Feminist Literary Geek Out Part I: Showing a Little Leg

Ha! I love that title and I don’t care if you don’t. This is not a real blog post. It’s a “coming attraction” if you will, a commercial for future posts at P&L.

As regular readers know, I’m in graduate school, taking a course called “Politics & Poetry.” Today I had a “click” moment where I stopped hating the environment and started loving the learning. I left class positively high. Naturally, of course. But I am slammed. And I mean SLAMMED. 10+ hour days three days a week, plus more on the other two workdays and take-home weekend work too, and that’s just work. That does not include graduate school. So I have to do homework on the blog, but I’m going to make it interesting–blog-friendly, if you will. My first paper will be a feminist defense of Sylvia Plath’s poetry. This weekend I will explicate either The Applicant or Daddy for you. As that NBC peacock would say, The More You Know… Stay tuned.


5 comments on “Feminist Literary Geek Out Part I: Showing a Little Leg

  1. grlpatriot says:

    Oh, please do Daddy!

  2. bluelyon says:

    Second grlpatriot! Do Daddy!

  3. Anna Belle says:

    I started it last night, ladies. Daddy it is then. I’ll be posting that at some point tomorrow, soon as I finish the post up.

  4. Anna Belle says:

    Yeah, okay, Sunday was a bit ambitious for an explication of Daddy, a pretty long poem, so look for it later this week.

  5. bluelyon says:

    Okay, I’ll wait. In the meantime, I see you’ve given me some other items to chew on.

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