Renee Ellmers Needs Our Help

Remember Bobby Etheridge? If not, this video should remind you:

Etheridge is losing to his Republican challenger, Renee Ellmers, by 1,600 votes. Being the bully he is, he’s going to take advantage of a state law that says if the vote is closer than 1.1%, he can ask for a recount. This will cost the Ellmers campaign serious cash if they are to do it right, and she has spent all her campaign funds to campaign. We can’t let this woman go down in flames because a bully like Etheridge can access more money than she can. He has the full support of the DNCC. For some reason, the RNCC has wimped out and declined to fund her recount, even though she’s in the lead!

She’s not taking it lying down, though. She published a statement on her campaign site today, the first part of which is quoted below:

Election night, after the ten counties in my district had reported their votes, I led Bob Etheridge by 2,100 votes. (That number is crucial because under North Carolina law Congressman Etheridge is not entitled to an ‘automatic recount’ if he trails by more than 1% – or 1,888 votes.)

Then, yesterday afternoon – unexpectedly – the vote totals changed. The State Board of Elections reported my lead had dropped to 1,600 votes. Two hours later Bob Etheridge announced he intended to call for a recount.

As a result, last night my campaign began hiring attorneys – eleven attorneys in all. One in each county to monitor each recount and an attorney to work with the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

Please join me and others in supporting Ellmers recount. I gave $25 today, which is all I can give seeing as I’m unemployed right now. If you can help, please do. You can contribute online here. If we women learned anything this campaign season, it’s that we have to take care of our own.


One comment on “Renee Ellmers Needs Our Help

  1. Thanks for the heads up Anna Belle—-!!! I just made a contribution!!!!

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