As I’m sure you know, one of our goals has been met: Hillary Clinton’s name will go into nomination at Denver this month. I will be there reporting the festivities from the field outside the convention center. I can’t believe I get to be there to “witness” this incredible event: the first female in U. S. history to have her name put into nomination.

Now, it’s obvious from the nature of the announcement that they’ve got something up their sleeves with this joint announcement. My husband believes, and I tend to agree, that this signals a potential VP offering. What I want to know from you is: could you support an Obama/Clinton ticket? Why or why not?

Personally, I’m conflicted. If this also signals a backing down by the party apparatus, which has been the machine that has helped put us in this position, I might get on board. If they just want to add us Hillary supporters to the roll of factions they’re seeking to “capture,” I might still say no deal. I supported a split ticket early and often, before I learned so much about Obama. I wouldn’t be thrilled with that outcome if Obama was on top, but I might, I say I just might find my way to vote Democratic again this year, but it will take me seriously setting it all out and making a rational decision based on all the facts, both as they’ve played out to date, and how they will play out until November. It’s too early to tell, but I am totally curious about how she might respond to such an offer. It’s her choice. He’s stupid if he doesn’t offer it to her, but ultimately, it’s her choice if he does.

Anyway, those are my initial thoughts, offered on the fly.

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much, but this college class is kicking my proverbial butt!

As always, I’m still raising funds for Denver. If you can afford it, please consider donating something if you appreciate what you’ve read here recently. You can use the PayPal and Amazon Honor System links on the right-hand side of the page. Or, for more bang for your buck, consider purchasing some Peacocks and Lilies gear from my CafePress Store. I got my black P&L shirt today, and I’ll be wearing it to Denver. It looks totally cool.


10 comments on “w00t!

  1. Max Greiner says:

    Sorry, NO – NOBAMA, with our without our Hillary. I will not allow him to ride her tailcoats, to abuse her als vote getter. If Barry cannot do it on his own, if he needs her so badly, then why does he not step aside and let Hillary take over the entire thing.

    Hey, Donna, what was that with these bitter working stiffs that are no longer needed? Good, because the Democratic Party will not get my vote as long as Barack, as long as you and your Liberation Theology buddies have the party in an iron grip.

    Never Ever

    Country before Party (something Hillary needs to remember also)

  2. Senex,Ireland says:

    There has been much speculation about the V.P. post for Senator Clinton. If I was asked as a non-voter and merely an observer,
    I would say she should refuse it….it would be Political suicide for
    her to accept it…..She wold never become President of the
    United States for several reasons.
    If she becomes Vice President, she is boxed and wrapped for the
    next eight years probably. In 2016 she will be getting close to
    70 years of age and now that she has opened a pathway for
    women to compete for the highest position in the land, in 2016 there could be several intelligent and suitable female candidates
    and age would become a drawback to Senator Clinton.
    If this election in Denver is pre-arranged it will only be a
    charade and a waste of time…if the Super Delegates are not
    controlled like the Stepford wives, and can see that Senator lacks
    what is needed to be President and can vote freely then Senator
    Clinton may save the day and the country.
    With a party of such dishonesty and treachery prevailing at the moment , I feel that it will not be a genuine contest but a mere charade to try and win over supporters of Hillary
    If it turn out to be an agreed exercise, it will become a blitzkrieg
    in November because of anger and underhand methodology
    still continuing in the party leadership.

  3. commonsensegram says:

    NOBAMA! No way, no how! Why should Hillary accept second place to an unqualified candidate??? Obama is toxic and being tied to him in any way is political suicide. And as the commenter Senex pointed out above, it will tie her up for a very long time and if she ran again, she would face not only sexism but ageism as well.

    Nope, Hillary needs to Just Say No Deal. It is time for a powerful woman to stand up and say she will NOT condone the staus quo (a woman doing all the work while a man gets all the glory and all the perks.)

  4. annabellep says:

    Tell us how you REALLY feel, commonsensegram. 😉 Seriously, I should clarify: I wasn’t asking if you wanted her to accept it. I don’t want her to accept it either. I think it would be a bad move for her career-wise, and fear the entanglement of the obviously sweet-talking Obama campaign with honest Dems. I don’t want anything that these people espouse to become a permanent part of the Democratic Party, and I understand that is part of this fight. BUT, what IF she said yes? All I’m saying is I feel a powerful, albeit strictly emotional, tug regarding the matter. I don’t know what that will do the mix that is my head this year, stricken as it is with this new openness.

    Anyway, what if she said yes? What would you do? How might that effect this budding movement?

  5. rockrooky says:

    I will give all my support to the Dems if Hillary is on the ticket in any capacity.

    It will not be a perfect world, not even near perfect, unless she is at the top of the ticket, but life never is and politics much more than the rest of life, never is.

    Politics is a dirty business made of up of compromises layered on compromises, until many forget what they were aiming for to begin with. That is where we come in. At home, in our roosts, we can avoid most of these compromises and remind our guy or gal what the prize was – so their heads foggy with back room smoke – don’t lose track of everything we value and that they may have once valued and hopefully at least can remember when….

    I forgive politicians their errors, as who amongst can walk among the varied enemies, shaking hands and dealing, dealing, dealing – risking the well being their souls and their own inner serenity.

    They go into this dirty battle field. Some for us in the beginning, some for the many other reasons humans are drawn to positions of power.

    None of us can peer into their true souls. They will never fail to shock and disappoint us – but we need them to shake those hands and make those deals with the many enemies.

    How else do we govern our giant nation with it endless individual goals and needs? How else do have a rule of law and not law in the streets?

    We have to make peace with our dirty warriors and cut them some slack for making the dirty deals, while we can sit in our roosts with clean hands.

  6. sharmajee says:

    NObama, no way, under no circumstance.
    That is my posture.
    But if, and this is a biggie, IF Hillary really wants to be VP, knowing her to be a trueheart – she will only accept if she feels it is a good thing – then I will hold my nose, not think of him and quite likely vote for the ticket. And then only if she gives sound arguments in favour of that decision – she is yet capable of winning me to that line of thought.
    Could Hilalry influence the administration more from within than from without, probably. Will I be puking for four years everytime a certain person is mentioned, most certainly. But, far better to have a foot in the door. Also, the enemies will be spent by 2012, going after 2 in office. So, Hillary might well convince the one in the next four years that he should quit while ahead, and let her take a turn at the wheel. Can happen!

  7. ea says:

    Ever hear of a woman named, Shirley Chisholm?

    When you keep repeating that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the only woman to run for President or the only woman to have her name in nomination, you only show that you don’t know the history of your own party.

  8. annabellep says:

    I know who Shirley Chisholm is, and she did get represented in a roll call vote. But her name was never put in nomination. I NEVER said that Hillary was the first female to run for president. If you’d even bothered to peruse my blog, you’d find a story on Victoria Woodhull, the REAL first woman to run for President of these United States. So maybe it’s YOUR ignorance that needs a little attention? Ya think? I do.

    Now git. And don’t come back, or I’ll delete you. I could do worse: I could put words in your mouth. Don’t tempt me.

  9. scoff says:

    Reuters is looking for citizen journalists to cover the conventions.


    Thought you might be interested.

    Good luck and give ’em hell for Hillary.

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