UPDATED! Action Alert: Where are the Women?

UPDATE: In consideration of the tragic shooting in AZ over this past weekend, we will be postponing our WOMEN BLOGGER PROTEST DAY to 1/14/11. Stay tuned!!!

Not in Obama’s inner circle.  And we’re doing something about it!

The New Agenda is organizing a blogosphere protest:

ATTENTION WOMEN BLOGGERS!!! (and men bloggers who love us) – on 1/11/11, please join The New Agenda in expressing your public displeasure with Obama’s choices of Daley and Sperling – an inner circle *still* composed almost exclusively of men.   Every major leadership position in running our country’s economy is held by a white men. THAT IS NOT OKAY! Please blog on 1/11/11 and spread this to other enlightened Americans.


  1. Please post this or the verbiage above to your Facebook page.
  2. Please forward this alert to women bloggers (and men bloggers who love us).
  3. Please tweet this.
  4. Please write a piece for your blog, or a friend’s blog.
  5. Please submit a piece to be posted at The New Agenda blog (blog@thenewagenda.net).

Together, we will ensure that on 1/11/11, our voices will be heard!!!


If you believe that Obama needs the voices of more women–any women!–in his inner circle, then you should blog about it Monday. We need to amplify the noise on this one!


3 comments on “UPDATED! Action Alert: Where are the Women?

  1. FreeMeNow says:

    AnnaBelle, All week long I have been blogging about and running Radio shows on WOMEN- our new coalition of women run groups undetr the umbrella of The Majority United. This week we have been blogging about our need to be ratified in the 3 states needed to see the ERA passed.

    In light of knowing the Constitution was to be read on Wed., we started on Sunday prior urging women to understand our position in the Constitution, in the Government and how close we are and what keeps us from attaining our rightful place as the majority citizenry.

    I am please to see yoour blog working toward getting women involved and I am asking you to include our efforts as well. We are non partisan- and working to represent All women regardless of party affiliation or ideology. Women have a need to be represented in the Constitution and in our government regardless of politics.
    We are the majority.

    Will you and your audience join this effort? I invite you to please read and comment on this weeks articles on this issue and if you feel we have standing – assist us to move this forward. I see that I am on your blogroll as Free Us Now the actual address is http://freemenow.wordpress.com/ the articles are:

    Justice Scalia: on 14th amendment, women don’t count
    Pedophile Judges: How else can you explain this?
    US Constitution: Isn’t Equality, Opportunity and Justice for ALL a Human Right?
    Equal but never less again: Fighting among ourselves, who really won here gals?

  2. Anna Belle says:

    Excellent, and thanks for the link. Will definitely check it out this weekend!

  3. freemenow says:

    Thanks a bunch – you might also check out – my take on O’Neil- this is a factual account and she is using ERA and I don’t like it:


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