Protesting is an American Activity & Other Obvious Truths

Dear reader,

I use the singular, as after more than a month away, I’m sure the one is all I have left. Thank you for sticking it out whoever you are. Consider this a drunk blog. It’s really more of a light buzz blog, as I’m about to pop my fourth beer in about six hours. I prolly won’t even finish it, or this post, but hey, I’ll give both a shot. Expect typos.

So it turns out that when you get too busy to blog and you’ve been engaged in activity you get paid for while watching miles and miles of fantastic writing ideas pass like so much beautiful scenery on a very long, necessary trip, you can get stuck for how to start. Who knew? Certainly not me. I blogged for a solid year and was really on a roll, and I’ve been writing for years, so I never expected to be overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of so much news cycle during so much lost time. I might as well just break the ice while my inhibitions are low, eh? Heh.

I really wanted to write about Skip Gates, for example, but that story is deader than Michael Jackson, another sick story I missed. I still have a few questions about that circus (the Gates circus; I couldn’t give a shit less about Jackson’s circus), but whatever. I don’t really care. A working class cop got verbally harassed by another rich person with shitty taste in beer. Yawn.

I also wanted to write about the health care debate, and I probably will now that the ice is broken. For the record, I’d like to state the obvious. I’d actually like to quote the left for the last eight years: “Dissent is a founding principle.” I am sick to death of watching people who spent the last eight years bitching about a certain kind of Bush supporter be that same kind of Obama supporter without even a hint of irony smacking them in the head like it oughta. The similarities between O-Bots and what they used to call “Bushies” is startling. But that’s not about the health care debate.

About that. Guess what? In America, we all have the right to organize and dissent. You can play that bullshit game that it’s un-American, as Pelosi recently did, or you can acknowledge that the ability to do so is protected in the Constitution. Thank fucking goodness. You can compare the dissenters to Hitler, as other politicians and the Blogger Boys have done, now that they’ve had their talking points disseminated by the Obama administration in one of the myriad teleconferences they have with them each week (still unpaid HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Suckahs!). What it all boils down to though, in two words: penis envy.

Yes, the left is seething mad that they can’t put the call out and have that kind of response. They couldn’t get the emotional intensity of these so-called Republican protesters (I don’t believe they are all Republicans) out of their people if they wanted too. Progressive Dude Nation answers one call and one call only: the call of the cool. You make health care sexy and maybe they’ll think about getting involved. Put it on a t-shirt Jayzee can wear and have him attend a town hall in it, and maybe privileged white dudes and their vagbots will attend too. As it is, Democrats have to practically hire union thugs to manufacture dissent to meet the push back they are getting on the road. Hilarious. As if unions needed more bad publicity. But hey, if you’re going to volunteer to get thrown under the bus, you deserve what you get.

I see the media is still into virtually stoning Clinton and Palin. The game just never gets old with them. All I wanna know is why the there wasn’t the uproar about the three male Republicans who recently resigned like there was for Palin when she resigned. That crap ought to have been called out right away, but of course it wasn’t, even by sensible feminist bloggers. As the summer finally heats up in the valley and my impatience increases along with the humidity level, I have to wonder out loud if women aren’t their own worst enemy. Progress is so fucking simple; but hey, why bother? Reading the internet all day and bitching about each other is so much more productive! Whatever.

Finally, from the What We’re Up Against Department: 70% of Americans think a woman should take a man’s last name upon marriage; 50% think it ought to be law. Reasons cited include:

“They told us that women should lose their own identity when they marry and become a part of the man and his family. This was a reason given by many.”

Other respondents said they felt the marital name change was essential for religious reasons or as a practical matter.

“They said the mailman would get confused and that society wouldn’t function as well if women did not change their name,” Hamilton says.

I guess that’s enough to break the ice. Lame, I know, but at least now you know I’m not dead yet.


6 comments on “Protesting is an American Activity & Other Obvious Truths

  1. Dhyana says:

    Welcome back. I stop and visit you from time to time, looking for a new post. Everyone will come back.

    The health care debate reminds me of the Democratic 2008 caucuses. The Democratic leadership already knows what it wants (just like it wanted Obama). The town halls are geared to sell a health care bill (HR 3200) that will please the health care industry. The Democratic leadership is not interested in hearing what the people want. I’m also not surprised about the chaos in the town hall gatherings because it’s reflective of Obama’s personality.

  2. Patti says:

    Welcome back. Glad you’re not dead yet. You should stick around more.

    I’m stuck on that study, especially the part where 50% think it should be law. Oh My Hell. I’m speechless. I really cannot believe that.

    I could never conceive of giving up my name, although I did entertain changing it to my mother’s birth name. If they seem confused, I just, matter of factly, tell people that my husband wouldn’t change his name. It does sadden me that more women don’t keep their birth names.

  3. bluelyon says:

    I’m still out here too. You’re on my RSS feed so I just wait and understand that choices have to be made. Life is what happens when you’re musing a blog post.

    Glad you’re still kicking!

  4. Anna Belle says:

    Thanks, folks. I really could not believe that study, either, Patti. Oh my Hell, indeed!

  5. Lexia says:

    About That Study (which many be of the same questionable quality as many of the NYT backlash “studies”): both my sisters are in their third long term relationship, after two prior marriages in which they took their husband’s name. If they marry their current beaux, they’ll undoubtedly change their names again.

    They seem pretty normal as far as the number of marriages over 30 or so years go. How can it get more confusing than are you Jane Brown or Jane Roe or Jane Doe today?

  6. Lexia says:

    Errgh – “which -may- be of the same”.

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