UPDATED! Romney Democrats: Progress Update

Update! I switched up the ad a little. Tell us what you think in comments.

Click to enlarge.


As you can see from the graphic above, our Romney Democrats on Facebook ads are gaining steam. The campaign reach number looks smaller than it was because I had to pause the campaign when the battery on our car died and I had to have emergency teeth surgery. Wasn’t sure I was going to be able to maintain the budget with those unexpected expenses, but we pulled through. For that reason, I hovered over the “Reach” bubble in the circle graph, so you could see our overall reach since the campaign began. Our ad has been seen by some 74,000 Facebook people. Impressive!

As of last Friday, we had 132 likes. As of Monday we’re up to 192. I credit this change to moving our ad from a swing-state strategy to an across-America strategy. Our potential audience is now over 1.6 million Facebook users. The impact of this can be seen in the big spike on the line graph over the weekend. Keep in mind that we’re just three weeks old.

All of the numbers are off because of the pause, for the record. The graphic below gives a truer report of our overall impressions, actions, and reach.

Click the graphic to see a larger image.

As always, more funds mean the ad will go further. I’m already donating $50 a month to the effort, and while this is not a blegging post, every little bit helps. If you want to help the effort, the PayPal button is in the right sidebar, at the top. Every time someone donates, I increase the budget on Facebook, which means the ad gets seen at more volume at more times of the day. If you can help, this might be money better spent than political donations.

Thanks to those who’ve supported us so far, and to those who might in the future.


5 comments on “UPDATED! Romney Democrats: Progress Update

  1. I went to bed last night hoping I would wake up to 200 on RD FB. We’re at 201. 😀

  2. Crazy! We continue to grow at an amazing pace! We’ve added another 14 since I posted that comment this morning, and over 50 people have clicked the ad too!

    Thanks to “you know who you are” for the donation today. 🙂

  3. 1539days says:

    You see the latest from Stephanie Cutter?

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