Michele Bachmann and the Vile, Sexist Media

Well, it has been quite an interesting few days as Michele Bachmann has officially announced her presidential bid in the wake of a excellent performance in the first GOP debate, and the media has pounced in what can only be described as a Palinization of her. Some people aren’t convinced that she’s been subject to sexist treatment, thus this article had to be written. Here we go again, just like 2008.

I’ve heard it all regarding Michele Bachmann this week, including that I should be opposed to her because she’s stupid, evangelical, a flake, gaffe-ridden, unaccomplished, a cupcake, etc. Not once has someone offered the elegant opinion that I should be opposed because we hold different political opinions on some issues, but I will address that argument as well.

First, she’s not stupid. Not by any stretch of the imagination. One can’t complete a post-graduate degree from William & Mary and be stupid, for goodness sake. In addition, the woman practiced law for a number of years and performed rather competently in that role. A woman who has raised five children, all with excellent academic records, is likely not stupid either.

She might be an evangelical, but I should care why? Politics is riddled with evangelicals. But let’s look at the religious inclinations of the men in the game. Our current president was captive to Black Liberation Theology for some 20 years, one of the most poisonous and racist dogmas there is. He has surrounded himself with religious people, including Donnie McClurkin (as well as other “ex-gay” ministers) and Reverend Rick Warren, who are as unfriendly to gay issues as Bachmann is. Warren–and Obama–might even be more hostile. Meanwhile, the frontrunner of the GOP is a Mormon who wears secret underwear, among other bizarre practices, which is a topic the press has refused to touch. So tell me again why I should care about Bachmann’s religious views when what matters most to me are fiscal issues and breaking that glass ceiling? These are the two reasons I will vote for her despite the fact that we disagree on a number of social issues.

A flake? Seriously? Um, again, Romney is a Mormon and the only people in the religious spectrum flakier than Mormons are Scientologists. Let’s look at Dennis Kucinich, who is sure to run a presidential campaign in 2016, if not 2012. The man believes he has seen UFOs. Former Representative Weiner is so flaky he can’t tell the difference between a Direct Message and a public tweet on twitter (Might I recommend Twitter for Dummies, Tony? Can I call you Tony?). Ron Paul wants to restore us to the Gold Standard, which would take us back to 1928 (which isn’t as flaky as it seems, except to Wall Street and Washington/media insiders). Numerous male politicians on both sides of the aisle have been caught lying about their military records (something easy to check). Jesse Jackson, Jr. likely tried to buy Obama’s Senate seat while Gov. Blagojevich was definitely selling it.

Jesse Jackson, Sr. fathered a child out of wedlock (while he was married, of course), as did former CA governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and now deceased Senator Strom Thurmond (a bi-racial child fathered by a racist! Does it get any flakier than that?); President Bill Clinton accepted blow jobs from a 21-year old intern in the White House. As if 21-year-olds and interns can be trusted with secrecy, duh. All of these men and their actions, which I am recalling just off the top of my head, are flaky, but have never, with the exception of Kucinich and Paul, been identified as “flaky” in the press. That’s because “flaky” is a word we like to apply to females and beta males, which would definitely characterize Kucinich and Paul.

Let’s take a close look at the so-called John Wayne “gaffe” the media manufactured. Here were the top headlines at Memeorandum as of June 27 at 7:55 PM, hours and hours after the fact:

The Wrong John Wayne–Washington Times

Bachmann Cites Wrong John Wayne; Praises Notorious Serial Killer–ThinkProgress

Michele Bachmann Picks Wrong John Wayne–The Politico

The story dominated the press all day long. Here’s why these headlines are sexist: Sexism is predicated on assumptions. These headlines are also predicated on assumptions. To believe the headlines you must believe that Michele Bachmann:

  1. Knew who John Wayne Gacy was; unlikely in any event.
  2. Knew he was born in Waterloo, IA; entirely improbable.
  3. Was deliberately referring to Gacy, or the facts of his biography; a malicious bold-faced lie.

In other words, you have to willfully obfuscate your own powers of reason. So who’s the flake again? The media or the readers who bought their idiocy, or both?

If anything, Michele Bachmann didn’t pick the wrong John Wayne, she just might have said the wrong town. But a headline like that does nothing to damage the chances of the only female running so far. Furthermore, THE John Wayne was, in fact, born in Iowa–Winterset to be exact–and his parents met, lived in, and conceived him in the town of Waterloo. So really it was just a hoopla over nothing more than the fact that Michele Bachmann has a vagina between her legs and the predominantly male media is not used to that. Nor does it want to get used to it. But get used to it they will, if moderate, independent, and conservative women have anything to say about it (and they do).

But let’s explore how the media reacted to the “gaffes” of the male GOP candidates. Do you remember when Pawlenty’s gaffe on Iraq-Iran dominated the media for an entire day? Yeah, me neither. That gaffe actually would have had consequences in the realm of foreign policy, but hey, that’s not even remotely as much fun as the insignificant fact that the sexist liberal media knows who an obscure gay serial killer was and where he was born (but apparently not where he perpetrated his crimes–CHICAGO!). What about when Pawlenty prematurely ejaculated his candidacy on the media and had to walk it back? Thought so. Regarding Romney, did his “I’m unemployed” gaffe/lie register much with the media? Just a little, but not all day and not headlines upon headlines at the very top of the page. I do remember the day that I could find no other story on Memeorandum but the story of how Mitt Romney wanted to “hang” something around Obama’s neck. NOT! But you know, the media did a great job of hanging a “peacetime-stimulus” gaffe around Romeny’s neck. It was reported in three or four local newspapers and the Huffington Post!

