Back to Work: Updated

Update: Comments are back on.

peacocksO-bots, especially sick fucks from the Cowboy Junkies message board, have been swarming the blog. Believe me, I am sorry I ever went back there. I didn’t go to pick this fight, and didn’t intend to post and run, but the response to my post on Palin over there was met with such vitriol, even from people I thought were friends, that I never went back. And I never will. I’ve kept in touch with everyone worth knowing on that board anyway. Keep your dysfunctions, your total fucking dudefest, over there folks. I’ve moved on and so should you. But if you insist on hassling me, keep in mind that I know plenty of last names, and contact info is at the tips of my fingers, and I will not hesitate to publish the personal information of anyone who attempts to bully me on my own blog. I am within my rights to publish any publicly available address and telephone number. You have been warned. To quote the Pixies: Fuck off and die.

Apologies to regular readers for that, but it had to be done. We’ll revert to our regular posting policy as soon as things settle down.

That said, I think we can officially call off the Civil Rights celebration, considering those seeking civil rights weren’t at all willing to extend them to others. I call bullshit. And I told you so. I still mean what I said last night about children and the great swell of people who were indeed ignorant of much of this. I still envy your bliss. But our job is to tell the truth here at P&L, and the truth is that women and GLBT people of both genders suffered setbacks as a direct result of actions undertaken by the Obama campaign, which appealed to the lowest impulses in many across the nation, even as it hid behind a shield of appealing to the best in people.

We must now rebuild in the wake of that devastation. It is time to double down.

Dr. Violet Socks, as always, has all the right suggestions for today. Take a day, take a breather. It’s been a long hard slog, and we all worked hard. Heidi Li has the right idea too. It’s about direction now. Where do we go from here? Contemplate that as you take your day. What can you do to affect change for women in the world? With these setbacks, it’s all hands on deck. We need you now more than ever.

I myself intend to apply for a grant, an idea I’ve been toying with for a while. The idea I have is similar to Clay Jenkinson’s shtick whereby he impersonates Thomas Jefferson on the radio. I want to build a small group of women who will develop a character or characters from American Women’s history. We’ll offer our services to public and private school during the month of March. We’ll tell our stories and keep in character as we answer questions from the audience. I am going to realize a dream I’ve long held–to be, if only temporarily, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I’ll keep you posted on the developments.

What about you? What will you do for women’s and GLBT rights in the future?


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