The 47 Year Old Virgin

Wholly crap, it’s rant-time and it’s only midday. I really can’t believe the shit I’m reading today.

The first outrage up came to me via the JSND-wire. Diane Mantouvalos sent this to my inbox last night. It’s all about how Clinton supporters are moving to McCain in greater numbers, and what the Obama campaign can go to stem the flow. Basically a bunch of bullshit culminating in more advice to focus on issues (the mantra of the week from the pundits, who advise this, by the way, ever four years). Go ahead and take that advice, Obama, because I want you to lose. The outrageous part of this article is this little nugget near the end:

Obama has got to this lofty position in American Politics without ever really having to have a partisan fight. And the worrying thing for Democrats is that it turns out, he’s not very good at it.

NOW they tell us he’s a 47 year old virgin. Good grief. (banging forehead on desk)

Next up, via Campskunk at Alegre’s Corner, The Politico reports on Donna Brazile’s latest lament, absent as it is of any self-awareness or authentic reflection.

Donna Brazile, Al Gore’s campaign manager in 2000, is used to this “bed-wetting” phase of the campaign. “Democrats are notorious for whining when things go bad,” she said. “A presidential campaign is not for the fainthearted.”

She is not without her own criticism of the Obama campaign, however. She believes that the race is “essentially tied” and that Obama’s media strategists “need to sharpen their ads so they are more memorable and have a shelf life of more than 24 hours.”

She also worries that the Obama campaign is “insular.” She said: “It doesn’t feel like a family with all voices at the table are as diverse as the party itself. It still feels like a primary campaign with some additions. It doesn’t feel like all hands on deck.”

She believes Obama “should get back to issues, instead of talking about change.”

“People still have lingering doubts about Obama as to whether he can be trusted as commander in chief,” Brazile said. “I thought his campaign would have more meat on the bones by now. They did great job at the convention, but it was short-lived.”

Bolding mine. Yeah, Donna, not all hands are on deck, because you and other Obama surrogates, and Barack Obama himself barked a lot of yellow dogs right out of the Democratic yard. I hope you’re happy with yourself, you rabid fool. I’d like to note for the record that Donna Brazile is a 49 year old virgin. She still hasn’t won a campaign for anybody. Oh, wait, Carter-Mondale won in 1976, ushering in the most impotent presidential administration in modern history (Sorry, Jimmy. I love you, but love doesn’t mean I’ll lie for you.). She was a staffer on that campaign, but not a manager. So she’s a re-grown virgin. I mean, it has been 32 years.

The final virgin in our countdown is from the same article. Bob Shrum, the traitor, has a lot to say about Hillary Clinton’s involvement in Obama’s fiasco. But first, I’ll let the wiki on Bob speak to his virginal status:

Although he has been part of many non-presidential Democratic campaign victories, he has never advised a winning presidential campaign.

Now, as to what he has to say about Hillary Clinton and Obama’s sudden collapse under the weight of Palin (which he refuses to acknowledge, btw):

Shrum said it is not unusual if some Obama supporters are getting nervous right about now. “It seems that every four years, Democrats get a case of the wobblies and it never, never helps,” Shrum said. Shrum said some of the wobblies are being generated by Hillary Clinton people.

“They didn’t win the nomination, but they think subconsciously or consciously they should be running the presidential campaign,” Shrum said. “This doesn’t help. It hurts. People outside the campaign don’t have the facts.”

If Obama loses in November, however, Shrum believes it is unlikely he will get a second chance.

“If we lose, people will say we never had better circumstances to win,” Shrum said. “It would be traumatic. A lot of people would say that we should have nominated Hillary. And she would be the overwhelming favorite to win the nomination in 2012.”

Why anyone still listens to this fucktard I do not know. But, since he was able to get his comments published in one of the most widely read Internet “news” sources, I feel it’s my obligation to highlight the utter ignorance, arrogance, and opportunism of his statements.

First of all, Hillary Clinton has been a convenient target all year, and Bob’s slipping in the word “people” after her name does not negate the rage that the sight of her name will invoke in the Markos Zombies (hilarious, btw). I won’t even provide any links, because if you don’t already know and haven’t found ample evidence to back up your suspicions, you’re either not paying attention, or you’re part of the misogynist problem, IMO. Hillary Clinton herself is spending way more time than she should supporting the most corrupt Democratic candidate since the original Mayor Daley.

Second of all, the ignorance of suggesting this is all so Hillary can win in 2012! Grrrr. This is not some strategy on the part of Hillary supporters to prep for 2012. This is manifest outrage at real injustice. The quicker you realize that and deal with it, BOB, the quicker you’ll actually win something before you die. You are 65, you know.

Third, arrogance. I’m really outraged by the entire article, actually. All this talk of bed-wetting from such pearl-clutchers leaves me feeling sick and angry. Maybe they feel the same way about us. Tough titty. We weren’t the ones who wanted to jack with rules and principles and constituencies. We just wanted fairness and reason to prevail. It didn’t. Because of Democrats this time.

And it’s way too late to fix the foul, boyz. No free throw for you. Free throw for them. That’s what Palin is, the free throw with 10 seconds on the clock in a tied game. It’s not impossible, but if she makes both of those shots, it’s unlikely your team can recover in the time allotted. And she’s already made one shot–she’s solidified the base. But she’s also raised the interest of  females outside the Republican Party. If she captures them (which seems to be bearing out in polls) that’s the second shot. How’s that for a sporting analogy, Mr Fowler?

Finally, getting back to Ms. Brazile, check out the racist shit she spouted, which Roger Simon saved for the end of the article:

“He has had some moments where he seems unsure of his own voice,” Brazile said, “but I still think he can pull this off.”

And if he doesn’t?

“If he doesn’t, then Obama didn’t lose,” she said. “The country just wasn’t ready.”

My word, Donna. Well in that case, do you think the country is ready for a female executive office holder? There’s gonna be some cherry-poppin’ one way or another. So the country’s obviously ready for something. Duh.


5 comments on “The 47 Year Old Virgin

  1. Mike J. says:

    Donna Brazile is just miffed the Obama campaign did not make give her a senior position. The voices that she complains are missing from the debate are her own.

  2. annabellep says:

    Too true, Mike, too true.

  3. Yanni.Znaio says:

    Could be she’s just pissed off because she found out that her paycheck is smaller than some of the guys’ checks are.

    Maybe not.

    I’ve always found her to be kind of venomous anyway.

  4. Anna Belle says:

    I’d agree with you, Yanni, but she works for herself, so I assume she pays herself more than anyone else who works for her. I could be wrong.

    Couldn’t agree more about the venom, though.

  5. proczuha says:

    i agreed with author. thanksq

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