LIVE from PUMA Headquarters in Denver: Hillary Speaks

We are blogging LIVE from Puma Headquarters in Denver! Hillary Clinton is scheduled to speak at the Convention any minute, and we’ll get underway.

Right now we’re watching FOX News. McCain has pulled ahead of Obama in the polls, and they are feeding a line of bullshit about how she is trying to get him to lose so she can run in 2012. Wolfson is putting addressing that.

Lori, one of the filmmakers of The Audacity of Democracy, gave voice to all our fears. She said, “I’m scared to death that she’s going to get there and throw in the towel.”

Mark Warner’s up with a rather uninspired speech. The keynote speaker, for what it’s worth. On the most important day for women, they put a pasty white guy up. What bullshit!

The audacity of John McCain! FOX aired his latest and third add aimed at Hillary supporters. I would personally love it if the Republicans out-performed them on stealing a party base. Just sayin’.

For the record, YouTube obsessive guru Beethoven Queen, creator of Kiss Him Goodbye, is sitting RIGHT behind me! Murphy’s here, as is Riverdaughter, and a ton of other PUMAs. It’s a great crowd.

FOX is reporting that Hillary is supposed to throw her support to Obama. I want to hear more about this budding fourth wave she alluded to at the Luncheon today.

I need to get more details on this. It’s was kinda loud here.

Here she comes!

FOX is covering PUMAs and other Hillary supporters. They are reporting that if the roll call is a sham, as is planned, we will not be happy.

FTR, there are at least 50 PUMAs here.

They are showing the video of Hillary now to introduce here. Playing Petty’s American Girl.

In orange, no less! Bill looks great watching her. Says she’s here tonight as a proud mother and Democrat, a proud Senator from NY, a proud of America, and sadly, a proud supporter of Barack Obama.

WOW! She is really pushing Obama! Sorry, Hill. I own my vote!

Pushing the Bush angle hard too. Says No McCain. But he pulled ahead today, even as she still beats him in polls!

She’s saying that’s what Democracy is all about, but I say it’s about free and fair elections and this election was anything BUT free and fair!

She’s remembering Gwatney and Tubbs Jones.

OH MY GOD! She used the Politics of FEAR! She did follow up with Universal Health Care. WOmen’s rights, civil rights, and GAY rights. Hell yeah!

This whole list of “we need a president (insert whatever here)” is not anything he is capable of. Period.

Oh yeah, President Clinton! But Obama is no BILL CLINTON!

Bill looks so proud.

Oh, no she di-in’t! Michelle can suck it!

FUCK. This is SO disheartneing! PUMAs are weeping all over the place!

She just lied about John McCain.

But at least she moved on to Seneca Falls.

Okay, that was nice. “MY mother was born before women could vote. My daughter got to vote FOR her mother.”

Nope. Not gonna do it. NOBAMA for me. No deal. Not even for you, lady.

btw, That reference to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit came from Riverdaughter.


8 comments on “LIVE from PUMA Headquarters in Denver: Hillary Speaks

  1. JoB says:

    Hi! I like to lick ass.

  2. luc says:

    watched the speech from my folks house where my grandmother is hospice.

    looking forward to chatting with you later. you are very observant and such a great person to be around!


  3. Will says:

    Hillary gave a great party convention speech. She salvaged what’s been a sleeper of a convention to date. However, a stirringly inspirational speech by Hillary Clinton…doesn’t improve Obama as a candidate.

  4. Tongue Untied says:

    Hi! I like to lick ass.

  5. Justwondering says:

    Would someone please tell me which other presumptive presidential nominees in the past offered the vice presidential position to the 2nd runner-up? Was it Clinton, Bush I or Bush II, Goldwater, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Roosevelt, Reagan, Dukakis, Kerry, Nixon, Hoover???? There must have been one but I can’t find the answer!

  6. NO PUMA says:

    Hi! I’m an O-bot and I’m a fan of homo-erotic asphyxiation!

  7. lee M. says:

    Biden was given the VP slot as payback for a favor done for Obama by Biden’s son in the AG office in Delaware . He issued the warrant of arrest for Larry Sinclair, even though Sinclair had never been to Delaware. Also, Biden and Obama have some of the same Iranian friends. Iranians donate heavily to Biden’s campaigns, and he in turn campaigns for them in the senate.

  8. a teacher says:

    I loved her speech. She talked about what the next president must do. She was teaching Obama about being president-what are the issues he must deal with; this is the bar he must climb over. And she made it abundantly clear that she would do those things if she were president. She was challenging him.

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