I’ve been tagged. Oh, joy.

toe-tagSeriously, I don’t mind; I just can’t resist a good, sardonic title. Heh. Soooo, long about six weeks ago, the smart and groovy (in that order)Red Queen from Elizabitchez (best name ever) tagged me, and I forgot all about it at a very busy time in my life. I’m still pretty busy, but then Cyn at Double Jointed Fingers (also smart & groovy) tagged me again today. SO, here I am sharing personal information ’bout me that not many people know. There’s an award attached to this thing somewhere, but it got lost along the way. Here’s what Heidi Li had to say about it when she got tagged, which I think bears repeating:

Apparently, some in the Pumasphere are playing the following game: if tagged we are asked to write six things about ourselves AND tag six other bloggers to do the same, as part of way of supplying some diversion for those who will be sauntering the web with care over this weekend.  So, in name of community building and camaraderie:

Without further ado, useless trivia about yours truly.

  1. I have another blog. No, I won’t tell you what or where.
  2. I’ve been published and won awards for my fiction and poetry.
  3. I like to paint concrete statues for gardens. It’s a meditative thing, very relaxing. It’s also nice to see the finished product. I haven’t done it in a few years, but I’d still like to. I need a garden first!
  4. My dream is for my husband and I to work our way into a small plot of rural land where I can grow a lot of our food and write all-inclusive history textbooks for all levels.
  5. I really do plan to wear purple when I grow old. But I suspect I shall also wear my trousers rolled.
  6. I want a baby with my husband more than anything. Unfortunately, I had my tubes tied when I was 30.

Wow, I can’t believe I confessed that last one. ANYway, the six blogs I tag are:

  1. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower at A Room of Our Own.
  2. Roofingbird at Grab & Keel.
  3. Whaleshamen over at JellyPizza, the first blog that added me to their blogroll.
  4. Madamab at Ooooh Nuance!
  5. Stray Yellar Dog.
  6. Professor Darren Hutchinson at Dissenting Justice.

Some good work going on at those blogs, so check ’em out if you haven’t already. Enjoy!


6 comments on “I’ve been tagged. Oh, joy.

  1. Hey… no fair… I was already tagged by Heidi Li!

    But, you can read my responses too … and I won’t tell her you cheated.


  2. Anna Belle says:

    I missed that SYD. Sorry. You’ll just have to enjoy twice the traffic!

  3. Red Queen says:

    Ohhhh- you love my name. Would you love it even more if you knew that it came from a a slurry drunk comment my roommate once made (I get some of my best stuff from slurry drunk roommate, and she never remembers it)

  4. Kitty Glendower says:

    I think I will wear purple as well.

    Thanks for including me, for thinking of me.

  5. Anna Belle says:

    You’re welcome, Kitty. I love visiting your place. Both you and Margaret talk about some intersting thing over there.

    Too funny, RQ. I love drunken slurry speech that turns into a life-long identifier. Remind me to tell you sometime why some people automaticall say whenever they see me:”Because it feeeels sooooo goooood.” Long story, that. Heh.

  6. lisa says:

    T.S. Eliot is my favorite! You’re such a good writer, I’m not surprised at all that you are published.

    And indeed there will be time To wonder, ‘Do I dare?’ and, ‘Do I dare?’

    Do I dare disturb the universe?

    P.S. what’s the other blog????

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