Slacker Jack in Tennessee

Sarah Palin. E-Mail Hacking. Dumbass, 20-something, authoritarian Obamaphile. Dad is elected Democrat. So the narrative goes.

My word, we’ll be looking back calling this the Age of The Onion. Well, I’m a little too busy to be delving into all of this, but I thought I’d share this rather illuminating manifesto from the alleged perp, David Kernell (aka Rubico), son of Democratic State Rep Mike Kernell (from the 2nd link):

rubico 09/17/08(Wed)12:57:22 No.85782652

Hello, /b/ as many of you might already know, last night sarah palin’s yahoo was “hacked” and caps were posted on /b/, i am the lurker who did it, and i would like to tell the story.

In the past couple days news had come to light about palin using a yahoo mail account, it was in news stories and such, a thread was started full of newfags trying to do something that would not get this off the ground, for the next 2 hours the acct was locked from password recovery presumably from all this bullshit spamming.

after the password recovery was reenabled, it took seriously 45 mins on wikipedia and google to find the info, Birthday? 15 seconds on wikipedia, zip code? well she had always been from wasilla, and it only has 2 zip codes (thanks online postal service!)

the second was somewhat harder, the question was “where did you meet your spouse?” did some research, and apparently she had eloped with mister palin after college, if youll look on some of the screenshits that I took and other fellow anon have so graciously put on photobucket you will see the google search for “palin eloped” or some such in one of the tabs.

I found out later though more research that they met at high school, so I did variations of that, high, high school, eventually hit on “Wasilla high” I promptly changed the password to popcorn and took a cold shower…

>> rubico 09/17/08(Wed)12:58:04 No.85782727

this is all verifiable if some anal /b/tard wants to think Im a troll, and there isn’t any hard proof to the contrary, but anyone who had followed the thread from the beginning to the 404 will know I probably am not, the picture I posted this topic with is the same one as the original thread.

I read though the emails… ALL OF THEM… before I posted, and what I concluded was anticlimactic, there was nothing there, nothing incriminating, nothing that would derail her campaign as I had hoped, all I saw was personal stuff, some clerical stuff from when she was governor…. And pictures of her family

I then started a topic on /b/, peeps asked for pics or gtfo and I obliged, then it started to get big

Earlier it was just some prank to me, I really wanted to get something incriminating which I was sure there would be, just like all of you anon out there that you think there was some missed opportunity of glory, well there WAS NOTHING, I read everything, every little blackberry confirmation… all the pictures, and there was nothing, and it finally set in, THIS internet was serious business, yes I was behind a proxy, only one, if this shit ever got to the FBI I was fucked, I panicked, i still wanted the stuff out there but I didn’t know how to rapidshit all that stuff, so I posted the pass on /b/, and then promptly deleted everything, and unplugged my internet and just sat there in a comatose state

Then the white knight fucker came along, and did it in for everyone, I trusted /b/ with that email password, I had gotten done what I could do well, then passed the torch , all to be let down by the douchebaggery, good job /b/, this is why we cant have nice things.

Bolding mine, of course. I normally try to stifle my laughter when it comes to electile dysfunction, but I had to have a wicked laugh over such impotence. But it gets funnier, in an it-only-hurt-when-I-laugh kinda way.  He’s also alleged to have said: She deserved it, she’s a Republican!

I’ve been mulling over what I’ve been calling the New Sexism on the left and trying to articulate my observations in a meaningful way, but I haven’t quite been able to shake it out yet. This incident is the perfect metaphorical articulation for what’s brewing in my head. Who are these Democrats and out of which cave did they stumble?


2 comments on “Slacker Jack in Tennessee

  1. sister of ye says:

    This is the kind of hatred of “the other” that Republicans have encouraged for years, the disdain for liberals as unAmerican enemies unworthy of a shred of respect. You know, the kind of vitriol aimed at Hillary Clinton for 16 years.

    But you notice what happened when “the left” decided to play in kind. Tom Delay wasn’t hacked, or Denny Hastert, or Jack Abramoff. Or any of the current Republican Congressional members. Nope, Sarah Palin, a middle-aged if still cute mother and very popular governor, has been transformed into the Whore of Babylon, deserving of any attacks, open or underhanded, her opponents can conceive.

    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the pattern. Two women, not very similar politically, have separately gotten very near the symbol of American power, the presidency, and have to be taken out, by fair means or foul.

    As for where these guys come from, it seems a recurring bad strain in humankind. 25 years ago they were Young Republicans. Go back 70 years and they were Hitler Youth. Hitler’s version was mostly killed off in WWII. Our modern American version wouldn’t go near a battlefield. They seem to fester in their parents’ basements till they emerge, like Karl Rove and David Axelrod, to become political consultants.

  2. Palomino says:

    @ sister of ye: Oh, brilliant. You nailed it.

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