Late Night Rant: Stupid People

I was going to try to be nicer with the post title, but I figured, what the fuck. These people put themselves out there, they deserve whatever critique they get.

First up we have Justin, who likely hasn’t been laid in over a year. Maybe it’s his crappy aparment, or the fact that he doesn’t care one wit about his personal appearance. I don’t care why he’s not getting laid, but he’s not getting laid. If he was, he’d produce something much smarter than this:

He’s too stupid to even know she didn’t lose, and he thinks this is about her debt. Dumb. Ass. But he’s nothing, I say NOTHING, compared to this cross-eyed piece of work:

Not only is this insulting piece of useless navel-gazing a poor excuse for a Dr. Seuss-style poetry, this lady is too stupid to even know her history. Youhavetovote (her user name on YouTube) actually asks, “What would Susan B. Anthony do?” Well, I can answer that, you perfect waste of a carbon-based life-form. She would react the same way she reacted to the piece of shit that was the 15th amendment, which granted black males the vote, but denied any woman that same right. Relevent info:

In 1869, long-time friends Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony found themselves, for the first time, on opposing sides of a debate. The Equal Rights Association, which had originally fought for both blacks’ and women’s right to suffrage, voted to support the 15th Amendment to the Constitution granting suffrage to black men, but not women. Anthony questioned why women should support this amendment when black men were not continuing to show support for women’s voting rights. Partially as a result of the decision by the Equal Rights Association, Anthony soon thereafter devoted herself almost exclusively to the agitation for women’s rights.

This amendment is what led to the first schism in the First Wave (more than likely by design), and both Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton opposed the amendment on the grounds that it failed to fairly enfranchise all people, and that the two fights belonged together, as sure as peas and carrots belonged together. I used to not be able to understand their mindset, before I realized what a trip the education system had placed on my head, and before this election happened, and we found ourselves in the same place all over again, only worse. The only fair outcome, the only one that truly reflects Democratic values, is a Clinton/Obama ticket or vice versa. It’s also the only one that would have demonstrated an authentic desire for unity. (It’s always do as I say and not as I do for Obama.) Once again the nation’s leaders decided men are more important. Anthony and Stanton were right to stand up for the core principle–elective franchise for all–just as sure as PUMAs are right on to stand up for our principles: free and fair elections for all.


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