Bill Clinton is not this ignorant…

But you or someone you know might be, so let’s go over this one more time. Here’s what he had to say:

“Well, I think – I guess, you know, there’s some chance, given how political it is, the courts, that they would strike down the mandatory purchase, although I find it amazing that they would.  I mean you can make people buy automobile liability insurance,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN taped Friday. “And the combined impact of the burden of people not being insured on the rest of us economically is nowhere near that of health care.”

  • First off, auto insurance mandates are functions of state governments, not the federal government, so the health insurance mandate is really quite a different beast. Preserving it as written means the creation of new, extra-constitutional powers for the US Government.
  • Second, most state laws requiring auto insurance are the creation of some very hard work (and LOTS of cash) on the part of insurance lobbyists. They are also questionably legal in and of themselves, no matter what the courts have said.
  • Third, auto insurance mandates have significantly and seriously hurt the lowest classes worst, and impeded mobility upward among classes. So will the health insurance mandate.

It’s really sad that Clinton has sunk this low. He’s smarter than this, but he has obviously signed up to assist the administration in pushing this bullshit. He doesn’t have to and he just lost a little more of his shine in my memory.

I’ve covered all this before on my other blog, but since that blog is now inaccessible, I’ve decided to reprint one of my posts on the topic in full. Here’s Mandates, Taxes, and Fines, Oh My!, originally printed September 11, 2009: Continue reading

Fun, fun!

Finally, something to talk about. Obama issues his long-form birth certificate, and the left gets angry. They are so peeved, which always makes me smile. I love to watch them stamp their little feet and ball their little fists and stomp around like tiny tots. Most of all, I love it because these are the moments where their hypocrisy shines the brightest. I still need routine reminders of it.

All day long yesterday folks on the left–especially the men–got angrier and angrier about the racist-dirtbag-scum-of-the-earth teabagging birthers and their total racist win. But I remember when verbalizing the desire to have a politician completely vetted was something called “dissent,” and it was powerfully important that we preserve the ability to “dissent.” Because otherwise the rich fucks who funded the Republican Party would always win. How is that hope and change thing workin’, again?

I remember a few other things that have changed too.

Remember when Bush’s grades mattered? How could we, as Americans, tolerate the election of a C-average student? He was so appallingly dumb! Yeah, not so much for Obama. If you desire to see or discuss his education records you’re suggesting by your very curiosity that as a black man he is incapable of intellectual accomplishment. I bet you didn’t know you had that much power, did you?

Remember when it was the definition of totalitarianism for the President of the United States to withhold records from his youth? Bush should have just released his military records! Yeah, now that’s caving to the crazies.

Whereas Bush was a fascist chump who misused his authority as the POTUS to cover up the fact that he was a lush who pulled strings to skip his last required test flight in the Air National Guard, Obama is the victim of the most nauseatingly authoritarian and racist system ever devised: the United States of America. Except for the progressives, who are not, of course, racist < snicker >.

Personally, I’m waiting for the “Leave Barack aloooone! Ahahaha!” video to come out. That would be something, right? Markos in drag, the smear of Meteor Blades’ Revlon #734 “Town Hussy Red” still besmirching his luscious lips, and a cheap blond wig from the local costume store. That and a flip camera and they’re set. Fun!

Defending the Indefensible

Arthur C. Brooks and Janet Daley have something to say this week about protecting their wealth, and the wealth of those they cater to. I’m taking these articles as a small but good sign that the rich are feeling under attack. The pressure is finally getting to them to the point where they feel they have to lash out in the media. We’ll see where it goes.

As for Brooks, his article is a case study in the prescription of values from the rich to the underclasses, which I spoke about at length in a recent post. To wit:

And even if only a portion of the outcomes in life were due to merit, we should still gear our system to the part that is under our control. Otherwise, we have no incentive to be industrious, honest, innovative and optimistic — and there’s no reason to teach these values to our kids, either.

I had to laugh. It’s so cute that he thinks industriousness, honesty, and innovation are values the rich share. Oh, I grant they have optimism; that’s what helps them believe they’ve “earned” the vast sums of wealth they steal and withhold from the masses. But there is nothing honest about what they do. And they are not industrious in the least, unless you count generating spreadsheets of wealth that would make Nordic hoarders blush.

But let’s be honest. Lloyd Blankfein has never broken a sweat over anything more strenuous than racket ball, and certainly not on the job. Neither has Warren Buffet (raised in Washington DC; the son of  a Congressman), for that matter, and Arthur C. Brooks is now beyond the days that he’ll have to sweat (not that he ever had to as the child of two professors, and who played French Horn in an orchestra until he decided to finally join the college ranks), thanks to the generous largesse of the Randian rich who prop him up. As for innovation, well, just look at the Gates/Jobs saga, or Zuckerberg against the world. These men have made billions by stealing the ideas of others. Continue reading

Where I’ve Been

Mostly I’ve been right here, at home, planning a major move and looking for work in a new city, which we’ll be leaving for in six short weeks.

But I haven’t been writing for the blog because I have been working on a serious set of notes that I think is just about ready to take to the next level; the book level. I’ve been told friends, family, and regular readers for a long time that I should write a book, and believe me, I have given some thought to it. The problem has always been what to write. I started out as a writer in my childhood writing poems, which was an activity I dedicated myself to well into my 20s. I’ve written fiction that has won some small prizes, but I’m really not that creative for imagining storylines or characters. What I’m good at is probably the hardest market: non-fiction. Critical thinking, analysis, novel perspectives I’ve got in spades.

But even with that, what I do also has an element of memoir. My political activism revolves around my worldview, born of my life experience, which is admittedly odd. And with everyone still talking about banksters and wtf rich people are up to and clamoring for books about that, I’m not sure what I’ve got to say will sell, but I’ve got to try. Because I don’t think what I have to say is being said anywhere else.

To that end, the working title of my book right now is Motherfucked: How Feminism is Failing Poor & Working Class Women. In it, I plan to discuss the shortcomings of modern feminism from the poor and working class perspective, relying on my experience (personal narrative) mixed with heavy analysis and support data. My thesis is that feminism is incomplete without the participation of poor and working class women. I’d love to know what you think about my little project, which I hope to complete by the end of summer.

Incomplete Headline @TheEconomist

Sorry I’ve been away. Couldn’t be helped. More on that later. For now, something for you to contemplate as tax day looms.

Here’s the headline at The Economist’s Free Exchange blog: Not yet time to worry about inflation.

The headline is incomplete, of course. What they really mean is it’s “Not yet time to worry about inflation because we rich aren’t hurting yet.” That’s what “core inflation” means; it’s the kind of inflation the rich have to worry about.

Subtext of the article: “I mean, it’s just gas and food, right? P-shaw. That’s nothing.”

This is how the rich view your day to day struggles, which have no doubt increased since the economy tanked. This is who they are. And nothing will change without radical action and extremely creative thinking that dares dissent against both legacy parties.

We’ve got to completely throw away everything we’ve ever known or believed, because this is the reality now. It is all out class war, and we’re still pretending that it’s not. The rich have hogged up so much money that the economy lies in ruin, thus fucking themselves on the potential for future profits. Makes me wonder what they know that I don’t.

Think about it.