Reading Roundup: Pro-Woman Edition

Amy Siskind’s HuffPo piece on the continuing failures of feminism. Highly recommended. The comments alone are worth the trip. I never miss the chance to screw with the heads of tribalist Democrats. Never.

Bachmann deftly using personal issues for emotional effect. This is part of her appeal. She can move between so many rhetorical angles. And by all accounts from people who actually knew or know her, she’s charismatic as hell.

The Republican angle on having Bachmann and Palin in the race. Hint: Does not involve porn or mud wrestling.

My two favorite topics–women in politics and women from history–combined rather nicely in this article.

While I’m here, let me remind you that some progressive dudes and their vagbot allies organized themselves under the table to screw with Clinton supporters in comments all over the web in 2008. We would be remiss if we failed to return the favor. So get yourself a stealth ID, copy it to the places you’re reading, and screw them right back. I’ve been doing it for months and it’s fantastic fun.


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