Year in Review

Why not? Everybody’s doing it. I’m not going to wax philosophical about the last year, nor poetic about the future, but I will say that, even with its trials and tribulations, blogging has been a pretty rewarding experience for me. I’ve grown as a writer and a person, which is as much as anyone can ask for. I look forward to the next year blogging.

So without further ado, here’s the top five blog posts on my blog all year, according to blog traffic statistics:

The Revolution Will be Downloaded: That this post comes it at #1 is a bit of a fluke. While this post did get a lot of hits, largely because it directly preceded the #2 post, it got far more than any other because the link from The Confluence blogroll leads directly to this post. I notified them of the mistake, but my e-mail prolly got sent to junkmail or buried under a ton of more important e-mails.

The Declaration of Objections: This is my real #1 post, even though it comes in at #2. The Declaration of Objections is The Declaration of Independence and The Declaration of Sentiments re-written to articulate the views of those of us who will never forget the corruption and cheating involved Democratic Primary of 2008. This post is also responsible for the most traffic hits I’ve ever received in one day, over 1,800, on July 4th. Special thanks to Blue Lyon, New Hampster, and Dr. Violet Socks for re-posting this important piece of rhetoric at the time.

Get in Their Faces: This was my post on the Sarah-Palin-lynched-in-effigy debacle. This post went semi-viral because it was linked to from several blogs on all sides of the political debate. This post was also a turning point for me in terms of embracing my anger and frustration with misogyny and sexism.

Alternate Universe: Where We’d Be if Suffragettes Had Been Disaffected Hillary Clinton Supporters: This post could also have been titled “Where We’d Be If Suffragettes Had Been Liberal Feminists” or “Where We’d Be If Suffragettes Had Been Modern Feminists.” I loved writing this piece because I love writing about history, and because I think it’s particularly useful in “showing” versus “telling” how modern politically active women have missed the lessons of our own history (if we even knew that history).

Blast from the Past: The 19th Amendment: This may be one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. It was originally posted on Daily Kos in March (for Women’s History Month, natch), back when I was still visiting there. It enjoys the #5 slot because people continue to pull this one up on search engines while searching for info on the 19th Amendment. My aunt even sent me an excerpt in e-mail, not knowing I had written it, so it’s apparently going viral in e-mail somehow. Good. Everybody should know this amazing story.

Those are the top five according to traffic. Here are some of my personal favorites from 2008:

Eyes on the Prize: I wish this post had gotten more attention. I had just been blogging a month when I wrote it, so my audience was still quite small. I think it could have had a greater impact if it had gotten more attention. I still think that one of the biggest missed opportunities of this election was the awakening of the sleeping feminine giant via the vehicle of historical narrative. Apparently some people (I’ll not name names, but they know who they are if they ever read this blog, which I doubt) thought I was crazy and/or stupid to pursue this avenue. Whatever; there was precedent, which I detailed in this post. Still one of my favorites.

Motherfucked: This is the third in a series about the symbolism of Obama and his relationship with his parents, and I finally nailed it on the third try. The other posts are linked in this one, the original being Dreams from Our Mother, which a lot of people loved at the time because of the personal narrative of a generational struggle over the birth of a mixed child in my family. People identified.

Why I Agree With Sarah Palin on Abstinence Education: One of the most difficult posts I’ve ever written due to the confessional nature of it. Difficult or not, I very much enjoyed writing it, and sharing it was pretty cool too. The responses on this one where some of my favorites.

Why We Fight: Probably one of the most polished pieces I’ve penned for the blog, this post also marked a turning point for me as it was the first post I had cross-posted to The New Agenda. This was in response to the picture of Sarah Palin’s head Photoshopped onto the body a dominatrix dressed in gear as it appeared in an article on This reminded me of the Hillary Clinton/SPY Magazine cover from 1992, and the consequences of not combating that kind of vilification.

His Name is Henry Paulson: Notes on the economy for Fight Club fans. Written during the run up to the bogus bail out and also while the Ohio Valley was suffering serious power outages due strangely to Hurricane Ike.

The Specter of Roe vs. Wade Part I: Part of the reason I started this blog is because I had something to say about abortion in particular, and the comments I was leaving on other blogs  just were not doing justice to it. So I wrote it up in a three part series that was cross-posted to Alegre’s Corner and front paged there. A fourth part was added later. That series gets a special mention here, because I still think a lot of it still applies, and that we must do something to jar women out of accepting having their reproductive rights held hostage by both parties. All parts of the series can now be accessed from any of the separate posts.

The next two days will be dedicated to finishing up some writing I’m working on, so I hope to have something original for you soon. Posting will slow down again after the weekend, but hopefully won’t be as sporadic in January as it was in December.


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