#AmbersArmy Update

Update: As of 9:00 EDT this evening, every link of which we are aware is dead there is one link left of which we are aware. I expect more will be posted, but we have even slowed that process down considerably by our presence in the discussion streams on Twitter and Facebook. We have killed well over fifty links (wish I’d counted). We will continue to monitor the situation.


We were wrong about Memphis. The girl is from Baltimore. The Baltimore PD is involved in the case and so is the Baltimore School district. According to her twitter account, Amber changed schools today. She is also identifying her perpetrators on her twitter feed, and to avoid the legal issues involved in that, as well as to give this girl some peace, I won’t share her new Twitter handle here. I’m also no longer using her last name here, since we don’t know with certainty what the girl’s real name is. Lesson learned about internet gossip. I’m just so glad the police are involved.

We contacted the Baltimore PD and shared our information with Detective Hansen of the Child Abuse taskforce. We forwarded him the (now) four links we have left, including a new fbcdn.net link. However, we are happy to report that we killed a new tumblr link that had popped up in less than 15 minutes. Tumblr, unlike Facebook and Twitter is on these links very fast. They are obviously dedicated to preventing the distribution of child pornography in ways that Facebook and Twitter simply are not.

One of #AmbersArmy’s soldiers is also working with Google and YouTube to create filters to prevent people from accessing it. Google is another company that appears to care about policing its own.

In the meantime, we will continue to police Twitter for live links and try to find new ones so we can have them removed. If you want to help, join us at #AmbersArmy on Facebook.

On a sad note, I and other #AmbersArmy activists are now being cyber-bullied ourselves by someone going by the handle ThaThick Chick on Facebook. I’ve blocked her, so she’s just spinning her wheels with me. As I said early on: Sticks and stones, yo. She can’t touch me. And I won’t stop. No one is entitled to child porn, even if they think they are.


2 comments on “#AmbersArmy Update

  1. Don’t worry about the “official” count. We can always go back through the wall posts on Amber’s Army and count the kills later.

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