are, then we’d better coin another label for women who support women’s rights because the word feminism has now become synonymous with the phrase propagandist tools.

  3. freespirit says:

    These same so-called “feminists” voted for Obama over Hillary, as well. As a feminist, I can tell you – Fluke ain’t one. No self-respecting feminist would have voted for Obama over Hillary. No real feminist would work to get him elected in 2012. The man is a sexist. He made sexist slams at Hillary and Palin in 2008. He has not protected reproductive rights. He cut women’s health care. Obama is no friend to women. Like MSM and Hollywood, Fluke and the rest of the so-called feminists who are voting for him, don’t give a shit about women’s rights. Feminists don’t support men (or women) who treat them like shit.

    Fluke’s faux-feminism can be seen in her gushing about Obama protecting her right to speak without getting attacked. A real feminist has no need of ANYONE protecting her right to speak without attack. A real feminist can handle that for for herself.

    I totally agree with you about the Alice Paul comparison, Lola. Now that was a feminist. But, It worries me a little to see the issue of reproductive rights treated as if it’s not a big deal. It is. Reproductive rights is bigger than abortion IMO. It’s about the right to not to have government controlling reproduction. WTF gives anyone the right to tell anyone else, including women, that they cannot have control over their own bodies – because someone’s church, God, preacher, or anyone else thought it was wrong. This issue won’t necessarily keep me from voting for MR, because I don’t expect him to try to change anything related to abortion and reproductive rights. But, I damn sure don’t like his stand on the issue. And, I don’t think this issue should be treated as if it’s not important enough to care about. Women have never been important enough for government to worry too much about. It’s time we were.

    Thanks for letting me express that view. Would add – Fluke needs to STFU. I’m a feminist. Hillary supporters are true feminists. As you said, Alice Paul was a true feminist, and Fluke’s no Alice Paul.

    • I hear you on reproductive rights, freespirit. I think they are important too. But I also think that we have an incredible amount of reproductive freedom. My great-grandmother had 12 kids. My grandmother had 8. My mother had three. And I had 1. That’s how far we’ve come. Any woman in America today can control her reproductive destiny if she chooses to, outside of rape & sexual abuse, of course.

      What’s really missing is women’s responsibility to care for themselves. I had another revelation about the abortion issue recently while watching the documentary Freakanomics, in which an academic type tried to make the case that crime went down in the 90s because so many unwanted babies got aborted in the 70s. What the argument–which is much broader than that–forced me to confront was that because abortion was legalized when it was, barely a decade after the pill came to the market, it prevented women from developing attitudes of responsibility about their own bodies and reproduction. If it had been legalized perhaps a decade later, women would have had the time to adjust to their new options with birth control, and abortion wouldn’t have become the one-size-fits-all problem solver it became.

      Abortion may have reduced crime, but it also contributed to the unhappy result so many women complain about to this day: the slutification of America. Sexual freedom is only good insofar as a woman finds it satisfying. Many don’t. Now a lot of women feel pressured to have sex when they don’t want to, and men feel it is okay to pressure them into it, or even “date-rape” them into it. I know they did before, but it’s in much larger numbers because of the slutitfication of America. If an American woman today decides she’s not finding satisfaction on the sex market of today, she not participate, but that’s not an option for most young women.

      At any rate I’m glad abortion is legal, but like many, I want it safe, legal, and rare. I’ve got no problems with sensible restrictions on it. I also want to see women step up to the plate and quit playing coy with their own empowerment. Women have a responsibility, if they truly want to be treated equally, to take care of their own bodies to the extent that they can. And they have a responsibility to work as hard as they can, even if they do choose reproduction. Crap, Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s diary is littered with the times she “laid down to have” a baby, and got up and cleaned the kitchen the very next morning, after which she went and gathered firewood, etc, etc. Women often still want to claim their Victorian “delicate status” and still get treated equally in the workforce. It’s bunk, and it sets us back just as much as certain reproductive beliefs held among quarters in the GOP.

  4. JohnSmart says:

    Fluke is a sign of desperation. She adds NO votes for Obama that he doesn’t already have and probably subtracts. Fluke grates and presents as entitled. She’s not a serious endorsement.

  5. Anthony says:

    First, let me say “Righteous, righteous rant, Lola!” Brava! Your fire is contagious, and now I’m getting really pissed about Sandra Fluke (can’t believe she said it should be pronounced ‘Fluck’, which opens a whole new can of whoop-ass, far as I’m concerned). I guess I won’t be out of line if I suggest that instead of campaigning for The Dog Eater, she should just go Fluke herself quietly in some corner.

    Second, did anyone take a peek at the comments in the Huff ‘n Puff article? Ms. Fluke is getting her ass kicked there, and I can’t say I’m disappointed. What a surprise. Never thought they had it in them.

    When the Catholic church first started bitching about not wanting to pay for birth control on their employees insurance, I hit the roof. Being a “Recovering Catholic” myself haven’t touched the stuff in decades), I have little regard for their rules. But the point remains that there is freedom of religion in our country, and unfortunately they have the constitutional right to squawk. So I guess its safe to say that it is the way Obamacare is constructed that has caused this controversy.

    When Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, the bluest of blue states, he didn’t try to minimize or endanger reproductive rights. He won’t do it when he’s in the White House either, and I’m going to do all I can to get him there.

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