Our Useless Democratic Party

As I have said on many occassions, the principle reason Democrats find themselves in the mess they are in this year, despite the fact that this was supposed to be a “give-me” election year for them, is their performance since taking Congress in 2006. Since they’re all about the sports metaphors these days, how about we talk about it in terms they can understand: Leave it to Democrats to sit on a significant lead.

But they didn’t just sit on that lead–they started dunking baskets for the other team. If you look back, you can see it so clearly. They actually started dunking them before they even had a lead. Remember Roberts? He was suuuuuch a centrist, they said. How could we object? And then he went on to prove to them that anyone offered by Bush is a company man, and no amount of preceding reputation will change that.

They said the same thing about Michael Mukasey before he was confirmed, when Democrats had a solid majority in the Senate. He has a distinguished legal career, they said. He has shown that he can’t be owned in the past. Except that, faced with evidence that Mukasey was, indeed, a company man in confirmation hearings, they voted to confirm him. You remember the tortured torture debate, don’t you? Look at the time line on those links. Mukasey was against torture before he was in favor of it. And he still got confirmed.

But no, despite having the majority and the moral authority to put an end to torture, major Democrats took a walk during the vote (Obama and Hillary were no exceptions). Take a look at the vote. 53 Senators voted for him, 40 against, and 7 (seven!) abstained. 13 Senators would have been required to prevent Mukasey’s confirmation, and 13 Democrats exactly either joined Republicans in confirming him, or failed to even show up for their jobs. Do you think for a minute that you or I could keep our jobs if we failed to even show up for important meetings?

But all of this is the long way home to discuss this little beauty: Mukasey: Terrorists After American Children. (Sorry for the WKJM links.) The money quote:

MUKASEY: The Court has left that matter open, and the fact- it has said that at the end of the day it must be open to a decsion maker to direct release. Now, um, the fact is that all of these people, every single one of them are aliens captured abroad, in essentially battle conditions um, who had absolutely no right to be here, and there’s no good reason to have a court bring somebody here for purposes of release and release them to our communitities- people who could pose a significant danger. Um, we want that particular possibility cut off. Um, we don’t want to face it, we shouldn’t have to face it.

He’s right about one thing. The detainees have no right to be here, because we Americans had no right to go over there and kidnap them. But that’s not really the point. The fact that Mukasey can sit in the corridors of power and make such pathetically transparent statements isn’t the point either. The point is, our useless Democratic-controlled Congress could have stopped him, and they didn’t, because they don’t care about torture, or detainees, or even regular American voters. No, all they care about is how they can acquire more power and more money. They are utterly Republicanesque now, and they ceased to represent the interests of average Americans long before we brought them to power in 2006. We didn’t know it then, but they have made it painfully obvious since 2006. And many of us have learned our lesson, and we’ll do whatever it takes to lead the Party back to the people, to the average Joes and Jos they really answer to. This year, the politics of fear will not be enough for either party.

The Democrats’ pathetic pandering across the board and their utter unwillingness to do anything of value for the last two years is the principle reason they’ve lost brand loyalty this year, and why they are fighting to break even with Republicans on fund raising, and in the presidential race. Good. That means some of us are paying attention.

Don’t forget about the Denver Fund Raising Drive. If I can’t raise the money for airfare, I can’t go, and I think most of us agree that the more PUMAs in attendance, the better. If you can’t go, and have extra funds, please consider a small donation today. Thanks!


2 comments on “Our Useless Democratic Party

  1. madamab says:

    Annabelle P – I love your posts.

    If I had any $$$ to spare I would deposit some in your “kitty.” (Nice PUMA pun there, eh?) Unfortunately I have not been as fortunate as you, and am still unemployed. I hope you make it to Denver!

    Take care and good luck,


  2. annabellep says:

    Oh, madam, I do hope you find work you love soon. Thanks so much for your compliment on my work.

    That is a good pun, albeit unintentional. Heh.

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