Louisville Women’s Basketball: Going to the Championship!!!


Angel McCoughtry and the team bring it home for Louisville!

The team beat Oklahoma tonight to secure their place in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship. The boys were up but fell short of the Final Four. The girls will bring it home this year. wOOt!!!!! Go Louisville!

Angel McCoughtry and Louisville played the second half as if they belonged in their first Final Four.

We have not one high school All-American on this team, but these guys have worked so hard,” McCoughtry said. “I’m so proud of them.”

Bolding mine. We rock!

Monique Reid drives a play home against Oklahoma tonight.

Monique Reid drives a play home against Oklahoma tonight.

Stanford and UConn just started. We’ll see who U of L’s nemesis turns out to be. Now onward to Tuesday!

UPDATE: It’s UCONN. I admit, I was praying for a miracle that Stanford would win. UCONN is the MOST formidable opponent in the conference.

On the way to work today I was thinking about this game, and I was really happy. I was thinking that I’ve never really been that enthusiastic about sports, but it felt so good to watch that game and see them win and just raise hell over it. We got loud. It was fun. I’d never really done that. I know a lot of little girls now dream of growing up to play in the NBA, and that wasn’t something I could even consider. I thought of all the women who do what I did now–get loud and get excited over a sporting win like that. It made me really happy. Angel McCoughtry is my new hero.

Go Cards!


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