Wake Me After the Games

It’s football playoffs Sunday and I can’t bear to watch the packing, or the steeling of jets, and obviously a propensity for puns is just obnoxious. I’m taking my crazy self to bed for a nap. I was up until 4 writing that last long piece, so I think I deserve it. Hope you enjoyed.

I do love those narrativey blog posts we occasionally get treated to when real people take to the keyboard, and crowds come along to recognize something universal in it. I got the treat of being exposed to such a post today, and I thought I’d share it before I ship off to dreamland. It’s is from Firedoglake, and details the life of an aging union worker via his wife. It’s a great story, and I encourage you to check wavpeac’s post out.

I also found an interesting post on the ever-sensitive and divisive topic of abortion. The discourse over abortion in America is a rhetorical wasteland. So it’s nice when I find something that can be said to genuinely reach out and attempt to bridge the chasm. These are often imperfect attempts, and Mom-in-a-Million’s post is no exception, as her political leanings get less tolerant toward the end of her essay. But I still thought it was an interesting piece, and agreed with her on many of the issues, including support for access to safe abortion, as well as reproductive healthcare for all American women. Even if you don’t share those beliefs, there may be something here for you.

I’ll see y’all on the flip side.


2 comments on “Wake Me After the Games

  1. scoutt says:

    Hey Lola,
    Just found your blog from crayfisher which I found from another blog referring to myiq.
    I could’ve been reading my own thoughts when I read your “Try A Little Tenderness” post. Comforting and saddening. Many of my relationships are different after the 2008 awakening. Some of them are over. My republican in-laws now say that i’ve “mellowed” which i guess is a plus!
    I’d like to share lots more of the disorientation and lost in the woods feelings I have here. Seems like the right place to do it.
    Tired tonight but really wanted to say hello and I’ll be back.

  2. Hello! Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Scoutt. You are welcome here anytime and I look forward to commiserating!

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