We Interrupt this Women’s History Month

To bring you this report of the continued complete collapse of support among Democrats for women.

Normally we wouldn’t even bother. The Health Insurance Behind-the-Scenes-Deal-Reform Bailout is all you’ve heard about for months now, and the haka has grown intense in the last week. We’re sick and tired of it too, and wish the jokers in Congress would just vote on it already. We were just about to write up a nice article on Viola Luizzo, but stopped short when we saw the news. You won’t believe the crazy idea (and we thought they couldn’t GET any crazier) the Democrats are cooking up now.

They want an executive order. Yes, they want President Obama to sign off on an order verifying that federal money won’t be used for icky women’s issues.

Here’s how much the base, a woman no less, cares about it. (warning: orange cheeto link)

Can you freakin’ believe that shit? No Democratic president since Roe v Wade would ever dare to even float this idea. Not one. But hey, it’s at least change you can believe in.


One comment on “We Interrupt this Women’s History Month

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