I have injured my back and may be unable to write much for a few days. I know, I know…it’s been a week since I posted anyway. Life is happening fast right now. Anyway, I need to make sure I’m in shape to drive to Ohio on Tuesday for the very first New Agenda meeting. If you don’t know about it and want to attend, please check out the New Agenda website, linked on the right. Sorry, I’m too sore to even go look it up for you. Anyway, I’ll be there. I’m looking forward to connecting with others. Hope to see you there.


PS: Ali, I was going to post that lesson plan for you, but WordPress is suddenly not letting me attach Word files. I’ll have to e-mail it to you. Will do this week.


9 comments on “Apologies

  1. I am very sorry to hear about the back injury. I hope everything will be okay soon. I know what it is like to be bedridden due to a thing like that.

  2. Anna Belle says:

    Thanks, Joseph. It’s just a pinched nerve, but it’s painful, and I can’t do much. I’m treating it properly (my husband is a nurse), so hopefully I’ll be back in shape soon.

    Hope things are well with you. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. cats says:

    I’m sorry to hear about you back, Anna Belle; I know from personal experience that a pinched nerve can be debilitating. I’m glad you have a nurse at home and that you are taking care of yourself. Much as I look forward to your posts, I hope you take as much time as you need. No apologies necessary


  4. cats says:

    oops! catsden.wordpress.com

  5. Cyn NY says:

    Sorry to hear that! Take it easy and let everyone wait on you. Try to relax and consider this time a much needed vacation.

    Positive thoughts coming your way.

  6. Ali says:

    Ana Belle,

    Feel better and have a great time in Ohio!

    No worries about the lesson plan! At your own time, whenever that is good for you. Thanks so much for offering to share.

  7. Ha — You are Anna Belle — my favorite name at RL — I think that is such a pretty name — everytime I say it in my head I hear a bell chime.

    I wrote this at RL and am copying it everywhere.

    I would have the photo shopped version of the cardboard cutout with Michelle Obama’s face made into a postcard with the words “does it offend you now, James?” sent to James Carvelle in care of Wolf Blitzer CNN-News. Thousands of them

    I gather Riverdaughter has been shamed by her hypercritical sisters into taking down the pictures with MO instead of Hillary. This is how we stand in a circle and shoot ourselves.


  8. roofingbird says:

    Take care of yourself AP. Is it raining?

  9. Anna Belle says:

    Thanks for the comments, folks. Y’all are too kind! I have a lot of catching up to do, but I will. This weekend!

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