An Army of Monsters

Warning: rant territory STRAIGHT AHEAD! If you don’t like cursing, or “cussing” as we call it ’round here, leave now, because I am about to let it fly. I am into telling the truth today, and I will spare no one.

On the way to class I listened to Sirius’ CNN channel, and you would not believe what I heard on Wolf Blitzer and then on Jack FUCKING Cafferty. Grrrr. First off, Blitzer, in his typically moronic way, was trying to do what most of the mainstream media have been doing for the last few days: put pressure on Hillary Clinton to disallow her name on the ballot at the convention. You can bet every cent you’ve got that Obama’s crew is putting them up to this.

That fucker (Obama) continues to be scared of a fair fight. Coward. Yeah, I said it. You knew it, but have been afraid to say it, but do it. It feels good to put a legitimate name to it. Obama is a fucking coward. If he weren’t, he would just let the primary season play out like it should. It appears as if the media idiots are finally catching on to what we’ve known for over 2 months now: It’s not over and it won’t be until the convention. Scared, they’re trying to engineer their own ending again. Don’t let them do it.

Next up was Jack Cafferty, who spent some time reading viewer e-mail. In this little segment, I got to listen to people do what they did all spring with Hillary Clinton: parrot vicious media talking points, aka lies. One idiot even said that Hillary Clinton, via her campaign tactics, had created “an army of monsters.” That’s what this male (you knew it was) wanted to express about us. That we are an army of monsters. Yeah, well, you fucking have no clue, you dickless wonder, but you will, come Denver.

Now, I said at the top of this post that I would spare no one. It’s August in the Ohio Valley, it’s hotter ‘n’ Hades, the very air is closer to liquid than a gas, and my tolerance level is at zero. You have been warned, because I am about to tear into a group that will, I say WILL, surprise you. 18 Million Voices. Did you get their e-mail? Let me review it for you:

Dear Fellow Clinton Supporters:

As many of you may have heard, (and we apologize for not sending this email out to you all earlier today, to stem any confusion that might arise) we requested today that JSND remove our link from the coaliton site. We just wanted to let you know, as we did Diane, that the decision to remove our link was a difficult one and was made SOLELY because we do not want the press to mischaracterize the 18 Million Voices actions and thereby derail our efforts to gather Senator Clinton’s supporters in Denver.

It became clear to us earlier today, after a few interviews and interview requests, that the press wanted to highlight our coalition membership and specifically the “NObama” aspect of the coalition. We believe the press seeks to employ this tactic in an effort to continue their wholly innacurate portrayal of all of us who continue to support Senator Clinton as “angry and disgruntled”. We also feared that the mischaracterization of our efforts’ platform as anything other than positive and 100% pro-Hillary would be employed to frighten people away from attending the events in Denver and nationwide by suggesting that the events would likely degrade into violence instigated by counter-protesters. Rather than report accurately to the public that the 18 Million Voices actions were being organized to celebrate and honor Senator Clinton and bring all of her supporters together in a positive, peaceful manner, the press wanted to instead weave the narrative around a “conflict” taking place in Denver between Clinton and Obama supporters. Given these developments, we made the difficult decision to request that our link be removed from the coalition site in order to insure the success of our actions and the safety of our participants.

We do hope the coalition members understand why we made this decision. It has been our sincere pleasure to communicate with all members of the coalition these past months, and we do hope the lines of communication will remain open between us and all of the groups we have relationships with, and, we wish everyone tremendous success in their ongoing efforts to support Senator Clinton. We hope to see you all in Denver and are with you “in spirit” in your ongoing efforts to support Hillary.

Lead Organizer/Founder
18 Million Voices Rise Hillary Rise

Now, as you may know, 18 Million Voices and I have had a relationship in the past. They spearheaded the effort to get a modified version of the Declaration out of the pumasphere once it went viral, and coordinated with Seneca160 to hold events on the 160th Anniversary of Seneca Falls. I will be eternally grateful to them for that. But what the hell were they thinking with this e-mail? Let me tell you what they were doing anyway, since I can’t get in their heads: they were giving in to the media. And they were doing something else, something that I actually wanted to talk about sometime in a post here, and which I will explore more later: they were caring what other people think. And that, my friends, is why the feminist movement was so weak in the face of the backlash, and it’s why women have been behind the abolition and Civil Rights movement in gaining rights for themselves. And it’s utter folly today, sure as it has always been for us. They care what other people think. By doing this, 18 Million voices is choosing the media’s version despite the fact that they know that it’s a lie. And they are helping perpetuate the narrative the media is selling, instead of setting the record straight. Because they care what the media thinks.

