Better Now

The back is all better now, thanks to my wise decision to baby it. Sadly, this meant I had to forgo the meeting in Columbus. I heard it was a smashing success. I intend to make the next one.

I will be back and blogging tomorrow. For tonight, I just want to note that teaching literature is the fast road to existentialist hell, especially for a feminist. Even Lessing and Chopin aren’t providing much balm.

Speaking of which…. Did you know that the climax of Raymond Carver’s Cathedral could be read with a homoerotic interpretation? I know, I’ve ruined it for you. It’s less holy now. Sorry ’bout that.


2 comments on “Better Now

  1. catsden says:

    A.B., glad to know you are feeling better. I did not know you are a teacher of lit. What grade level? I have had a few years teaching college lit. myself. Maybe we can chat about it sometime; although probably e-mail would be a better place for it. I think you already have mine, if you saved it.


  2. insightanalytical says:

    Glad you back is doing better. I had surgery 8 years ago and have to be careful about bending over a certain way. Did the job last week as I was clearing up some stuff in my raised bed garden (about 3 ft high) which is supposed to avoid that sort of thing!! LOL~

    A bit of lying on the stomach can help some situations…it does mine.

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