Sometimes I Get Mean Late at Night

Well, well, well. I heard the most interesting thing on my way to class this evening. I heard Wolf Blitzer call Obama an idiot! Well, not really, but he might as well have. What he did was review how much money each of the candidates have taken from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac in the last ten years. You may recall Fannie and Freddie; they were only the biggest news story all weekend long. Anyway, for Barry, that’s just three years, the length of his federal service. So what did Blitzer reveal? Well, apparently in that three short years Barry has taken a total of over $123,000 from them. McCain, in 10 whole years? $19,000.


Obama, I gotta ask. Didn’t your mama ever tell you gotta walk the walk in addition to talking the talk? Stanley Ann was one hell of a woman, so it’s not to clear on how you turned out as sorry as you did. Maybe you take after your dad, the poor loser. Maybe you should have looked to STANLEY ANN’S dreams, bub.

Anyway, remember how I said last night that women were pushing the McCain Surge? Dr. Socks has the hard numbers, which read like invisible ink slowly appearing to spell out D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T-S-A-R-E-S-O-F-U-C-K-E-D.

The most surprising results — and surely the most disturbing for the freshman Illinois senator’s camp — are the immense gains McCain has made among white women following the Republican National Convention and the well-received prime-time speech by Palin.

In barely three weeks since before the Democratic convention last month, that crucial group of female voters has moved from 50-42 in Obama’s favor to 53-41 for McCain now.

That’s a huge 20-point shift in almost as many days, no doubt attributed in large part to the addition of a woman to the Republican ticket, Alaskan Gov. Palin, for the first time in the party’s 164-year history.

I hate to rejoice, except when I love it. They asked for this, and we told them for months it would happen. They had every opportunity to act like they gave a shit about voters that wanted to vote for them, but they kept shrieking about the New fucking Coalition, aka, the Progressive Dude Nation. How’s that workin’ out for ya, Barry? And can you us NOW?

I hope Donna Brazille is crying in her satin sheets right now. She’s prolly wrapped up in them texting Rove, who is now refusing to return her messages. She and ole Roland certainly aren’t doing this anymore:

I gotta say, this has been so satisfying. I know it’s not over, and I’ll fight for this until the bitter end, but it is so gratifying in the meantime to see some movement, to see anybody giving us our well deserved props, instead of all of the other shit we’ve had to deal with. Like this:

I recently returned to one of my old internet haunts, the Cowboy Junkies Message Board. I left because it was full of people who weren’t even listening to each other anymore being nasty to each other, and because it had gotten increasingly cliquish the last couple of years before I left. (Also because Cowboy Junkies music has been way under par for them in recent years.) I finally had enough and walked away, but I visited this week and saw a big 14-page thread on Palin. It was filled with typical lazy leftist rhetoric, and sprinkled with just enough back-slapping and sexism from predictable corners that I had to comment that I was a Palin-supporting-PUMA. You would not believe the response. Well, okay, YOU would. The rhetoric of ridicule & judgment was front and center, followed closely by the rhetoric of guilt, and finally by the rhetoric of shame. It reminded me a lot of this:

They’re right about at tantrum mode, though I saw almost every argument on the wheel there.

When O-bots see these new stats, they are going to go into stark reality mode. Get ready for the rhetoric that says it’s unacceptable to choose based on identity (I saw that on the CJMB today too). Be prepared to remind them of three things: a) No one told African-Americans this, and b) I OWN MY VOTE mothafucka, and c) there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it.


5 comments on “Sometimes I Get Mean Late at Night

  1. kenoshaMarge says:

    I agree with what you said with one exception.

    You said: “When O-bots see these new stats, they are going to go into stark reality mode.” I don’t think so. I don’t think they are capable of finding reality. They’ve not even come close thus far.

    An Obamabot I know says there is not and never has been any media bias for Obama. She claims media has attacked him relentlessly. How can you even attempt a dialogue with someone like that? (Other than this blind spot this is an otherwise normal, intelligent woman.)

    Maybe the kool aid burns out that portion of your brain that sees what is and replaces it with fantasy-land.

  2. annabellep says:

    Sadly, you’re probably right, kenosha. Something is up with that kool aide. I wasn’t even aware I’d been drinking a watered down version of it, served up by Democratic congressional leaders and organizers for years.

  3. carpetride says:

    those new poll numbers are startling—and certainly indicate the power of the female vote.
    this election season has revealed that our landscape is littered with landmines of stereotype, bias, overt thuggery, etc…and this in the ‘beacon of light for the world’ country….in this land where one person, one vote is just a slogan.

  4. kenoshaMarge says:

    The new poll numbers also show how incredibly dimwitted it would be to get in line or climb on the damn band wagon now. We’ve got their attention.

    And if we vote “against” the corruption of the Democratic Party, against the corruption of the DNC, against the corruption of the Corporate media, then our voices will have to be acknowledged. We will have also quite effectively debunked their claim that we have no place else to go.

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