Victorious Faces

I just have a minute to briefly let people know (h/t to roofingbird in comments, last post) that the Morisette display has been taken down. According to the article, the mayor ultimately talked Morisette into it, though the national outrage, and the neighbors silent protest yesterday also played a role. I’d like to think our actions here at P&L played some small part in that. The Secret Service did investigate the incident as well. I’d like to thank Andy once again for posting the numbers of the neighbors, who played a significant role in getting this display taken down. I’d also like to thank readers who took the time to follow through on their outrage. Success, at last. How does it feel?

Also, did you hear Palin pulled in 16,000 people in the tiny nearby town of Jeffersonville, IN yesterday? I couldn’t attend because I am drowning under a load of grading, which also serves as my excuse for my absence here the last day, and my continued absence until tomorrow. See y’all on the flip side!


4 comments on “Victorious Faces

  1. Janice says:

    Let’s hear it for community action! Great job all! I don’t think he bargained on having quite that much attention. I’m also really glad the mayor was persistent about talking with him.
    Thanks again, Annabelle for bringing this up.

  2. Chevalier says:


    Now, can we call out Hillary’s campaign and force her to speak up? Enough is enough with the Obama-fellating. Let’s get our Clintons back! Let’s get them to speak up against the outrageous tactics of the DemocRATs and stand up against the misogyny and the sexism in the campaign. I’m sick of the silence from the Democrats, including and especially the Clintons who SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

  3. CognitiveDissonance says:

    What is hilarious is that one of the neighbors fixed up a mannequin to look like Chad, put a noose around its neck, and hung it from his car in front of Chad’s house. Nothing like having your own ignorance thrust right in your face publicly for all to see!

  4. Pumpkinlove says:

    Two men were rightfully arrested today for hanging Obama in effigy.

    But hanging Palin is free speech apparently.

    Disgusting double standard.

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