So give me a break. 100% pro-Hillary, no conflict? Are you even fucking fighting then? No, you’re an ornament. Here’s a little truth telling for you, 18 Million Voices: We must all hang together or we will surely all hang together. GET IT? Yeah, you abandoned your cause and your sisters and brother in this fight, for what? You’re fucking reputation? And what value is that for you? Are you telling me you have a reputation worth protecting? Because that would be a lie. Whether you call yourself a PUMA, a “100% pro-Hillary org,” or an average Hillary voter, we are the most reviled people in America right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re pro-Hillary or anti-Obama, the fact that you refuse the kool aide means you must be rhetorically shot, Jonestown-style. It means you are part of an army of monsters. Get that in your head, learn to love it, and quit acting like this is middle school and who you hang out with matters. Stop trying to impress the boys because the boys are just not that into you. Just Say No Deal is a fantastic group and by abandoning them because of a couple of phone calls from the press, 18 Million Voices have shown their own ethical and moral depth, and it’s apparently pretty shallow. If there’s more to the story than what’s in the e-mail, I invite them to rebut anytime they want.

/Rant over.


16 comments on “An Army of Monsters

  1. Tom Terrific says:

    I haven’t gone to their site and read their stuff; but I’m guessing they want to be 100% pro-Hillary and at the moment they aren’t sure which way Hillary’s going to go vis a vis the Obama parade. They may think they might have to get behind Obama for Hillary’s sake — that, by aligning themselves with NObama people, they could end up hurting Hillary.

    If this is where they’re coming from, then, in my opinion, they’re misguided. The rationale behind PUMA isn’t devotion to Hillary but the DNC’s betrayal of fundamental principles of democracy and freedom. Obama’s unacceptability isn’t simply his incompetence and deficiencies of character, but the fact the his ascendency is by means of a corrupt process — in which, incidentally, he is complicit.

    Belief in Hillary, for many of us, is the fuel that drives the PUMA/JSND/NObama engine; but the engine itself is built of principle: the principles of representation, due process and freedom. These are what the DNC and Sen. Obama have betrayed, and why all of them are unfit to hold any position of public trust, ever again.

  2. roofingbird says:

    Some people just don’t want to get dirty while they are doin it.
    They forget they can shower later.

    Seriously, I’m sorry to hear it. No time for grief now however, don’t give them another thought, except for this- do you know if they are going to the PUMA planning session? Hmmm!

  3. annabellep says:

    Exactly right, Tom. Beautifully said, too.

    Agreed, RB. No time for grief. I got it off my chest, and now I can move on. It had to be said, though.

  4. I completely agree with you it is very disappointing. Has it even crossed their minds that a very large proportion of PUMA and Just Say No Dealers ARE those 18 million voices.
    I am almost speechless with the stupidity of this move by them.

  5. Masha says:

    I think that the MSM is confronting Obama fatigue. People are really sick of them fawning all over Obama, and are turning off their TVs. I, for one, hardly watch CNN or MSNBC any more. Their credibility is gone, and quite possibly, so are their ratings. Next week Obama will be gone to Hawaii for R & R (and probably to get a new version of his birth certificate that Techdude cannot challenge). I think that the MSM needs a new story and is getting ready for an all out offensive against Hillary to achieve two objectives: 1) to destroy her chances of derailing Obama, and 2) to create a controversy that will bring them the high ratings of the primary. We need not be afraid of the MSM, let them call us monsters. To me that’s a badge of honor. It means they, the mighty interests that support Obama, are afraid. As PUMAs we are free and wild, they can’t scare us and they can’t catch us. We owe Obama nothing and we own our vote. Maybe, just maybe, 18 million voices has slyly hidden from the limelight so that they could get their work done without having to be placed on the defensive against a frontal attack from the powerful interests that the media answer to. Just keep turning off your TV sets, don’t buy any publications that feature Obama, and don’t buy any product that sponsors Jack Cafferty’s hateful views.

  6. Valhalla says:

    Well, that’s a load of crap from them.

    Why don’t they just send out a broad scatter email to the MSM that says ‘Dear Stinking Liars, we love Obama and would never do anything that would upset him like standing up for Hillary, please don’t hate us! Hugs and kisses, and send some to Barack too please.” It would have the same effect.

    Letting the media control the narrative is what got us into this whole mess, it’s a big reason why 18 Million even has to exist. So take it back. Take the narrative back.

    Every interview, every sentence, reiterate that we are all 100% pro-Hillary (I don’t get that bit at all, are there any PUMAs who aren’t?). If the media gets wind of this remove-link thing, you don’t think there’s going to be a huge overblown article about how pro-Hillary forces can’t even keep themselves together for 8 weeks? For cryin’ out loud.

