31 Days to Reset

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been stuck in a rut. The reasons are varied and myriad, and I won’t go into them in this post as I already have a habit of over-sharing. That said, I have been looking for ways to drag myself out of it. Getting the new job in my field after a long-term unemployed stint will definitely help, but I want to do more than just get over all the pain & heartache that I’ve endured the last few years. I’m 40 and facing down an empty nest very shortly. I’m happy to have dedicated the time I did to my daughter and certain family obligations, but I’m ready now to break out and become the professional, economic, and social success I know I can be. My goal this year it to break into print media, which I hope to do here in my new town of Indianapolis. Beyond that I hope to work, work, work to build that financial success, and to let go of some long-held negativity in my life and perspective.

Recently I stumbled upon an interesting blog called Happy Black Woman, run by Rosetta Thurman. She has a (free!) program called 31 Days to Reset. Her goal is to help unsatisfied women realize the happiness they say they want. I’m hoping it will help me develop some much-needed discipline, and some emotional relief. Also, if I find it successful, it will be another tool in the box to offer to my female students who may need help with direction as well as with their language skills. The program calls for spending a little bit of time each day for 31 days doing reflective assignments that she e-mails to you. The steps are also on her blog.

Day 1 the assignment is to choose a notebook, mantra, and a song to start each day. My notebook is a little floral thing that will fit in my purse. I was going to use it to track jobs I’d applied for, but now I have a job and won’t need it for that. I think it’s the perfect re-purposing! My mantra is my favorite Susan B. Anthony quote:

Failure is impossible.

The song I chose is P!nk’s Fucking Perfect.

I’ll be tracking some of these assignments here at P&L, per Ms. Thurman’s recommendation. I’m not doing this in isolation because I want it to have a better impact, and maybe, just maybe being reflective of and honest with myself will inspire someone else. One can hope.


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