Fun, fun!

Finally, something to talk about. Obama issues his long-form birth certificate, and the left gets angry. They are so peeved, which always makes me smile. I love to watch them stamp their little feet and ball their little fists and stomp around like tiny tots. Most of all, I love it because these are the moments where their hypocrisy shines the brightest. I still need routine reminders of it.

All day long yesterday folks on the left–especially the men–got angrier and angrier about the racist-dirtbag-scum-of-the-earth teabagging birthers and their total racist win. But I remember when verbalizing the desire to have a politician completely vetted was something called “dissent,” and it was powerfully important that we preserve the ability to “dissent.” Because otherwise the rich fucks who funded the Republican Party would always win. How is that hope and change thing workin’, again?

I remember a few other things that have changed too.

Remember when Bush’s grades mattered? How could we, as Americans, tolerate the election of a C-average student? He was so appallingly dumb! Yeah, not so much for Obama. If you desire to see or discuss his education records you’re suggesting by your very curiosity that as a black man he is incapable of intellectual accomplishment. I bet you didn’t know you had that much power, did you?

Remember when it was the definition of totalitarianism for the President of the United States to withhold records from his youth? Bush should have just released his military records! Yeah, now that’s caving to the crazies.

Whereas Bush was a fascist chump who misused his authority as the POTUS to cover up the fact that he was a lush who pulled strings to skip his last required test flight in the Air National Guard, Obama is the victim of the most nauseatingly authoritarian and racist system ever devised: the United States of America. Except for the progressives, who are not, of course, racist < snicker >.

Personally, I’m waiting for the “Leave Barack aloooone! Ahahaha!” video to come out. That would be something, right? Markos in drag, the smear of Meteor Blades’ Revlon #734 “Town Hussy Red” still besmirching his luscious lips, and a cheap blond wig from the local costume store. That and a flip camera and they’re set. Fun!


One comment on “Fun, fun!

  1. Lola-at-Large says:

    I have to say, this has been one beautifully executed piece of political theater on the part of both sides. All the actors are playing their parts and the nation is captivated.

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