    What they fail to understand is that they will be tarred by the conflict! conflict! conflict! brush no matter what they do, so the choices are either fold up shop or fight. Might as well be hung for a wolf as for a lamb.

    Does Hillary fold every time she gets slanted questions from the media? I don’t think so, or she would have given up the first month.

  7. gormenghast says:

    I had just read Rosemary Regello’s article at No Quarter which was described by Ani as “excellent” so I was already annoyed, because what Regello seemed to be saying is that Non Obama
    Democrats cannot organize their way out of a paper bag, especially if it meant getting their hands dirty. Then I came here and guess what? I hate swearing, but I’m too fucking mad not to – so…..what Tom said!

  8. annabellep says:

    LOL@gormeghast. I hear you. I try to avoid cussing as much as possible on this blog because I realize a lot of my readers are parents and don’t do it themselves because of that. But every once in a while I have to let it fly, as I did here. And let me tell you, I rethought and rethought and rethought this post, almost taking it down several times. But in the end, I always came to this: If I take it down, if I censor myself, I’m just as guilty of caring what people think as the people I’m accusing here. Socrates wouldn’t have censored himself. He didn’t, not even in the face of the death penalty. I’m taking the lesson here and being myself, and telling my truth. I will have to check out that NQ post.

    That said, exactly, Val. The e-mail is ridiculous. I don’t buy your theory, Masha, because if they were:

    Maybe, just maybe, 18 million voices has slyly hidden from the limelight so that they could get their work done without having to be placed on the defensive against a frontal attack from the powerful interests that the media answer to.

    They wouldn’t have even released that e-mail. They would have just gone about the work. They aren’t the most together group in the PUMAsphere anyway. I signed up to head a group in Louisville three weeks ago and I still haven’t received my start-up instructions. I gave up and decided not to reapply, because I’m super busy now, and because I have issues with that kind of incompetence. Besides, what work are they actually doing? They just organize people to do their own thing, and dealing with the media wouldn’t have put that at risk at all.

    Here’s the deal: Just Say No Deal is, quite obviously, so named because there are a variety of things we Hillary supporters say “No Deal” to. Some of us, it’s true, say “no deal” to Obama, but plenty of us say “no deal” to Republican-style corruption in the Democratic Party, we say “no deal” to the sham that is a caucus, to stealing delegates, and the list goes on. By going along with the media on this, 18 Million Voices CONFIRMS to the media that Just Say No Deal is solely about saying “No Deal” to Obama, when that isn’t the case at all. They got it wrong here and they got it wrong out of cowardice. And they set us back. That’s unforgivable. I’ll be skipping their activities when I go to Denver.

    Good point about the cross-over, PA.

  9. Senex,Ireland says:

    Pumas………… America before Party

    Make your vote count in November

    Save America from disaster…..

    Senex, Ireland

  10. CognitiveDissonance says:

    I read that article that gormenghast was referring to. Here it is, for those of you who haven’t seen it:

    Editor’s Take: Desperately seeking Senator Clinton…

    While I didn’t appreciate some of the disparagement – particularly that about the Denver Group – she did make several points that I think are apt. One big one is the need to be getting the information out into the mainstream about the fraudulence of this election, i.e., caucus cheating, invalidity of the way delegates were apportioned, etc.

    The second is that perhaps we should be expending more energy working on Sen. Clinton to convince her that she needs to reactivate her campaign as a huge swath of America is not going to be convinced to vote for Obama. Particularly when they know he is a corrupt, unqualified fraud.

    I think both points are good ones, and that perhaps as PUMA’s we are trying to throw our whole wad on simply getting her a roll call vote. Doing that still does nothing about getting enough SD’s to change course and elect her. Making the whole country see how fraudulent the DNC has been this year might turn some of them, especially if they don’t want to be tarred with that brush along with Pelosi/Dean/Brazile.

  11. Valhalla says:

    Cognitive — I disagree somewhat. First, that article was horrible, the author is clearly auditioning to be the next MoDo or Randi Rhodes, only sadly she’s not as good a writer as MD and that’s saying something.

    Second, most of the disparagement is based on twisting the purposes of each group. TDG — as anyone who has bothered to read any of Heidi Li’s posts knows — isn’t trying to derail the process but to make the DNC follow their own processes and adhere to democratic principles generally. And although Heidi doesn’t ever say this, this push allows us all to keep the DNC’s egregious actions in violating those principles by putting their thumbs on the scale for Obama all along. The more the DNC resists allowing a legitimate, fair process at the Convention, the more obvious it becomes that Obama is not the legitimate nominee of the party.

