I’m Just Sayin’

Irony, oh irony, on me it is never lost: (Warning: WKJM&LHFD* link)

Remember “get in their faces?”

Apparently, Democrats can’t take the heat. They can scream all day long about how citizens should get in the faces of those who oppose them, but when it happens to them it’s a whole n’other story. Typical. Where I come from, we call that hypocrisy. All I can say to the Progressive Dude Nation (aka the Democratic Party) is: Take it like a man, suckahs.

*Whoever Kidnapped Josh Marshall and Left Him for Dead


3 comments on “I’m Just Sayin’

  1. SYD says:

    Suckahs is right!

    Such babies.


  2. Anna Belle says:

    Indeed, Syd! I think all this nonsense about women being too emotional is simple of case of male projection onto females. I never saw a bigger bunch of whiners than there is in Washington.

  3. Betty says:

    Wow…it must have been very painful for obama to say…” God Bless America.”

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