As far as unaccomplished, let’s look at her record. She has been defeated exactly one time in a run for political office. She put herself and her husband through school–as in, she worked to pay for it–and has also financed the educations of all her children who are in college or attended (four so far; the fifth is set to go next year). She raised five productive kids and fostered 23 more children. She owns property, has made herself semi-wealthy (from abject poverty, no less), and has made quite a name for herself in national politics in just 6 years. And that doesn’t even begin to touch on her legislative record, which is impressive as well. If anything, Michele Bachmann is exceptionally accomplished, far more so than even our current president, whose complete record has been ignored by the press since he emerged on the national scene in 2004.

I really hope I don’t have to explain how being referred to as a “cupcake“– especially by a Viagra-swilling geriatric dude–is sexist,  but if I do, let me know just how ignorant you are in comments and I’ll respond.

So don’t tell me that I should give a shit what the media is saying about Michele Bachmann when it is obvious they are up to their old tried and true tricks of “vetting” the female candidate in ways they are not “vetting” the male candidates and have never “vetted” the male President of the United States. In short, perpetrating sexism against her. And if I catch you parroting these sexist memes, I will identify you as the sexist you are and refuse to take you seriously. I will also use you as a tool to help her get elected. Because no one has a better handle on the financial issues facing our country than Michele Bachmann and no other candidate so far has what it takes to break that glass ceiling. You need a vagina for that, suckers.


9 comments on “Michele Bachmann and the Vile, Sexist Media

  1. Lola-at-Large says:

    Damn, that was cathartic as hell to write. I feel so much better!

  2. myiq2xu says:

    2 points:

    1. Lewinsky was not an intern at the time at the time she played Bill’s skin flute

    1. Lots of people (including myself) have seen an “unidentified flying object.” There is a big difference between that and someone who says they took a ride in one.

  3. ralphb says:

    Felt pretty good to read as well. Seriously, “cupcake”,

  4. Lola-at-Large says:

    LOL! Good to see you, Ralph! I mean, sweetie. 😉

    Myiq, I get what you are saying about UFOs, but that’s not conventional wisdom. And Kucinich is the only member of Congress who claims as much. Any politicians that I know of, actually. It’s not flaky to believe there is extraterrestrial life, but it is flaky to admit to seeing it without evidence to back you up, especially if you have a political career to protect.

    You also might want to correct the record on the intern thing. I recall her being an intern, and Wiki agrees, as do countless other sources. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewinsky_scandal

    Not that her status as an intern is important. It was categorically flaky for Clinton to think he could a) trust a woman that young and b) get away with it in the White House. Especially considering the political/media climate at the time and his pending reelection campaign.

  5. CognitiveDissonance says:

    Let’s see – a choice between Michelle Bachmann and the train wreck currently destroying the country and the Democratic party? She’s not my favorite woman candidate, but if she wins the primaries, I’d vote for her in a heart beat!

  6. Lola-at-Large says:

    I would love to see him get beaten by a woman. It would be so much poetic justice.

    And I am glad she has given me a reason to vote for her other than the fact that she is female. I absolutely agree with many of her fiscal ideas. I don’t believe the government can continue to spend its way out of anything, just like I can’t spend my way out of anything. And I am suffering financially right now because of the bullshit the boomers thought was such a great idea–misguided government largesse and Wall Street’s bullshit math & bets against the country it owes. I refuse to pass that pain along to my child if I have a choice. I now have a choice. Let the whole financial circus tent collapse if it has to, but balance the stinking budget, pay down the debt, and quit spending money we don’t have.

  7. votermom says:

    I don’t like Bachmann much … I think she is a Beltway insider trying to pull one over the Tea Party, but that doesn’t excuse the sexism against her. Great post!

  8. WMCB says:

    Great piece, Lola. I myself am not a big Bachmann fan, but I do take her seriously as a candidate, and think she’s smart and competent. If she wins the primary, I will vote for her over Obama in a heartbeat, if for no other reason than that 30% solution. You could have added some “gaffe-tastic Biden” examples to that list. Does the media cover them? Yes. Just as they do with Ron Paul or Kucinich, in a rolling-the-eyes, amused, isn’t-he-eccentric? sort of way. They certainly don’t react with searing derision and offer it up as PROOF that the man is too stupid to tie his own shoes much less hold a position of power, and ought to be drummed out of politics altogether and never taken seriously again.

    That’s pretty much how they react to all male gaffes, even when they cover them. Their mistakes are discussed as politically damaging or not, or a stupid move, or a funny story, or a curious bit of weirdness that has not much to do with their other qualifications. They might even speculate on whether a bad mistake is career-ending in the garnering votes sense, but never are men’s verbal mistakes assumed to be a blanket indication of fundamental and utter unfitness for public office. Only women have to meet the standard of “achieve perfection, or sit down and shut up.”

  9. Lola-at-Large says:

    Thanks VM and WMCB. I would prefer a woman who I agreed with fiscally and socially, but since I can’t have that right now, I’ll take what I can get. Bachmann would govern 10 times better than Obama, or any male candidate running so far.

    FTR, I had a great time last night watching Ron Paul’s crazy supporters go apeshit over this article and the fact that I called him a beta male. I actually kind of like Ron Paul and think he has some sensible ideas (he’s at least thinking outside the box), but I can’t get past his supporters to actually publicly support or defend him. He’s kinda like the political Jesus. I like him just fine, it’s his followers I can’t stand.

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