NOW Is The Time…

…for all good [people] to come to the aid of their Party. ~ Charles E. Weller

This will be a pedestrian exercise, to be sure, in every sense of the word. Just as that sweet little phrase, with its ringing truth, was a pedestrian typing exercise, today we will take the pedestrian step of taking real world action with our PUMA movement. And we will do so as pedestrians, on our feet, on the ground, in the open. By now, you’ve probably located your local Democratic or Obama headquarters, you’ve printed out your copy, and you have your tape on hand. You are only waiting for the sun to go down, so that you can actually do something with and about your outrage.

As you think about the evening ahead, don’t forget to grab your camera if you have one. A friend of mine, a Hillary Clinton supporter who is not yet a PUMA (I’m working on him…tonight will help) has volunteered to help me create a video tomorrow using the pictures and the text of the Objections and Resolutions. If you take your camera with you, please download your photo in the next couple of days and e-mail it (or them) to me at peacocksandlilies AT gmail DOT com. Please include a statement that indicates whether or not you want your photo to be used in the video, and your hometown or city. You can give your name if you like, but that isn’t necessary. Your level of anonymity is your own choice.

For those of you who would like to get out and can’t for various reasons, watch for the video, which I will post here hopefully no later than Wednesday. You can help by rating it up when it comes out. For those who are doubting whether they will go or not, consider the impact this could have. If it is done in enough places, the media cannot ignore us. This will help them to stop focusing on the freak show aspect of Democrats divided and make them pay attention to our actual, legitimate concerns. Nothing may come of this action tonight, but something may. IF they story breaks in the coming days, don’t you want to be able to say, I helped make that history?

So rally, loves. Let’s go try to make some history together. I will post my photo(s) tonight. And here’s the image I’m taping to the doors of the Louisville, KY Democratic Party Headquarters, on 11 x 17 paper:

Update: On the way to Kinko’s, my partner in crime and I saw a whole group of war protesters across the street. These were all older folks, I’d guesstimate between 50 and 80. They were holding very large hand painted signs with awesome messages about ending the war. We took it as a sign. I was a bit worried when I arrived at the downtown Kinko’s to find them closed, but we went to another one and it was 24 hours. There was no problem at all getting three color copies of the poster and three copies of the document on legal paper. The copies, with a roll of tape cost me $9.65. This is citizen action for less than $10, folks! We’re leaving in about 40 minutes to go visit out local headquarters and neighborhood offices. Here’s a pic of me with a copy of the poster. Note the Obama “Hope” picture in the background. We took it in front of a local O-bot coffee shop for effect. Heh.


2 comments on “NOW Is The Time…

  1. annabellep says:

    Don’t forget these tips for tonight:

    1) You will need: your copy of the declaration & clear packing tape , duct tape, or masking tape (I wouldn’t use regular Scotch tape for this)

    2) Look up your local HQ address today, or early tomorrow. I found mine via Yahoo’s Yellow Pages. I just typed in “Democratic Party” and it popped right up.

    3) Take a friend if you can, for safety, and for building the movement, or communing within it.

    4) In case of rain: You may want to stop by your local copy shop if you have an ink jet printer. They won’t be able to read bleeding text. You could also use sheet protectors if you have them on hand.

    5) Wait until after dark. You don’t want some passerby yanking your stuff down.

    6) Be careful not to damage the building. That’s why we’re taping this up, instead of actually nailing it. You could use a staple gun on a telephone pole outside the building if you wish, and assuming your town doesn’t have ordinances against it.

    7) If you get there and find another PUMA has beat you to the punch, tape yours anyway. Numbers make an impact. I’d like to think the doors in places like Seattle will be covered in them, but that’s probably pure fantasy. (Somebody please make my dreams come true. Heh.)

    8. Consider notifying the local press when you get home. Local stories can often go national if the MSM is bored enough. And it is July, folks. They are so bored…

    Until we leave (I’m leaving at 6:30 to meet my friend and visit Kinko’s), and for those who can’t get out, this is an open thread. Wish us luck!

  2. […] drafted a Declaration of Objections, included a call to action, and provided updates and photos here and […]

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