Quick Update, With a Hint of News!

If you’re waiting for the video (all ten of you who will visit today), don’t bother. I didn’t get any pictures from others doing the action, and only a couple of stories (at hillaryclintonforums.net), so apparently, as moving as those words were (1800 hits on Saturday alone, just at my place), they didn’t get anybody moving. Whatevah. I’m used to disappointment. But do enjoy this fabulous video, compliments ThreeBoyOne:

NOW! There is news on the horizon, which I am not at liberty to report yet, but which I will break here very soon. Some organizing is going on in the background, from some surprising places, and we’ll just have to wait to see if it works out. I’ll hopefully be able to report more by tomorrow.

Did you know, btw, that July 19th the 160th Anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention begins? (sorry for the dkos link, but that’s my diary)

I placed a Paypal Donation button on the right to raise funds for Denver. I’m just a working class girl living paycheck to paycheck, and I can’t responsibly bust my family’s budget for Denver. But if you can’t go, and want to send someone in your place, someone who will report daily and often via this blog from the ground in Denver, please consider a small donation. Updated: I’m just trying to raise funds to cover transportation, reporting tools, and a daily stipend. I have a free place to stay. (Thank you luc!) Anything I raise beyond that will be split in half and donated to The Denver Group and PUMApac. I will update on our progress here until August. FTR, I make $60 a day as a substitute teacher (no benefits) and I’m off for the summer. That’s why I have to ask for donations. Otherwise, I can’t go. Thanks.


15 comments on “Quick Update, With a Hint of News!

  1. Militarytracy says:

    That would be eleven, eleven people will visit you today. I see that Katiebird is here. Hello PUMAs, I have searched for every reason to stay on the “positive” side of debating “stuff” like the Constitution but I find myself utterly out of every reason this morning.

  2. annabellep says:

    LOL! Thanks for that, Tracy. I needed the laugh. I think you’re new nickname should be “#11.” Hehehe.

    And I feel you. Some days I wake up so discouraged. But keep an eye here if you can remember. That breaking news I alluded to will be very interesting and, I hope, fun.

  3. Amarissa says:

    I am number 12… Just to say: do not feel discouraged, we are doing all we can and the rest we are getting for free from ’61 himself! his contributions are LOW, just heard on MSNBC. They also commented he might regret not taking the money from government campaign funds! LOL
    Maybe you are not getting pictures because some people do not wish to be seen on the internet. So let’s not doubt they are doing their job.
    Now said, have a very nice day, keep up your intelligent posting and keep your hopes up we need positive thinking only! Our minds can send powerful messages!

  4. Amarissa says:

    Just send this to DB: Ms Brazil:
    I cannot believe you are now opposing Hillary’s name be read in the convention’s roll call! How much more harm can you impart on our Democratic Principles and laws? You, as a woman, stood still and did nothing to speak out against the sexism and misogyny that took place during the past democratic presidential campaign. Are you now going to impose on us more dictatorial and unfair decisions by not giving Hillary Clinton the respect she deserves? Are you scared? is the Party so insecure about their candidate that they prefer ignoring our rights as democrats?

    Please, re-think what you are doing before it’s too late for a party victory.

  5. madamab says:

    Militarytracy! Woo-hoo, I knew you’d come to the PUMA side. You are too strong and fierce to stay in the TL mode much longer.

    Annabellep – I created this petition a while before PUMA was formed. You said you were looking for rational reasons to support Hillary over Obama at this point, and I think this fits.

    If you want to add to your declaration or feel there is anything here that might inspire, please feel free to “borrow” from me. 😉

    We, Democrats and Hillary Clinton supporters, refuse to accept the forthcoming nomination of Barack Obama.

    We see an immense injustice being done in the way Barack Obama has been pre-selected as the nominee. The DNC has done everything in its power, including deliberately inventing rules to disenfranchise two of the biggest swing states in America, to make this happen.

    It is a reprehensible misuse of power by the Party elites.

    We the people understand that Barack Obama has a narrow base of support that will not allow him to win the Presidency in November. He gained that support in an unforgivable manner, by smearing Bill and Hillary Clinton as racists while you stood by and did nothing.

    You have also allowed the media and Obama’s campaign to promote rampant and disgraceful misogyny in his pursuit of the nomination.

    These racial and sexual games will haunt the country for years to come, and do not represent the Democratic Party I thought I knew and loved.

    We also feel that Hillary’s broader base of female, Democratic and Independent voters are being taken for granted, since there is a determined and concerted push to tell us we should shut up and vote Obama in November.

    You and the SuperDelegates must nominate Hillary Clinton after she wins the popular vote, since Barack Obama’s delegate count lead was obtained in a fraudulent and despicable manner. Otherwise, a large portion of Hillary’s voters will desert the Democratic Party, and John McCain will become the President in November.

    Hillary or McCain – it’s your choice.

