Victims of Christ Cannot Be Christophobic, Rick

I’m a little hung over this morning after celebrating signing my contract yesterday. My bar, which normally has about 8 customers on a Monday night, was chock full, wall-to-wall people last night. I guess we’re not as hopeful as we broadcast we are, eh?

So when I woke up I took my aching head in hand and turned on the ‘puter to find this lovely story erupting all over the place. Excuse me while I take out my hangover-ill will on the good pastor, whose fat face I find so offensive I’ve actually started praying again, but just that he’ll have a heart attack right away. I mean look at the dude! Shallow? Maybe. Honest? YES.

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Better Patriarchy through Dumbass “Coalitions” (Updated)

I know, I know, I should just stop documenting the atrocities before I kill myself, right? No worries: I intend to be a thorn in the patriarchy’s side until I am taken from this world through whatever accident, natural or otherwise, comes along. Here’s hoping I inflict some damage.

Today’s atrocity is a doozy. Are you ready?

H/T Murphy at PUMApac, for this find in the Boston Globe. I bet I don’t even have to set this one up. I’ll just quote from the article for you:

When it comes to youth violence, there are few strategies that city leaders haven’t tried.

Now one organization is targeting a population that often is overlooked in the fight against youth crime: the girls who date, befriend, and go to school with the teenage boys driving the violence.

Members of the Boston TenPoint Coalition, along with Boston School Police, are visiting the city’s high schools with a message aimed at getting these girls to realize the power they wield over boyfriends, brothers, and friends who may be tempted to use a gun.

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New Year Prediction #2

Democrats will abandon habeas corpus.  They’ll have to, because Guantanamo Bay will remain open. I don’t know if they will use Orwellian language to do so, making it appear that they didn’t really abandon it, or if they will appeal to the rock and a hard place fallacy, but it will be one or the other.  Why am I making this prediction? Surely the Ultimate O would never go back on that promise, right? Riiiiiight. As Lambert said at the beginning of the month:

One way to look at the above interview — and to start thinking systematically about how to hold Obama accountable — would be to look for the commonalities and continuities between Bush and Obama, rather than the differences. That is, after all, what the Village is looking for, since it supported both candidates. You might then look at Bush and Obama as two iterations of the same package: Leader 0.9 and Leader 1.1***, say. And where Leader 0.9 was buggy and had, to be kind, usability issues, finally crashing disastrously, Leader 1.1 has a much spiffier interface and more robust engineering, while potentially including every working feature of Leader 0.9.

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Better Patriarchy Through Chemistry (Updated: PDN Responds)

I shit you not. H/T to TheOtherDelphyne in comments at The Reclusive Leftist. Here’s the story. Here’s how this gem of a story starts out:

Among the world’s intelligence agencies, there’s a long tradition of using sex as a motivator.

But it goes on to report this additional outrage:

Such was the case with the 60-year-old chieftain who received the four  [Viagra] pills  from a U.S. operative. According to the retired operative who was there, the man was a clan leader in southern Afghanistan who had been wary of Americans — neither supportive nor actively opposed. The man had extensive knowledge of the region and his village controlled key passages through the area. U.S. forces needed his cooperation and worked hard to win it, the retired operative said.

After a long conversation through an interpreter, the retired operator began to probe for ways to win the man’s loyalty. A discussion of the man’s family and many wives provided inspiration. Once it was established that the man was in good health, the pills were offered and accepted.

Four days later, when the Americans returned, the gift had worked its magic, the operative recalled.

“He came up to us beaming,” the official said. “He said, ‘You are a great man.’ ”

“And after that we could do whatever we wanted in his area.”

So we’re basically supplying Viagra to old tribal chiefs with multiple wives so they can keep on violating women who are never given a choice in sexual matters. On the government dime, with their approval. And you still wonder if there is a god. If there is, he’s a dude, and he hates women too, ftr.

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New Year Prediction #1

I’ve been meaning to write about this particular bit of painful hilarity for a while now, but I’ve been too busy to pay much attention to the blog. Sorry about that. I’ve got the next week off, though, so I figure we’ll be seeing more of each other, at least temporarily. And, seeing as how the season is upon us, I thought I’d start with New Year predictions about Pelosi and her utter fantasy world. To wit:

But the speaker is laying down the law nonetheless.

In talks with Emanuel and others, sources say, Pelosi has “set parameters” for what she wants from Barack Obama and his White House staff — no surprises, and no backdoor efforts to go around her and other Democratic leaders by cutting deals with moderate New Democrats or conservative Blue Dogs.

Specifically, Pelosi has told Emanuel that she wants to know when representatives of the incoming administration have any contact with her rank-and-file Democrats — and why, sources say.

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A Christmas Plea: Boycott Capitalism on Christmas Day

I am a mother, a feminist, a wife and a teacher, in that order. I feel pretty confident that I have my priorities straight. Regular readers know some of my history, and that I grew up working poor. I credit my mother with making enough of the right decisions, despite her own cultural and economic disadvantages, to change the direction of her family patterns. I am eternally grateful for that, for the way she modeled and the way that impacted me. I have my faults, to be sure, but I am a woman that does not take any shit from anybody, I love my life, and I don’t regret a thing because I understand context and progress. That is pretty remarkable for a woman, even in this day and age. Mom had a hearty hand in that development and continues to.

My family has been run by women for as far back as we can trace, which is, I guess, my great-great Grandmothers on both sides. These where stout, Midwestern women, workhorses who took the reigns when the men fell down (and they did, nearly to a man), and made sure their families where provided for and stuck together. I am humbled to be from such hardy stock. My foremothers where nurses & nursemaids, waitresses, & cashiers. They worked very hard for long hours, often for pay that amounted to an indignity. In addition to this, they had to suffer the further indignity of a controlling and hostile patriarchy that was even harsher than it is now. I identify with their experience, because I myself worked those kinds of jobs for years.

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