Allred’s Letter Only Proves Diaz Probably Intercepted It

The Meg Whitman saga continued today with Democratic operative and attorney Gloria Allred producing a letter sent by the Social Security Administration to the Whitmans notifying them of a discrepancy between the name of their housekeeper, Nicky Diaz Santillan, and the social security number Diaz was using. Allred hinted at the existence of this letter yesterday, and she produced it today. The media is up in arms again, as if they are incapable of doing what millions of Americans are already doing: adding up the facts and finding them wanting.

Whitman came out yesterday and emphatically denied she had received such a letter. Today she suggested the letter may have been intercepted by Diaz herself. Such letters, which are no longer sent, were sent to the employee two weeks before they were sent to the employer, giving Diaz a heads up. Allred said she got the letter from Diaz, who says she saved it. This suggests that Diaz may have indeed intercepted it.

Allred also claimed the letter had a hand-written note from Whitman’s husband, Dr. Griffin Harsh, directing Diaz to look into it. Any way you slice this one it’s a big ball of political crap played by one of the most experienced Democratic operatives in California–Gloria Allred. First, for a “feminist lawyer,” as she bills herself, she should be ashamed of herself for playing the Geraldine Ferraro card and attempting to smear Whitman with charges against her husband. Second of all, how hard do you think it is for a woman who worked for a family for nine years to fake the handwriting of family members? All the letter proves is that Diaz likely intercepted it and may have added a note in a desperate attempt to make it look legitimate.

Diaz is also accusing Whitman of treating her like garbage for firing her when she found out she was an illegal. Well, sorry, but being illegal is the moral quandary here, not firing an illegal worker once you find out. And Whitman paid Diaz $23 an hour, a rate housekeepers who are American citizens cannot command anywhere. I can’t even imagine Christmas bonuses and hand-me-downs Diaz and her family got over those nine years. If she hasn’t been manipulated by Allred and other Democrats–which I and plenty of others highly suspect–she’s only doing this because she’s mad she can’t live off Meg Whitman’s golden eggs anymore.

And as I said in my article at The New Agenda, if this kills her campiagn it will be cultural sexism unleashed by Democrats once again. No man except Bernie Kerik has ever lost a political opportunity over an undocumented worker, and even then it was a reason offered up with a sigh of relief as a legitimate way to avoid airing Kerik’s questionable earnings and mobbed up past. It was pure political theater then, and it is now.

I ask you, women of America, women of California in particular, are we really going to stand for this kind of blatant sexism? Are we going to let the likes of Gloria Allred and Jerry Brown smear a woman just because her housekeeper lied to her? Are we going to pass up the opportunity to have California governed by a highly qualified female, finally? Or will some of us jump on the bandwagon once again, just because this woman is Republican? Are we going to go the distance to stand up for and protect Meg Whitman, or are we going to half-ass it once again? Until this shit is buried, we should be shouting Allred back down nonstop. That’s what I’m going to do, anyway.

Meanwhile, I hope the best political operatives on Whitman’s team are smoking out the communication chain between Allred and Brown. It exists; I’m certain of it. And it needs to be made public. Go Meg!


10 comments on “Allred’s Letter Only Proves Diaz Probably Intercepted It

  1. anon says:

    Look at paragraph after the first list on page 1.

    There you will find that Gloria Allred is a pathological liar. Pure and simple. It is worse than a smear, it is simply a 100% lie with no basis even in the document.

    • Oh, I’m familiar with Allred’s MO. You are correct, and that’s being borne out in the reactions to it. It’s backfiring now. I hope she chases them all the way to November 2 with it.

  2. Allred’s Letter Only Proves Diaz Probably Intercepted It…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  3. Thia says:

    I agree. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. I can’t believe Allred is willing to go this far to take out another woman.

    Shut up Gloria! You’ve revealed yourself to be nothing more than a partisan political hack. You’ve lost ALL credibility with me.

  4. Patti says:

    Allred makes me sick.
    I believe the reason for the housekeeper’s tears at the press conference is for her regret. She knows she’s taking part in a lie. I hope her conscience bothers her so much that she confesses the truth.

  5. marguerite gualtier says:

    Leave it to Greta — not only fair but very smart indeed!

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