Your Democratic Party in Action

Not the one you used to know, but the pathetic sham of a party that Donna Brazille, Howard Dean, and Barack Obama turned it into. From the NYT:

For all Senator Barack Obama’s success at raising money and generating excitement among voters, he faces a daunting challenge as he prepares to claim the nomination in August: a Democratic convention effort marred by costly setbacks and embarrassing delays.

But that’s only the beginning. Did you know, for instance, that there are some crazy food rules that are interfering with catering contracts? And that a lot of Denver caters are saying no deal because of them? It’s true:

And then there is the food: A 28-page contract requested by Denver organizers that caterers provide food in “at least three of the following five colors: red, green, yellow, blue/purple and white.” Garnishes could not be counted toward the colors. No fried foods would be allowed. Organic and locally grown foods were mandated, and each plate had to be 50 percent fruits and vegetables. As a result, caterers are shying away.

Did you get that? Jesse Jackson’s rainbow coalition, right there on your plate. Oh, but it gets better:

Nick Agro, head of Whirled Peas Catering, questioned whether the requirement for local organic food could meet cost constraints. “These were fantastic ideas, but I question who is willing to pay for these extra costs,” Mr. Agro said. “My experience is that it is all coming together slowly.”

Who are these people? And what have they done with my party? Rainbow food is paramount? I don’t think so. This is totally analogous with how utterly out of touch these people are. Elitist freaks. It’s fantastic, IF you can AFFORD it, to eat locally grown and organic foods; I do it with my family sometimes if we have a extra in the budget (very rare these days), but these guys have known for months that money was tight. And they should have um, you know, RESEARCHED the availability of such foods in the Denver area before putting that in the 28 page contract. Yeah, I know, Celine freaking Dionne has a shorter service ryder than the DNC.

But food’s not the only problem:

Some of the Democratic missteps started soon after planning for the event began. The Democratic National Convention Committee decided not to take cheap office space and instead rented top-quality offices in downtown Denver at $100,000 a month, only to need less than half the space, which it then filled with rental furniture at $50,000 a month. And in a costly misstep, the Denver host committee, early on, told corporate donors that their contributions were not tax-deductible, rather than to encourage donations by saying that the tax-exempt application was pending and expected to be approved.

About which the Obama campaign is starting to wonder:

Part of the problem, say those close to the plans, is a clash between the Obama campaign, which is tight-fisted about its money, and the Democratic convention committee, which failed to estimate properly the costs of the convention. As the Obama campaign begins to take over in Denver they are beginning to question why the party’s estimates for construction, entertainment and other components are so at odds with what actual costs are turning out to be.

“We are now going into the final construction phase, and it is turning out to be much higher,” said a person with knowledge of the budget, but who is not tied to either the Obama campaign or the party. “So the Obama camp is not pleased and is raising questions about where all the money had been going. And they look at the posh office space for the Democratic Party staff here, which is really plush, and they say, ‘They spent the money on that?’ ”

Oh, tight-fisted, 100 million-dollar-man Barry just can’t understand why they need to spend so much money on offices they only half fill. To which I say, pot, meet kettle.

But where we’re concerned are the demonstrations:

While Mr. Brown said he expects the city will “cowboy up” and have a successful convention, the lack of resolution about important issues like the demonstrators and food are “the donkey in the room.”

“We are having people say that they will be leaving town,” said Mr. Brown, who fears that the city could be in a no-win situation with the demonstrators — if there is insufficient police presence, the city could be overrun by them; if the police are overly aggressive, they will be criticized as overreacting.

Apparently they want to put us next to the media tent, but the media doesn’t want us to give them cooties, plus, we’re just so fucking loud with our demands for freedom and justice. I hope we do get put there, but I doubt it. It’s too much of a gift, and even Democrats with the tiny intellects of Donna & Dean will realize what foolishness that is.

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8 comments on “Your Democratic Party in Action

  1. annabellep says:

    About our real world action today: Another post will be coming this afternoon to prep you and get you pumped for the action. If you can, take a camera to record your work. I now have video assistance and intend to make a video of them if I get enough. Otherwise, I’ll be asleep until early afternoon.

    This is an open thread. Talk hard.

