The Tide is Turning for Meg Whitman

This article has been revised and cross-posted to The New Agenda.

Thank you, Greta Van Susteren (via TooCynThia). Here’s the video making the rounds today, from last night’s On the Record, all nine and a half glorious minutes of it:

The usual folks you’d expect are promoting the video, including Hot Air, but even Jeralyn of TalkLeft has posted it, along with positive comments. Yes, Jeralyn, not BTD, for those who follow there, or used to.

The California Press, the press that actually matters, is weighing in as well.

Here’s a summation of the talking points gleaned from these sources (feel free to copy and paste around the web):

  • According to the San Fransisco Chronicle’s legal research, Meg Whitman and her husband acted legally and ethically with regard to Diaz’s illegal status under the law.
  • IF a member of the Whitman family received a letter, they could neither have questioned nor fired Diaz under the law. To do either would have put them at risk for lawsuits.
  • Gloria Allred has a long history with Jerry Brown and used to work for him, has donated to his various campaigns on multiple occasions, and has a clear history of financially supporting only Democrats. She is clearly a partisan and known for partisan media stunts.
  • Allred put Diaz’s freedom and safety at risk for a case she herself claims she can’t win and will never see the inside of a courtroom. She also put Diaz’s American-born children at risk for losing their mother to deportation. Thus what Allred is doing is a vicious exploitation of a powerless person by a wealthy partisan for partisan gain.

So this is much ado about nothing, and all of the moral turpitude belongs on the side of Allred and her poor, exploited client. But there’s one more talking point to consider.

  • The insidious cultural sexism that Allred tried to help unleash against Meg Whitman has been turned on Allred herself.

All over the web, in comments on videos and news stories, as well as heavily represented on blog reports, are some extremely offensive sexist comments aimed at Allred herself, comments in which she is referred to as a bitch, a cunt, a media whore, etc. Her age and relevance are being linked and wishes for the destruction of her person are present.

This is absolutely wrong, but it holds an important lesson about why it’s so important to question the feminist self-proclaimed moral authority on the left. Having a reputation as a feminist or for being feminist-minded will not insulate anyone when they themselves engage in provoking sexism. Once unleashed, there is no way to direct that vile stream of energy, and it is just as likely to turn itself around and target the party that started it as to have the intended effect.

Women on the left have been far too comfortable engaging in sexism against women who don’t agree with them or share their worldview, and those who have not engaged in it have been far to comfortable witnessing it without comment.

The Gloria Allred incident and fallout proves once and for all that the left has serious work to do before they can every again be considered a friend to women. They are quickly being tarred as the more sexist party by a middle that doesn’t care at all about their incestuous intellectual salons or their so-called nuanced arguments. Out here in the heartland what we see  is the pretzeled logic of a deeply depraved and elitist media/blogging class, who are clearly linked to an equally depraved power structure currently dominated by Democrats.

But the incident also proves that we as a culture have a lot of work to do to eliminate sexism. We need to raise awareness as much as possible, and unify where we can. As you can see from my talking points, it is entirely possible to analyze and fight back without resorting to sexist attacks or a lazy, belittling strategy. Allred’s actions may be anti-feminist (toward both Whitman and Diaz), but she is still a woman and thus subject to sexist treatment herself. We must acknowledged that and have this much-needed discussion about the unpredictable nature of sexism unleashed.


7 comments on “The Tide is Turning for Meg Whitman

  1. Excellent analysis, as always, Anna Belle.

    I was quite frankly SHOCKED to see Allred taking on such an anti-woman case. But… you see…. for this particular brand of Feminist, it is NOT about Feminism. It is not about the dirty double standards. It is about the kudos and pets she gets from her supposed “Liberal” maters.

    In the end, Allred only stands to do harm to BOTH of the women involved here. Whitman AND Diaz. Shame on Gloria for trying to grad the spotlight at the expense of TWO families … through their mothers. And brava to Greta for calling foul.

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  3. excellent Anna Belle——you have nailed it once again. All of us need to keep your article moving through the blogosphere to counter any more garbage coming from Brown and his minions. Perception IS reality. Allred has lost her mojo, that’s for sure!!!!

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