Drunk-blogging Daschle

Well, well, well, could things get any more interesting? First Killifer, now Daschle, eh? Obama’s already blaming himself. He’s disappointed in himself:

for unintentionally sending a message that there are “two sets of rules” for paying taxes, “one for prominent people and one for ordinary folks.”

Note the quotations marks in that quote. That’s what Obama actually said, the writer or editor just decided to throw in “unintentionally,” because he/she/they felt it necessary to mark this article like a dog marks a tree. I’m pro-Obama and here’s the stench to prove it, kinda thing. But I digress.

And since I am…Yes, drunk-blogging is back! It’s been a long, long time since that last debate, when last we shared a frosty mug (I don’t actually frost them, because that makes the beer suck). I’m not actually drunk, just having a beer (or two, if it so happens) before bed. I’ve had a hell of a day, but I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say I am drowning under the weight of my responsibilities and haven’t had a second to myself all day until just now. I thought I’d wind it down with my beloved readers and all the shit that’s been occurring to me all day every time the Daschle debacle gets updated, which it does every five frickin’ minutes.

So yesterday I heard the story that Daschle was “expected to withdraw” his name from consideration for Health and Human Services Secretary. Then Obama “stood by him.” Then he did announce he was withdrawing. Then Daschle’s dirty laundry gets an airing, near as I can tell. I was too busy most of the day, but I heard and read snippets.Then Obama claims responsibility. Duh. What do you expect from a guy who spent 11 years in the Illinois state legislature, two-count-’em-two years in the Senate, and who spent most of his childhood in various island communities. I don’t think there is a more provincial place than an island community.  I mean, it’s like Athens, GA with exotic flowers and beaches and shit (apologies to Athenians).

Going for that second beer…

ANYWAY, yeah, that’s totally enough experience not to be snookered by a political snake oil salesmen like Daschle, who is so obvious working with what I call The Medical Tech Complex–the whole ugly collection of medical hubs in industry, from Big PhrmA to insurance, from hospitals to doctor’s offices. I’m glad he’s gone, because I really think what he and the Medical Tech Complex wanted was a law that made you buy their products. I think that’s what Obama wants too, but we’ll see. Like I said, he’s apologized and taken responsibility, which I know is refreshing to the more vegetatively-inclined among us after 8 long years of Bush, but must we set the bar soooooo low, for fuck’s sake? And isn’t this just another predictable “boneheaded mistake?”

And is he really sorry? Isn’t there the little matter of Geithner to consider? Does he get to keep his job?

One good thing to come out of all this, I guess, is that NOW (can you believe it?) is suggesting Senator Debbie Stabenow for the post. I doubt it will do much good, because it’s not a strategic move Senatorially speaking (these guys are as much about strategy as Rove was, FTR), but at least NOW got off their privileged asses and decided to bang one out for the cause. ‘Bout time.

In other news, Obama–and by extension America and our troops–is getting pwned. Yeah, that’s totally enough experience. Totally.


6 comments on “Drunk-blogging Daschle

  1. sister of ye says:

    Stabenow, that idiot. She’s one of my senators. I sent her an email objecting to her vote for the infamous bankruptcy bill. She (or more like a staff person) sent me a reply declaring that the little people just had to learn some personal responsibility.

    Yep, sounds like a good fit for Obama.

    Still, he could do worse. And I’ve never heard any rumors about tax problems.

  2. Bobthebuilder says:

    I strongly recommend Marcia Angell, MD for HHS Secretary. She is a physician, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, and now Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

    Dr. Angell is highly respected and has worked hard for ethics, scientific integrity, and health policy her entire career. In 1997, Time magazine named Marcia Angell one of the 25 most influential Americans.

    Marcia is a supporter of women’s issues. Her book, Science on Trial: The Clash of Medical Evidence and the Law in the Breast Implant Case (1996) received critical acclaim.

    Marcia is not afraid to speak out, and has criticized our current healthcare system and the pharmaceutical industry. She wrote the book: The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It.

    I can think of no better person to be HHS Secretary! She is eminently qualified, and would bring ethics and integrity to the office. If you agree, let Obama know at http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same.

  3. r2d2 says:

    Richardson, Caroline, Daschle, Kerry, Dean… What do these people have in common? Karma.

  4. creeper says:

    You mentioned Killefer. I found it interesting that SHE was out the door immediately over a $949 tax bill but Obama defended Geithner and Daschle for days on their hundred-thousand-dollar stiffings of the tax man. Maybe we need a new acronym…IOKIYAM.

  5. Betty says:

    obama is not nearly as disappointed in himself as I am in him. It’s nothing that I didn’t realize many months ago. Anyone who was able to get any kind of info on this person and his little woman would have known just what they are. If he is disappointed in himself, that makes my day brighter. May he continue on the path out of the White House.

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