    Third, her writing betrays a sadly naive understanding of the groups and politics in general.

    Setting the streets on fire won’t persuade anyone, and would only hurt Clinton in the future, esp. for a run in 2012.

    But appealing to have her name in nomination is an appeal to the basic fairness which almost all Americans believe in, at least as an abstract, is brilliant.

    The more the DNC and esp. Dean, who has come out of this campaign season unrespected even by Obama’s campaign (I mean c’mon, they stuck him on a bus to bump around the country stopping at grocery store opening, practically), resist, the worse they look, and the weaker Obama looks.

    I want Hillary in 08. But if I can’t have that, then I want Hillary in 2012. She’ll only get a chance at that if Obama tanks in Nov.

    Very few other issues at this point would get us as much traction.

    On the other hand, I DO agree that we have to keep hammering home the reasons why PUMA and JSND formed in the first place. Not primarily (imo) because of Obama, but because of the coup of the Party leadership to abandon the base and move forward with their robotic, high $ yield ‘new coalition’, and their choice to make their play when the clearly superior candidate who actually fulfills Dem Party principles would have rocked the election. Obama’s bad, sure, but I’ve voted for worse. It’s the fact that he’s the instrument of the coup, and that his many faults exacerbates all that is wrong with the new party, that’s the problem.

    So yes, the media want to make this about personalities, about hurting Clinton, and about depicting us all as bitter b*tches that need not be listened to. We have to keep putting the issues forth, over and over.

    Third —

  12. Mark says:

    Tou-fxxxing-ché! Well-said! 18 Million Voices Rise Hillary Rise has fallen into the media trap. We must all stick together.

  13. Ciardha says:

    I think that email points to the same issue that has plagued all three waves of feminism. You have women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1st wave), Andrea Dworkin (2nd wave), or us (3rd wave) who know real change is never easy to accomplish and you have to deal with being called nasty names- and pushing back when you are. Then you have the women, usually of the upper middle class, who have lived in their class cocoon all their lives, they have only experienced a hint of what we’ve seen in our faces 24/7 since we were young. They will cave under pressure because they don’t want to become outsiders, being confronted with the real misogyny they’ve been shielded from is too hard to take, they would rather retreat back where they can pretend those sort of things don’t exist.

    The heat and humidity is making my tolerence level for bull go down to about zero too.

    (I’ve been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks because I was doing a program for the library’s teen/young adult anime convention. the program was today and I think went well, but I’m completely worn out and have a splitting headache- pollen allergies and too many hours around hyperactive loud teen and twenty-somethings. Think I’ll take an antihystimine and sleep in late Sunday.)

    Hope everything is set for your Denver trip- I’ll buy a few things from your Cafe Press store Sunday. 🙂

  14. annabellep says:

    Note to self: cuss more; it elicits comments. Heh.

    Seriously, my pleasure Mark. Thanks for the comments Ciarha. I was wondering where you were. Glad to hear you’re okay. I wish I had known about your anime festival. My daughter is a HUGE fan of anime. Let us know next time something like that comes around.

    I suspect you’re right about the various waves. One thing that occurs to me is that these women–and you are right on about their class and status–haven’t been able to do the one thing I think blacks have successfully done, which is to create an identity as “other” that is positive. Women can’t do this as easily because we, for lack of a better phrase, routinely “sleep with the enemy.” It’s awfully hard to build a narrative about white male power and abuses of such if we continue to marry them and reproduce with them. How can anyone take such intellectual inconsistency seriously? But on the other hand, what can we do? We need to have relationships (sexual, intimate, or otherwise) and reproduce as much as men do. I have no idea how to resolve this problem. It’s a paradox.

  15. Ciardha says:

    I definitely will let you know for next year. 🙂

    The only solution I know of on the familial level is to be like Elizabeth Cady Stanton- not cave in. Something that isn’t easy, even she had moments, but she always bounced back and kept on going. Even if you aren’t married (I’m not) there are still other family members you have to deal with that aren’t enlightened, or semi enlightened.

  16. sharmajee says:

    Annabelle: I just read this whole piece again, and something clicked in the back of my head which usually wanders more aimlessly than wise. In their email, the 18 million folks specifically worry about the Nobama tag.

    Coincidentally, I did a diary at Alegre’s Corner dwelling exactly on the historical significance of the Nobama tag, it’s birth and spread in our political rhetoric. There was also a full post on my own blog later.

    Now were I a more vain person, I could take full credit for shining a light on something that’s almost taken for granted — for example that nobama elicits almost a million hits on google!

    But being the more humble kind, I will just request some readership and critical feedback. Much obliged.

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