We Told You So #38

Can you hear me now?

Can you hear me now?

Well this is getting a little depressing. I’m really not interested in criticizing the Obama administration all day every day, but I’m not about to stop telling the truth just because some asshole with a D behind his name took power. I did my due diligence: I waited and saw. And what I’m seeing now is raising alarm bells all over the place for anyone willing to pay even an iota of attention. Of course this is America, land of Orwellian language and Marketing Madness, and paying attention is just too hard for the poor dears. Do I sound bitter? Oh, sorry, that’s the insomnia talking.

A few days ago I blogged about the new shell game the Obama administration is playing wherein they circumvent the will of the people and do whatever the fuck they please. Obama is finally starting to show his W. Bush colors after a rocky but almost promising start. Dakinat at The Confluence reports on another feature of this building crisis: mission creep at the FDIC. To the tune of *ahem* 1 trillion dollars. She did such a great job that I won’t insult her by trying to cover the same ground. Just go. Read. If you’re not a coward or slacker, of course. I will point out that some very typical Democrats are buried up to their eye balls on this, so it’s not just the Obama administration (remember, they’re all neocons now):

And two officials with a lot of sway in this area have sought to raise the F.D.I.C.’s borrowing limit (by $100 billion, according to a bill introduced by Representative Barney Frank, and by $500 billion, in a bill introduced by Senator Christopher Dodd).

Oh, Dodd, how little we knew ye when you were perpetrating political stunts to call attention to your presidential campaign, and almost for a minute looked like a good guy. I think it was the sun in my eyes, actually.  But I digress.

If you are one of my twelve regular readers, you probably already know about this.  But if you’re one of my Obama supporting friends or relatives, or if you are stranger who stumbles upon it, I dare you to ask yourself if you could have supported this under W. Bush. I bet the answer will be a “no” you will be too afraid to voice. I dare you to post here why you can support it with Obama. I have a theory that 8 years of Bush-style corruption has left the left feeling a little entitled to some corruption from their leaders, and with such a blind trust in their party that they refuse to believe what is right in front of their eyes now. If you’re an Obama supporter it may be difficult to come to terms with this, but you must for the health of this country. We literally can’t afford for you to continue to lie to yourself.


10 comments on “We Told You So #38

  1. bluelyon says:

    And I’m talking about civil liberties over at my place. Good Gawd…this is getting ridiculous.

  2. Anna Belle says:

    Crap, I hadn’t caught wind of this one yet! Thanks, BL/ What utter bullshit.

  3. bluelyon says:

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one who says “Crap!” Amongst other words, of course.

  4. Chevalier says:

    You definitely do have more than 12 readers, Anna Belle – we’re just the lazy kind that may not leave comments.

    And I’ve been so shocked at the DOJ’s move today – and at Keith Olbermann’s (!!!) outrage and anger against Obama that this FDIC creep didn’t even register. Thanks for highlighting!!

  5. Anna Belle says:

    That 12 readers thing is just a joke, Chev. I consider them my apostles. 🙂

    I couldn’t believe that. Stealing money is one thing, and with their values, it makes sense–but to put your jack boot in the face of the people that supported you and twist, well, that’s just cruel.

  6. Sunshinelvr says:

    I don’t post much, but I do try to keep up with my reading! You post extremely interesting stuff, Anna Belle.

  7. agree with you in spirit but take issue with “they are all neo cons now”. The neo cons believed in democracy as the basis of foreign policy and did incredible work with women living in slavery under the Muslim theocracies. They used the status of women as a terrorism marker. Do you think this half hearted feminist awareness creep is because of democrat policies or Hillary? Because that is not true. All during the Bush regime I tried to get feminist to drop their stupid political party fantasies and support the women’s rights work being actually done by Condi Rice and the women in the State Dept. Those were the women raising consciousness about Muslim patriarchy and the slave status of Muslim women and they were neo cons.

    What is the stance of Hillary and BO? It is that we are not in Afghanistan to further women’s rights or change the culture. We are there to fight the Al Quada and if that means bring back the Taliban we will do it.

    They are not “neo-cons”.

  8. Anna Belle says:

    GC, Some good points, but the neocons were also the people pushing the agenda of war via the means of propaganda and intimidating the fourth estate as well as members of their own party into compliance with whatever hair-brained scheme they came up with, including illegal wiretapping and expanded executive power. The fact that Condi Rice was opening up the dialogue on Middle Eastern patriarchy does not nullify the global agenda neocons had, nor the means through which they perpetrated their crimes. It does not vindicate neocons, sorry.

  9. Their domestic agenda sucked and they allowed or at least did not do enough to stop war profiteering by their privatized military. They increased the wealth of the upper class by destroying protective legislation.

    But the war you love to hate is the only means of liberation for the slaves of patriarchy — spare me any protests – no one gave a damn about the slave status of Muslim women until Bush and no one will change it without armed struggle and regime change (and population control). So it is not worth it to you but I believe the status of women in the US depends on the status of women globally.

    Unfortunately there is nothing to fight about now — the time is past and women lost. Now we have politicians who don’t give a damn about democracy or women’s liberation. we no longer have a war on terror — we have stoning without sanctions and lashings and the Taliban compromises. But hear this, Condi did not open any dialog. She built 8 regional women’s centers in Afghanistan. Funded economic projects to teach women skills so widows could earn a living. She built and funded girls schools. She set up projects (including battered women shelters) between soldiers and villages funded by US citizens who adopted a project. And she set up the Women of Courage award networks in every Muslim country. And she set up media training and women’s radio shows for the Kurds and legal training for women in Afghanistan.

    Hillary gutted the office and appointed a “co-ordinator”. I wonder who Afghan women prefer.

  10. oh yeah I forgot about the hospitals funded by Mrs Bush which reduced deaths in pregnancy and the trafficking work to stop child bride marriage — all this did raise consciousness in the US somewhat but it was not because of Condi’s talk — it was because she brought women here to go to university and tell their stories.

    There is legitimate criticism of all these projects but they tried. They tried while others blame, deny and ridicule.

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