Sunday Reading Round Up

Well, it’s been a fun Sunday morning dropping comments that inevitably produce inchoate rage in Obamacrats, via articles around the internet. Sadly, I have to finish my last round of grading for the summer semester, but maybe my readers would like to help induce panic in Obamacrats? Here’s what I’ve been reading.

Romney vows 12 million new jobs in first term:

“That’s what happens in a normal process when you come out the recession we’ve had. You should see that kind of job creation. We should be seeing two-, three-, four hundred thousand jobs per month to gain much of what’s been lost that’s what normally happens after a recession,” Romney said in an interview with Gloria Borger in Indiana that aired Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“But under this president we have not seen that kind of pattern,” Romney said. “We’ve been bumping along with barely enough jobs to hold the unemployment rate about the same, above 8 percent, 42 months like that.”

Barack Obama Runs On Empty And Toward Defeat:

The social experiment that was Barack Obama’s election and presidency is over. Way over.

As one who was born in the heart of Boston and worked the political world of Washington for 20 years, I know quite a few Democrats. Some are family, and many are close friends. Most voted for Obama in 2008. None at this point is inclined to vote for him in 2012.

Why? Because they view him as an abject failure across the board and have decided to put the welfare of their families and themselves before the empty rhetoric of the Obama campaign before it’s too late.

The Two-Dimensional Barack Obama:

Watching the Olympics from Southern California, where I live, I saw my first ad on behalf of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. Titled “The Choice,” it is a rubber-mallet contrast spot, with the president speaking directly to the camera.

What I took away from it was how, in just four years, Obama’s famously cool demeanor now comes across as flat — just like the U.S. economy. That is not a coincidence, but it explains why his message seems so hollow.


Most disquieting, even to some of Obama’s 2008 supporters, has been just how ordinary a politician he’s become. Far from the passionate, lofty rhetoric and mesmerizing oratory of four years ago, his words have become thoroughly two-dimensional.

Bill Clinton Becomes Touchstone in 2012 Presidential Campaign:

In a new ad that is a highlight reel of Romney’s business career and his success with the 2002 Olympics, Clinton’s remark of some weeks ago—saying Romney had a “sterling business career”—remains on the screen throughout. Romney is trying to appeal to white working-class Democrats skeptical of Obama who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

Btw, we’re up to 168 likes on the Romney Democrats FB page, in just three short weeks. 🙂


7 comments on “Sunday Reading Round Up

  1. Let’s add another for the books.

    President Obama has spent more campaign cash more quickly than any incumbent in recent history, betting that heavy early investments in personnel, field offices and a high-tech campaign infrastructure will propel him to victory in November.


    But now Mr. Obama’s big-dollar bet is being tested. With less than a month to go before the national party conventions begin, the president’s once commanding cash advantage has evaporated, leaving Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee with about $25 million more cash on hand than the Democrats as of the beginning of July.

    Really puts those biased polls in perspective. All that cash blown for a less than 2 point lead that came from way oversampling Democrats.

    • 1539days says:

      I heard about the battle of the apps yesterday. Romney has the cute, simple VP app that will alert you the moment he chooses a VP. The OFA app is a disturbing collection of pre-registration, spam and a database down to the street level so GOTV zombies can more effectively invade your privacy. Reminds me of the “this is how your neighbor voted” letters in Wisconsin. Romney’s is available on Android and iPhone. Obama’s is only on iPhone, because you’re not cool if you don’t have an iPhone.

  2. 1539days says:

    Romney and the GOP just keep gaming the Obama team into losing. I saw the quote at TCH about keeping open the possibility of making an enemy a friend. Romney is doing whatever he can to praise Bill Clinton’s leadership and success. This has two effects. It plays to Bill’s ego and will make it even more likely he will pull punches when it comes to working for a Democratic presidential campaign he hates. Second, it reenforces the idea that it’s OK to vote against Obama, especially if you are a Clinton Democrat who didn’t like voting for him in 2008.

    • I agree, it’s smart strategy. I always said I was a Clintonian Democrat. Until this year. This year I’m a Romney Democrat, which is looking more and more analogous. 😀

    • boutis says:

      Bill Clinton has a lot of Republican friends. The ex-President that I think of as Old Bush is an example. President Clinton has showed deference and respect to the old guy and included him at least in discussions about his global initiatives. He won over the entire Bush family including the horrible Barbara with his good manners, kindness, and respect. This is why Bill Clinton’s influence keeps growing and Obama’s is shrinking. The story from USA Today about Obama’s personal dislike for Romney written by a journo-lister thug Politico transcriber in some kind of forthcoming e-book is a very good example of the mental machinations of this White House. This mentality is to whip up the class war, race war, and probably motivate the slacker in chief to get out there and sneer, and is part of the social make-up of his two closest handlers who are Jarrett and Mrs. Obama. These two appear to be arrested development case studies for the mean girl club as are many of their followers.

      • Saw that yesterday. It’s also part of the glass-jaw strategy. Make Obama look like the badass he’s not. He’s so beta it’s pathetic.

        • 1539days says:

          One thing the Romney campaign needs is more female surrogates. One of the many advantages about Palin is that it really exacerbated Obama’s eunuch complex. I like Marsha Blackburn for that job.

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