  2. Clydesplace says:

    Now there is talk that Obama will give his acceptance speech at Inverness field which seats 75,000. I guess this the point where he will step out onto the 50 yard line and ascend into heaven.

    Of course, he drew 75,000 in Oregon….after everybody got an all day free concert so I suppose they’ll line up some big names to draw them in and of course, that would have nothing to do with attendance as we watch Obama read another speech from his teleprompter since that’s the only thing he does well. Then we get to have our fun and scurry around to see who he stole it from this time.

  3. apishapa says:

    I live in Southeastern Colorado. The notion that locally grown produce in a rainbow of colors is not available is laughable. They just want to ship it in I guess. Otero County (where I live) is world famous for its melons (watermelons, cantaloupe, honeydews). In fact right around the time of the Convention we will be having our county fair (the oldest in Colorado) where we give a \way thousands of free watermelons. We grow peppers (in all colors). Pueblo Chiles are becoming more and more sought after. Developed in Pueblo, Colorado.

    We grow onions, corn, potatoes, strawberries, peaches, apples, grapes, etc. The Western slope has orchards everywhere. Where in the hell did everyone get the idea we don”t have any food here? You name a color and we grow a vegetable or fruit to fit the bill.

    Southeastern Colorado touts 325 days of sunshine a year. We can grown alomst anytthing here.

    However, over the last few years thousands of tons of vegetables and fruits have rotted in the fields because of the Goddamned legislature running off all the migrant workers. Farmers have to watch tehir crops rot in the fields because of anti-migrant laws. So, there is plenty of food in Colorado, lcally grown, we just need some help getting it picked.

  4. Valhalla says:


    Cause for optimism: this was in the NYT, which I think is really starting to turn on The Precious. Who, reading this article, is not reminded that the Democrats have long been typed as ‘tax and spend’ for being so disorganizedly profligate or amazingly out of touch with the common person? What person, struggling to pay for gas and groceries these days, is not going to be disgusted by food-color mandates? Really!!

    But what makes me laugh is that they’re running out of time to get the various redecorating work finished. Seriously? There’s nominating convention every 4 years — what, this took them by surprise this year?

  5. Bruce says:

    I am an O-borg. Please ignore my spittle and troll poop.

  6. echinopsia says:

    I live in Denver and I’m a volunteer for the Democratic Host Committee. I’ve been in the offices – yep, they’re in a prime downtown location, and yep, they’re half empty.

    It’s Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium where O wishes to be coronated.

    This morning I was volunteering as a driver to pick up Dem staffers at the airport and drive them to their hotel. They (and the office folks in Denver) are all a-twitter about this move to the football stadium for the final day. New tickets must be issued to all attendees. New seats must be assigned. News media must now establish links at two locations instead of one – and a single phone line runs about $800 per location. The media is NOT HAPPY. The organizers are freaked.

    Bottom line? Stupid idea. And I doubt if even a 76,000 seat stadium is big enough for the O’s ego.

    May I echo what apishapa said about local food? From beef to corn to peppers to peaches to grapes, we grow it here. August is the perfect month for locally grown food, there should be no problem getting it. Heck, I could supply red tomatoes, green peppers and yellow corn from my own back yard in Denver, and we do have farmer’s markets.

    Another absurdity is the “green” aspect of the motor pool. We are driving hybrids donated by GM. Today I drove a Chevy Malibu hybrid – it gets 32 miles to the gallon. The non-hybrid version of this care gets 30 miles per gallon. Whoa, big savings.

    I read that flex fuel (ethanol) for the cars was being provided by waste products from Coors. So far, though, we’re gassing up using regular unleaded gas from the city. And every car has to be washed at least once a day.

    And another thing – the host committee provides free parking for volunteer drivers. But if you want to take public transportation instead of driving downtown, there’s no provision for light rail or buses.

  7. apishapa says:

    As an old union girl, having Coors supply anything is a slap in the face. Bad idea. Maybe the DNC forgets, but Union workers do not.

  8. annabellep says:

    echinopsia! Thank you for your report from the ground! Wow, that was very cool, an inside peak ahead of schedule. Do you know how an ordinary citizen from Indiana might get their hands on one of those tickets?

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