March is Women’s History Month!

I hope you’re ready. I am. Perhaps you noticed the new layout. This may or may not be a temporary change, but since I intend to contribute at least one post a day in March regarding women’s history, I thought this layout would allow readers to browse more easily. If you find the other columns distracting, just click on a post title to be taken to that page.

To get us started and offer you a tease, here are the first two paragraphs of my Mercy Otis Warren article, which will be available in its entirety on Monday at The New Agenda Blog:

What Every Woman Should Know About Mercy Otis Warren, The Mother of American History

What Every Woman Should Know is a bi-weekly series on American Women’s History. Since March is Women’s History Month, I’ll be offering an article every Monday of this month.

The United States of America has been a nation of burgeoning rights from our inception. The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were radical and subversive documents at the time they were produced, but they quickly came to form two of three pillars upon which all our subsequent progress is based-the third, I submit, was the very first history of America ever penned, which set our story in stone and started a trajectory of inclusion that continues to this day. That history was written by Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814), known to many as “The Conscience of the American Revolution.” Yes, you read that right-the very first history of our great nation, which informed several generations of school children of our beginning, was authored by a woman.

Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814)

Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814)

What makes this particular story so compelling is that Warren’s History was unique because no other country’s first recorded history was written by a woman. Moreover, her history is unique for its inclusion of a full range of characters of different sexes and races who played roles in the Revolution, which I believe set the tone for people other than that small class of white male property owners (to which human rights had been granted by the Constitution) to pursue their own rights. While we’re taught in school that it was our white male founders who wrought our progressive trajectory through time, America may have been as progressive as it was precisely because it was a woman who penned our first history.


Check back Monday for the rest of the story!


3 comments on “March is Women’s History Month!

  1. I would love to hear what people think of the new layout. I like how clean it looks. What do you think?

    Also, check this out:

  2. m Andrea says:

    Oh my, I am loving the new layout. I saw this in the wordpress themes, but had no idea it would look so scrumptious when actually used.

  3. Thanks, m Andrea. I was surprised at how good it looked too. The trick is to be good enough at editing that you don’t have a lot of white space at the bottom of posts on the front page. But otherwise, I’m very happy!

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