Anonymous Gives Advice to Rape Victims & Potential Rape Victims

This article was originally posted at Crawdad Hole.

Actual image used for the rape section of their pamphlet, entitled simply: Rape.

If the attempt by Occupy Baltimore to give advice to rape victims wasn’t a big clue in how clueless the Occupiers are, maybe this will be convincing. The hacktivist group Anonymous is out with a new guide called Survival for Citizens in a Revolution (PDF download here). Page 8 features advice for potential rape victims and rape victims, and it sounds suspiciously like the advice the Toronto cop gave that prompted Slutwalk, and a whole lot like the advice given to women circa 1 A.D. – 2011. Here it is:

The best protection against rape is not to get in a situation where it could happen

  1. Never go out alone (day or night)
  2. Try to appear undesirable and unattractive, but do not look helpless, or unable to escape.
  3. Wear clothes that cover most of your skin, clothing that is hard to remove for attackers, but do not hinder you while running fast, or climbing a fence.
  4. Wear: jeans, belt, turtleneck etc.
  5. Do not wear: Skirts
  6. Wear decent shoes that you can run in, like sneakers or light boots
  7. Never leave public places, and don’t let people isolate you
  8. Don’t trust new friends
  9. NEVER provoke! What might be okay in a stable society will get you in deep trouble in times when there is no backed law enforcement.
  10. Wear a wedding ring or wedding band, even if not married.

Here’s their advice if you just can’t avoid being raped all by yourself:

If you cannot avoid it

  1. Prevent beeing [sic] transported to a secondary site, use passive resistance, try to stay put
  2. Yell “FIRE”, not “help”, as more people will react to it.
  3. Use your head and assess the situation, don’t waste your energy.
  4. If you’re pinned wait for an opportunity to break out
  5. If you fight aim for the eyes, throat or genitals, dislocate/break fingers.

And there you have it. Sound advice from DudebroNation on how to protect yourself from DudebroNation. I’m thinking RadFem is onto something with Occupy Dudeville. Maybe a mass challenging of the male authority stinking up the protests is in order. I would personally LOVE to see that. Maybe this handy-dandy Rape Prevention Techniques poster can help (h/t gxm17):


One comment on “Anonymous Gives Advice to Rape Victims & Potential Rape Victims

  1. votermom says:

    I like that you added that poster.

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