Out of Touch: Updated

I’m out of time…

Oh yes, I did go there: Hall & Oates. You can hate me for it later. And I’m breaking a blogging rule to boot: blogging while drunk. Not really drunk, just more kinda tipsy. Dogfish Head is gooooood beer. Heh.

Okay, what I really want to write about tonight, in the swirling mass that is the accumulation of Obama flips and flops, is that I was right about at least one part of Extreme Offense. H/T Blue Lyon: Meet Leah Daughtry. She is the very scary closest assistant to Howard Dean, who is also a religious nut. And when I say religious nut, I mean in the sense that only a Church Mother can be. For those not in the know, a “Church Mother” is an older woman in an African American congregation. She is the insanest of the insane, because she buys more intellectual and emotional garbage than anybody else. White churches have their equivalent, but they don’t offer titles like Church Mother.

Anyway, Leah’s been warped by generations of her evangelicals forefathers. She’s pushy, she’s bossy, she’s crazy, and she has influence. That makes her dangerous, as far as I’m concerned. Maybe it’s the beer talking, but I will not allow her to drag her garbage into the party without a fight. The last thing we need is Democrats abusing poor religious suckers like Republicans do.

And that’s what this all about. If there was a god, s/he would totally frown on such naked opportunism. Leah knows this, yet she cannot resist, like her forefathers, the personal enrichment that such opportunism brings. She’s gotta have her….how did the article phrase it? Oh yeah, “sleek Denver office.” But go, read the article. Quit listening to my bitching and go see for yourself.

I think the most hilarious part of the article is the juxtoposition between how the article opens:


And her supposed values:

Leah, who was raised according to a strict religious code that forbid females to wear pants, lipstick or makeup,

Yeah, you read that right. It’s ungodly to wear makeup, but heaven loves ’em some stilettos! Good effing grief. Can she just die already? I mean, I hate to be rude about people, but for chrissake, look at her:

She’s a Russert waiting to happen, no? Right down to the staged piety.

But go, read it. And then understand exactly how these people are headed into Neoliberal land. They are so uncreative they can’t even come up with their own style of corruption–they have to mimic Republicans. And we, the little people, with little money and fewer resources, have to stop them. We have to tell them that, although most of don’t care about religious issues, and a significant number of us don’t even believe in god, we still thinks it’s wrong to use people like this. This kind of opportunism is exactly what’s wrong with the new Democratic party, and sadly, is the former difference between the two major parties.

Never mind what evangelicals’ warped values (anti-female, pro-life, anti-gay) will do to the Democratic Party. No Leah doesn’t care, because you know what? There are several dirty little secrets associated with black evangelical churches, besides the well-known fact that they dis on Jewish people. They also dis on whites and gays, which is why Obama could rhetorically afford McClurkin to do his tour (he was trying to “hook” the AA crowd at the time, recall), and why Rev. Wright uses the rhetoric he does. Yes, black evangelical churches are every bit as twisted, if not more so, than white evangelical churches. And it’s time we started paying attention to that, and talking about it. Normally I wouldn’t care one wit what any kind of evangelical was talking or praying about in the privacy of their churches. It’s the fact that Leah and other similar-minded folks want to drag all of that shit into my world, politic it in my party, that forces me to address it, and to tell the fucking truth about it, despite the risk of being called a racist.

/Rant over.

That Blue Lyon article is worth reading, in case you didn’t.

Update: OMfG, it’s now an official kossack strategy.


7 comments on “Out of Touch: Updated

  1. bluelyon says:

    Damn woman! That was one fine rant. When I try drinking and blogging it never comes out as good as what I just read.

  2. annabellep says:

    LOL. Thanks BL. It wasn’t easy. I was slurring there for a bit. Fixing typos with a beer buzz is no fun, ftr. 😀

  3. […] annabellep wrote a fantastic post today on “Out of Touch”Here’s ONLY a quick extractI’m out of time… Oh yes, I did go there: Hall & Oates. You can hate me for it later. And I’m breaking a blogging rule to boot: blogging while drunk. Not really drunk, just more kinda tipsy. Dogfish Head is gooooood beer. Heh. … […]

  4. Hi,

    I would like to introduce you to the new website dedicated to supporting Hillary Clinton for President. It’s called “NO CLINTON, NO PARTY”.

    Happy blogging!


  5. roofingbird says:

    Sing it sister!!!

  6. sharmajee says:

    Another very detailed article, and some gut-wrenching analysis of Leah Daughtry’s role at DNC can be found here:


  7. sharmajee says:

    Another detailed and analytical post about Leah Daughtry:


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