    I send this petition to Howard Dean almost every week. So far, no response….

  6. annabellep says:

    Nicely done, madam! We’ll call that the Succinct Declaration. 🙂

    I look for an opening where it might be useful. Who knows? We need recruiting tools, and some of us are working behind the scenes to create them. I’ll suggest this.

  7. Tony Kondaks says:

    Do pledged Obama delegates have the obligation to switch votes at the convention if they feel that he no longer represents the sentiments of those that elected him?

    The DNC rules not only allow it, they encourage it:


  8. Elaine says:

    Thanks for the reminder about July 19 and Seneca Falls. Please also remember another anniversary:

    Aug. 26th is the 88th anniversary of women’s suffrage in U.S. I just read on PUMAPAC that Hillary will make a speech in honor of it. I’m hoping to encourage PUMA’s to rally in support of Hillary and women’s suffrage that day with signs like: “88 years ago today, women got the vote. How much longer till we get them counted?” I see our PUMA efforts as an extension of suffrage — allowing everyone to have equal opportunity to vote — AND HAVE THE VOTE COUNTED. Elaine

  9. Valhalla says:

    Annabelle — I sent some ducats your way. It’s not much but I did what I could in between retiring HRC’s debt and money I already sent to the Denver Group.

    I can’t go to Denver myself so I hope you will get to go and we’ll all get the benefit of your well-written insights on all that goes down.

    The DNC is a big bunch of fools — keeping Hillary off the roll call vote at the convention is like trying to stop a pot of water from boiling over by clamping down on cover. It works for a few minutes but then you have a bigger mess than before. But then, I imagine not many of them have experience cooking, they have maids to do it for them. Oh well, sucks to be them.

  10. annabellep says:

    Thanks Valhalla. You’re the first, but it’s early. I’m hoping things pick up after 7/11. I’ll keep you all updated on a weekly basis. I do hope I get to go too, because I would think it would be very exciting reporting from the ground and from inside the movement. And I can do it fairly well on a budget. I’ve secured a free place to stay, arranged to borrow a laptop, and am working on borrowing a digital camera from another friend. That’s a lot of savings right there. I figure with most of Denver having free wi-fi during the Convention, it’ll be a snap to post three or four times a day, including breaking news. I can’t wait! Thanks for your help!!

    And you’re welcome, Elaine. I was going to write a psot today about August 26th, in fact.

  11. Militarytracy says:

    It is official this morning. I am a PUMA. Look you guys, I’ve exhausted every single conceivable remedy to avoid this war and joining you guys but it won’t be avoided. I suppose I’m shocked mostly today by the silence out there pertaining to Obama’s FISA vote. Well that, and I’m amused by BTD’s latest posting about Feingold saying they can fix FISA if Obama becomes president. I have the greatest affection for BTD, but I really always thought of myself as some sort of incurable optimist moreso than Armando 😉 Could it be that people are too afraid to say how they really feel because we are being recorded 😉 ? If anything I join you guys feeling heartsick. Heartsick because I have a list of people who I have known and who have died in Iraq not really protecting America much at all, but we were going to fix that as soon as we could huh? And we were going to get back to soldiers defending the Constitution instead of the Dreams of Neocon Fathers ……..right? Now it isn’t looking like that will be remedy with any sort of speed, and when it is there won’t be as much of a Constitution to defend. When you are military, what the Constitution means and what it safe guards for all of us means soooo much. When soldiers blood is being spilt it makes it worse, every day is some sort of reminder. I am heartsick about yesterday, just heartsick.

  12. madamab says:

    Militarytracy – Good for you. You are welcome and I’ve always loved your posts at TL!

    In my opinion, there is no way that informed people with good consciences can continue to support Barack Obama after yesterday. Anyone who does so deserves no respect whatsoever. They are fooling themselves and trying to fool you.

    Obama cares nothing for the Constitution, and neither do those other sellouts in Congress who made that horrible bill pass. Of course our girl voted the right way, but I never thought she’d do otherwise unless the Party convinced her to.

    No sale, No Deal, No Obama!

    (Annabellep – Thanks for the props!)

  13. Militarytracy says:

    Please accept my small donation too Anna Belle toward your Denver trip. I love your ‘Now Is the Time’ diary and I consider you a proven investment. I occassionally add to my family’s income and I am expecting a monetary payment for my time and efforts next month and will be adding more then. Keep up the work PUMA!

  14. annabellep says:

    Thank you, Tracy. Your comments meant a lot to me, and I thought about them several times this evening. I just saw them as I was heading out the door this evening, and I just got back a bit ago. So thank you so much. It means a lot that you think highly of my work. That’s the best kudos a girl can get! (As Hillary clearly showed…it’s so all about the work. Heh. )

  15. Daniella says:

    New here… but I feel the love for freedom here. Count Me In : )

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